Summer! Weight-Loss Electrolytes Supplements (For Keto Diet Too)

yesterday I talked about my pre-workout snacks but I did mention electrolytes so I wanted to touch on that a little bit I'm for pre-workout electrolytes I always make sure I have a little bit of sea salt in my water so I use Redmond sea salt I love this brand and then if I'm feeling you know super sore or just depleted I'll make sure that I take either an electrolyte supplement so I like this keto vitals capsules they have potassium magnesium sodium I'll take that or perfect keto has the same type of thing I actually ran out of their bottle so I don't have that here or I'll do like an electrolyte drink so either Ultima replenish ER or keto vitals just came out with these new electrolyte powders so I'll either do that in water or I'll make electrolyte gummies or jello and I have those recipes on in my book and yeah so that's kind of my pre-workout electrolytes just making sure that I'm staying up with those that's a huge mistake I find with a lot of people they have especially if you're first starting keto super low-energy headaches fatigue all that a lot of that can be contributed to an imbalance of electrolytes and not you know having enough especially sodium so you want to make sure that you're getting that in as best you can and these are just some good options that I would recommend so yeah my Kido people so real quick here's a drink that I use quite often in the morning times before intensive Esther things like basketball or long hours of weight training or CrossFit this drink helps helps me really stay hydrated by having a really good amount of electrolytes in there there's some BCAAs that not only tastes great but also help prevent muscle breakdown and then some really nice vitamins from the organic lemon juice and a little cayenne pepper to make it taste like Lucas and once you add them all together it tastes really great they can also help those of you who are fighting the keto flu to maintain your electrolytes as well because that can cause some issues when you're just getting a taquito so a great drink to use when adapting to ketosis or when you're in ketosis for athletic activities or just to maintain your electrolytes all right here we go so here already have a glass of a little bit of ice and some of that organic lemon juice here I got from Costco they sell it for a pretty good price there so you guys definitely jump on that next we're doing one scoop of BCAAs all right makes it taste great this is a just a straight vcn a blend here no sugar or anything so some people say that BCAAs kick you out of ketosis because of the amount of amino acids specifically we've seen in there however I think those core athletic activities especially if you can put on muscle BCAAs are okay and I've been taking them for several months now and I test myself with the keto strips and it says I'm still in ketosis so that's good to me guys so that's why I still used to be CIA forever so here we go half a teaspoon of sea salt one scoop of BCAAs about 50 to 70 grams of organic lemon juicer you know one to two lemons a little bit of cayenne pepper here to make it taste nice and spicy give it a little kick right and I would usually make this in my shaker finish fast and I can see it looks like everything doesn't breakfast about to be made here baking eggs cheese but we'll get to that later and here we go guys the Lucas green apple electrolyte drink for pre-workout or adapting to ketosis get your electrolytes in and good luck Cheers

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