Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5639 Full Motion Rowing Machine

Keep your workouts fresh and challenging
with the SF-RW5639 Full-Motion Rowing Machine High-quality steel frame has a weight capacity up to 350 pounds To handle the toughest of workouts Smooth sturdy slide rail is long enough to accommodate a powerful leg drive motion The full motion arms will allow more range of motion like rowing in the water This requires more muscle activation making
this a more efficient workout Accomplish more in less time Increase the resistance with the convenient knob located under the side rail The LCD
digital monitor will accurately keep track of your workout progress high performance sweat resistant rubber hand grips keep your hands in place with
every push and pull Textured slip-resistant foot pedals accommodate all
foot sizes adjustable foot straps for secure footing Pivoting feature increases the range of motion in the leg drive action Large padded seat provides comfort and
support Stay motivated in reaching your fitness goals with the SF-RW5639
Full-Motion Rowing Machine


  1. I purchased one of these and the seat jams and won't slide, any suggestions on how to get it to slide back and forth? I am under the weight maximum by over 100#. It sticks!

  2. Seat is finr. We found the border it sits on had a dent in it. Looks like it was there prior to manufacture.

  3. How many kilograms does the machine works with? I mean maximum weight of user, thanks…

  4. the foot bed has snapped. Has anyone had that problem and how did you repair it?

  5. This thing is garbage. I returned mine within two days.

  6. It does the job.

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