Sublingual B12 supplements Vitamin B12 sublingual tablets by Lexor Health 888-539-6777

are you getting enough b12 vitamin b12 is essential in the production of red blood cells and in maintaining healthy nerves superior source features micro lingual technology a proprietary revolutionary no shot delivery system designed to release vitamin b12 directly into the bloodstream our instant dissolve micro lingual tablets completely bypass the digestive system resulting in faster and much higher absorption rates than any other vitamin delivery system no more big hard tablets to swallow our b12 vitamin with micro lingual technology is perfect for children and adults alike the small instant dissolve tablets simply melt under the tongue and go to work quickly in the body b12 vitamins are key to a healthy lifestyle boost your mental clarity and energy levels and support your health today visit our website today at ww LX or health com or call our toll free number 1 888 539 6 7 77 to learn about all of our current specials

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