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hey guys and welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel today's video is not sponsored and it is the unboxing of my summer fat bit fun I'm super excited about this box because it's a quarterly a subscription service that comes and I did do some add-ons so if you guys want to see what I got in my fat pit fun box for the summertime make sure to stay tuned but quick little reminder there is still a big giveaway going on if you check my description box down below I have listed the link to the video where you can go and enter to win a bunch of beautiful see color cosmetics 9 pan palette so definitely check my description box so you can enter into that giveaway it's going on until I think I put it up for until July 8th so definitely go over there and check that out anyways let's go ahead and get into the unboxing cuz look at this guy's I got goodies and everything I get so excited at every fat pit fun so it's a quarterly subscription subscription like I said I'm a little too excited and the nice thing about it is you get to do add-ons which I'm gonna go ahead and do for you guys first because it's sitting right here and the nice thing about these add-ons is you get a discounted price when you purchase these add-ons so it's not part of your subscription but it does give you a great way to get affordable products and a lot of the times its products that have been in previous boxes with fabfitfun so I'm going to stop my ESP happening carrying on and what I picked up is I did get three of these these were actually in my first box with that I purchased from fabfitfun like I said it's $49.99 they did give a $10 off coupon for your first box it's vacation ten now you guys know I'm transparent transparent with y'all that is an affiliate code so if you do use it I do get a little bit of a commission but this is what I picked up this is by course and this is like a hand lotion body lotion and it's absolutely amazing I literally just finished mine up about a month ago I think month and a half ago and so I think these were like 10 or 15 dollars so I picked up three more of them I absolutely love these lotions the next item I did get is the beauty crop lightening crew nourish with pineapple teeth what is this I don't even know what I got on this one it's a lightweight hydrating cream and oh it's like a little moisturizer this is what it looks like guys and it's a little tube I kind of felt like this would be a good like on the go or if you're traveling or something kind of like a facial moisturizer that has a little bit of radiance in it similar to like the Charlotte Tilbury Tilbury one of those days it's first video of the day guys and I'm really excited about what's in here so it's like this Charlotte Tilbury flawless finish filter thing or the Wonder Beauty glow shine that's what I'm thinking this is like so I did pick that up and in the last item that I added onto my subscription is by summer and rose and I actually last quarter picked up some of their sunglasses and I used them like every single day so I thought that this was really pretty and they were really affordable they're just small little gold hoops and let's see if it'll focus you guys see that isn't that pretty they were cutesy and again really affordable not overpriced or anything so let's go ahead and get into this box right here I do recall that last year's box for the summertime was absolutely amazing I am so excited about it I don't watch anybody's unboxings of their subscriptions until after I've unboxed mine because I get so excited and I'd like to keep it a surprise so I'm talking too much okay so getting right into it heavy box so here's what the inside is as long as you always get a magazine similar to boxycharm if see plus all of that and in the little this is like a little bit more detailed it's like an actual magazine but in here towards the byuk it normally tell the items that are in you or is it in the front remember somewhere in here it tells you yeah what's in your box I'm not gonna read it because I like to keep it a surprise you always get these little things in here this is for a hellofresh it's an $80 off gift card okay and here you go now I will tell you guys some of the items because I'm just like a basic member with that fun so I don't pay extra to choose more of the things I only I think you only if your basic I think that sounds so goofy I think if you're the basic package a fat fit fun or with facet fun they you only get to choose like three of your products I think I can't remember so the first item I did get is the invisible I think that's what it's called in it yeah invisible these are the little hair doodads i actually really like these i originally got them for my youngest daughter and they're really good about not tangling up in your hair and i like it it's a smaller size because my hair is not as thick because i would love it to be the next item i got is the generation clay brightening purple ultraviolet mask and of course I will go over prices the end and let you guys know the grand total of this box mind you I did spend $49.99 flat that's it that's what I love about it there's no hidden like taxes or anything at least not that I have found oh I've got a mystery choice so I guess I did not pick this they pick it for me I don't know I don't recall this it's like a month beforehand they will send an email and say hey pick your things so it looks like I ate or they surprised me with dr. Brandt pure purifying cleanser okay so that's what it like it looks like it is completely full size so we love that the next item I got is the Wish powerfully effective Naturals coconut and milk exfoliating foot mask it softens smoothes and softens and has a lot of hydration so love that let's see if it'll focus whoa this is exciting the next item I got is by Kula it is the SPF 30 makeup setting spray what the heck that I didn't even know this was a thing did you guys know this was a thing I don't I gotta get into it oh my goodness hold on we have to we have to try this guys hmm smells nice oh my gosh how cool is that contain contains 70% organic ingredients did you guys know this was a thing I had no idea this was a thing it's in a nice bottle too Wow again full size I'm keeping that out well what is this 111 skin rose gold brightening facial treatment mask this is heavy what the heck I love this stuff because some of these brands I've never even heard of or even if I've heard of the brand I've never heard of the specific product Wow this is like a whole set of masks that's amazing oh my goodness Wow like I said guys I'm gonna go over the prices at the very end and give you a grand total just like I do with my boxycharm and if see videos so um blown away never try that but I like the fact that it says it's a brightening facial treatment so it says that Vance structure blah blah blah blah blah it enhances absorption of moisture to create a protective barrier that keeps skin perfectly hydrated and right off the bat looking at the ingredients I don't seem to mind them so yay okay I don't know what this is it's a silicone non silicon wine glasses the set of two I'm gonna have to open this let's just see what this is all about how cute is this little Byers oh my goodness it is like little tumblers that is too funny I may end up just putting that in a giveaway I think they're cute but I'm never gonna remember to carry these around with me knowing me okay the next item I got is Greece and still a spray all day row spray hydrating facial spray oh that's nice okay I don't know if that focus I don't think it did but that is awesome again another full-size product what is this it's like the last item I didn't get is some clothing thing what is this oh that's cute it's like a little roba and then it has the little so that's a cute little like cottony robe I like that great for the summer time okay guys so like I said this was $49 let me add everything up for you guys okay guys are you guys ready for this all of this amazing stuff that I got and I honestly did not see this so this is some sort of mystery gift the dr. Brandt pore purifying cleanser I didn't see this in here so somehow I ended up getting this as an extra little freebie but $49.99 in this whole box – it all came to 393 dollars and 95 cents amazing you guys here's what blew my mind these five pack of mass alone or a hundred and sixty dollars like what that's expensive and I never want to purchase that out of pocket so that is the perfect example of the fact that something that was $165 sheet mask I'm gonna throw away and I only pay $49.99 this kula or organic SPF SPF 30 is $36 all by itself guys so again really excited with all of the products that I got in here I think the only thing that I'm a little questionable on was the little silicone wine glasses but that's not going to be in everybody's box so I mean it's one of those things where you know you might get you don't like but when everything else is definitely something that you would use like who doesn't love smooth soft feeds I do anyways guys that's all for today's video I hope you guys enjoyed it so much if you did please make sure to give me a big thumbs up I try and keep this very very quick because I don't want to bore you guys you know I mean I do talked a lot so and I'm rambling I need to hush anyways huge shout out and lots of love to my patreon cami Maria and Rachel thank you guys so much for the birthday love and being part of my patreon family thank you to each and every single one of you who decide to subscribe after today's video and of course don't forget my description box down below for the giveaway and as always don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter I am actually becoming more and more active over there on different social media so go over there and join the crew join the family and let's chitchat anyways guys until next time as always I hope you all have a wonderful beautiful and blessed day kisses from Kentucky [Applause] you


