Summer means increase in mosquitoes; CDC urging clinics to test for Zika, dengue fever

luckily a week away from the official start of summer and with that comes an increase in mosquito activity the CDC is now urging clinics to test for both Zika if patient shows certain symptoms Action News Jax Lennon Klan got exclusive access to a local lab where mosquitoes are being tested she shows us why you shouldn't let your guard down probably our biggest series is more of the city areas Randi Wishard is the chief of mosquito control for Jacksonville his job is about to get a lot busier we do anticipate an upscale or not swinging in the next couple of weeks hot temperatures and humidity are the perfect mix for mosquitoes we saw firsthand how do vol County experts count and inspect bugs caught in local traps we need to know the species they are for the environments that they may live in or grow in the CDC is now urging clinicians to test patients for both Zika and dengue fever if a patient shows a signs of a rash fever and muscle and joint pain both diseases can be transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito just two years ago it was not hard to find people worried about the ongoing Zika transmission we need to be able to take our kids outside so if they're more aggressive and there's harder to kill off that's totally disappointing but because it's no longer a major threat in Florida it's possible people could let their guard down wisher says that's a mistake because that's when you it'll pick back up again just that they really need to protect herself you see this bottle cap right here just this amount of water is enough to breed 200 mosquitoes the easiest way to stop the spread is to make sure your home does not become a breeding ground reporting on the south side Loretta Inclan CBS 47 Fox 13 Action News Jax

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