1. weak asf

  2. My fish tries to attack my algae scrubber.

  3. I'm not saying it's a perfect solution but having clip on tank fans can also help a lot in those situations where your trying to cool things down…I have my axolotl tank set up with them and it keeps it COOL lol love your videos dude

  4. What about installing underground water tanks

  5. I'm not over the sharks

  6. How did the arowana died fighting in 1000g(2000g half filled) and not in 375g?


  8. Hey joey what would you suggest to get rid of black beard algae?

  9. 👍

  10. "bigger hose"……That's what she said.

  11. Hey Joey, have you considered the fact that this back up container sitting outside is going to heat during heat wave and there will be no point using that water as a back up due to the temperature difference in the tank inside the gallery ? I live in South India and trust me I know about heat waves our summer is just about coming to an end.

  12. That's one of the many things I admire about you, your honesty.

    Things go wrong in this hobby, and you don't try to pull the blinkers on your viewers, but instead share them with us.

    I've learned so many tricks and tips from you over the years, and not just in regards to fish keeping, but on creating YouTube content which has boosted my confidence to get in front of the camera and upload my love for this hobby on my own channel – 'Frankie's Aquatics'.

    So, I just want say a huge thank you for your consistent uploads and love of aquatics, cheers Joey!

  13. Hi Joey, I have often stored rain water in those containers, but with the sun on them , you will quickly get an algi build up on the inside,(which is fine for use in the garden ) painting black will slow this down , o r cover them , just a thought. Keep up the good work 👍


  15. Hey Joey! Ur videos are so educational! Thanks man! I would love to see you keep a marine tank and teach us more about it!!

  16. wow

  17. Wow I'm getting motion sickness..

  18. Of course you know this… I have learned so much from you it is life changing… That water storage will be hot water in an emergency and not cool water. If you bury it then it will be cooler water.

  19. Joey, love ya bud but stop bouncing around, I'm getting motion sickness 🤢

  20. Well so far it's been raining non stop here in the UK so no worries about the Aquariums yet but you never know we could still end up with a big heat wave yet

  21. Thanks for the share, I remember you definitely had a ruff last summer hope this one goes way better. Just make sure you double check your systems before you go leaving this summer.

  22. The best part about all your videos, is that you talk to us like we are all mates and have been for years..

  23. your the man

  24. You should plumb up some system so you can pump out / in to all tanks at the same time.

  25. I’ve watched as many videos as humanly possible since I subscribed in 2017, you’ve helped me deal with losses, learn how to fix the problems in my aquarium, help me find joy in the hobby, learn how to raise fry, and become as good as I could be since my hiatus. When I was 7 we had a 175 salt water aquarium I adored but never took care of. When it was sold I didn’t care much but after the hiatus I’ve found it hard to build back up especially since I’ve moved to my apartment.

    Thanks Joey, my two fish and two shrimp appreciate everything you’ve thought me and have helped them live better longer lives.

  26. Love your enthusiasm, Joey!

  27. Auto water change system, mine takes me 0 minutes a week and i change 50% a week as i have rays, just build in a few protections.

  28. awesome system Braddah J

  29. you are literally the only realest one in the hobby… i appreciate how genuine and sincere you are for your viewers.

  30. You’re a good story teller, a big network will pick u up!

  31. what kind of pump are you using for water changes?

  32. How much gallons are those aquariums?

  33. A good way of cooling your tank is by using computer fans. You can just put the fan 5-10 cm from the surface of the water and let it blow air to the water. I am cooling my 40 gallon tank like that. Temperature in my room is bout 28-29 C, and the water temperature is about 24-25 C. So it doest the job with out water changes or cooling the room, and you can put as much fans as you want. I use one for 40 gallons.

  34. I really like your videos I can see that this is your passion and it inspires me to look for something that I enjoy as much as you enjoy yours!

  35. You should try aquarium bridge on your tanks

  36. Considering the amount of filtration blocks you have, don’t you get a full cycle (nitrate to nitrogen gas), meaning you could run the tanks with way fewer, if any, water changes?

  37. anyone ever heard of acquired savant syndrome?

  38. Dame i forgot you had the sharks so sad you brought them from egg and it got to hot

  39. Joey Why are you speaking like you are hurried? please cool it 🙂

  40. Jesus H. You're making me dizzy moving around and swinging the camera around.

  41. A truly great video. Not only did you take me through your maintenance routine (which I really wanted to see), but you've also now got a foundation upon which you can iterate and improve. You already started iterating by draining and filling at the same time. Next, you know you will increase the diameter of the hoses. Then what? Maybe a more powerful pump? Maybe two? Can you squeeze gravel-vac'ing in there somehow? I can't wait to see ultimately if you can do all tanks, including the 2K gallon tank, in under two hours. Please keep us posted!

  42. What's your water change sound track?

  43. I believe Joey had been sent some kind of algae-fighting liquid stuff, does anyone remember what that product is?

    Do anti-algae meds hurt aquarium plants? Do they hurt shrimp?

  44. Weird idea…. what if u pumped the water out to another storage tank and filter it with a ro filter and then u could re use the water

  45. These vids are getting kinda long'ish. Maybe edit them down to ten minutes?

  46. Why dont you put hose in your tank with a bolve valve. I drain my aquarium just by twisting the valve and it goes str8 in the drain.

  47. My parakeets like to make tweet tweets to your videos😜

  48. Do sharks again

  49. Take a breath bud 🤣

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