  1. Hi Rhonda !! I’m new to your Chanel and now addicted , love all your vids, you always put me in a good mood 🙂

    Regarding the JH lipstick, I JUST got my refund after 5 emails and contacting eBay , very disappointed 🙁

    Love you Rhonda , don’t ever change 🙂

  2. Hi, sweetie. I absolutely love your videos, these unboxing ones are so neat. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. Hope you're doing well. Sending love from Michigan! <3

  3. I swear I love your energy…. You're just amazing…. I could be in a awful mood like today and watch your videos and you lift my spirits…. Beautiful inside and out

  4. You got some really great items. The face masks and foot mask cool. I think the cups are very cool. I skipped this box. Have an amazing week…❌✖❌

  5. U got some really nice stuff Rhonda!! My box didnt hav that good of items. Nor did the last one. So i cancelled.

  6. That is an excellent box. Enjoy. Thanks Rhonda. Blessings!

  7. I really like your tank top!!! Casual chic your gorgeous!!

  8. Good morning pretty girl. I bought the Ccolor cosmetics huda coral obsessions dupe and I LOVE IT. 5$ girl! Just wanted to share that with you. I am going in HAM on buying all of their palletes while they are doing the pride month 25% off palletes sale!

  9. The foot mask doesn’t work and the wine glasses are cute but that’s about it. Kisses back from Arizona.

  10. I just cancelled my FFF because I never use the things I get. lol Great unboxing!!

  11. Neat unboxing!

  12. You're adorable! I think I've seen everyone's unboxing already but honestly yours was the most fun to watch! I love how excited you got about everything! Love ya girl! 😘

  13. I seen that you had posted about a refund for your Lipsticks. I am happy for you ❤. I think I am cancelling all my subcriptions.

  14. Love your shower curtain

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