StuyTown Fitness Playground by KOMPAN in New York City

Outdoor fitness equipment has been around for a long time, but there isn’t anything like it anywhere else in New York City. What do recreational spaces mean for a local neighborhood? They are both a place where you as an individual come to work out, but they are also spaces where you come together as a community. Or with your family, or with your friends, or with your neighbors, so it’s both a workout area, but it’s also a social space. This is a functional space for any age. Just being able to monkey around on the monkey bars if you are a kid. Or the elderly can use the weight training equipment with the help of a trainer. All of those things are possible out here – it’s great. This is actually a custom piece we did for the playground that actually is a true double-height of a ballet barre, so you can pretty much do any kind of workout. I really like the suspension training part, where it’s kind of like a TRX. I really enjoy that kind of training, and then the monkey bars are my favorite. I love doing pull-ups and muscle-ups and all sorts of things. The main theme was to have layers of use and layers of experience, so that we can fulfill the needs of this very diverse community. You will have every workout level here. You can step outside your door in the early morning before work or after work, or in the middle of the day. You can do a 40-yard dash and then go ride the bicycle. Really create a workout routine that fits your lifestyle. They have a great app that you can use.
You can scan the QR code on any of the pictures, and then it will bring up some great demo-videos and show you, if you don’t have a trainer out here to help you When we first announced that we were going to be taking an asphalt box, and converting it to a much larger use, fitness playground. The initial reaction has been very positive. It is for a community, and it creates community.

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