Superhero Secrets: Shawn Stevenson, 'Model Health Show' Host

I'm Sean Stephenson I'm a clinical nutritionist and the host of the motto health show featured as the number one nutrition and fitness podcast on iTunes and I'm also a best-selling author well my mission is really to help people to feel empowered being in their own body you know you live with yourself all the time you know you should know how this operates at least on a very basic level and so also we've oftentimes been turning our health over to people outside of ourselves so just starting to understand how we work you know how your body burns fat you know it sounds like a lot just happens but it's actually there's a biochemical process it's actually pretty simple and also helping people to reverse engineer illnesses so if somebody's dealing with diabetes or heart disease helping them to understand what the underlying cause of the disease is so then we can remove that and thus the symptoms are no longer there so that's really where my work is it's helping people to understand themselves understand wellness but also understand the manifestation of illnesses as well the kind of the need that I'm filling is bridging the gap you know taking that information about optimal health and wellness and reversing diseases and making it accessible and understandable by the general public you know so that the person hears from me and they actually feel smart you know instead of these big words getting thrown out without any real meaning and also filling the need of and I definitely got the corner on this one it's sleep you know sleep is a huge issue I just saw a study actually earlier today showing that around 70 upwards of 70 percent at least 60% of Americans have sleep problems either every night or every other night but nobody's talking about it and so that was kind of premise of the best-selling book sleep smarter and because there's three main components will help the right nutrition movement and sleep and this is the part that a lot of people they have no idea how valuable it is so why don't we pay more attention to it is the fact that it's passive you know you like sleep is something where you don't do anything and especially in our cult culture and just Western culture period we can get down with like a new diet you know a new exercise program we can go all in because it's active like I have to do something to get something and sleep is the total opposite you know like you just do nothing and so it's kind of hard to wrap our brain around that we get value from something that we don't do anything there was a study done published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal citing that you know they took individuals they put him into two groups Group A and Group B both had the same exact diet and exercise the only difference was Group A slept eight plus hours a night Group B slept less than six hours a night at the end of the study they found that Group B lost far less weight far less body fat the only difference was the amount of sleep they got and this is also what makes my work different is that it's not about quantity you know and no point in the book do we talk about you need blank hours of sleeping in a obviously it's the quality so we look at stacking the condition in your favor because what you want to do is get your body into more it's called non REM sleep more frequently deepest anabolic sleep so that you actually wake up feeling good because many people have experienced will they sleep for nine 10 hours and still wake up tired and groggy right it's because they're not getting their body to that anabolics and so that's that's the one conversation another conversation we can get into really quickly is the the brain you know and understanding your performance in your focus and your creativity there was another fascinating study done and they found when somebody when an individual's sleep-deprived there was far less activity in the more evolved parts of the brain you know a prefrontal cortex so this is the part of your brain responsible for your decision-making your quote willpower you're distinguishing between right and wrong but that part of the brain kind of stuck the lights start to go out you know and so when you're tired is when you tend to make poor decisions your body really changes while you're asleep this is when your body releases all the repairing hormones the repairing enzymes help to build you up and make you better you know so sleep is a secret sauce and it's that it's that big component that a lot of people are missing out on but that's about to change in a big way

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