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hello everyone welcome back to my channel welcome back to my channel as you all know my name is decrease that major girl and today I'm going to bring another episode of studying Germany wash boy you should know when you want to study in jail but before that I like to welcome the people that is their first time watching me and then my subscribers thank you for subscribing and if you're watching but you're not subscribing I know it s about in talking about subscribing for a long time but to subscribe so that you updated if we are interested in studying abroad tution free also D studying abroad in an affordable country which is generally so getting back to what you have been talked about so today we are going to talk about how to insurance like people don't I think sometimes for example I know in ninth year we don't buy health insurance is not something that is common back in my home country ninth year it's recently like for some time now people be taking like okay Niraj actually did all the time before when I was about to leave for Germany I noticed that my mom actually we had the health insurance them naturally than my mom paid for we have this car but we have never used it because were like yeah we'd all really get sick when if we get sick my mom is a nurse so she just takes care of also we did not actually use to scratch it was when I was about to leave for Germany that I have – Scott so it manager is not something that is common but you consisted before that habit so as a student in Germany or as someone that is interested in coming to Germany to study just have it in your mind that there is a health insurance that you have to take you have to take health insurance that is compulsory there's no two ways about it because for enrollment health insurance is one of the things you need in order to enroll your university and also if you want to extend the original film it they always actually for your health insurance now it might surprise you that for example if you're going to register your own to extend your help your residence permit that if your extension will actually depend on how long you have your healthy shot if let's say they are open to giving you like three years and your health insurance is just a year six months sorry they will just give me a chance much because they can't give you past your heritage sure so it's compulsory to have a health insurance now in Germany there are two types of health insurance you have the public and the private so the public one most times all the time let's just put it all the time it's more expensive than the private one so the privates was may actually range from let's sit with something euros op to apples make this 60 but this is because for example the one I'm using now I'm using a private insurance that I changed last two years January so they said after 18 months I have to start paying a high amount now water pale because I painted five euros per month but then a from July does next month I was up paying fifty seven years payments and other sleazy plan some of health insurance without the labor we have the Hanshin McCoy the one I used to in my language school and I use it a bit for my study program and then we have my Wistar no Maggie star of do it we have the one and then the one I'm using I scare concept we say have this different levels like the basis of the premium and other stuff so you have to look for which one is better for you and then we have committed public health insurance its ranges from let's say 7 something heroes tonight something years and these are the pension fearlessly that if you're more than 30 they have to take it private insurance and the fee you have to pay monthly is the French you just have to find that out from you not insurance care provider so public insurance we have sought the Alka we have to take a technocratic Asha we have the we have the h EK d the i kk kk h so these are some of the health insurance companies that you can use and you can always browse online to actually check for more and one thing we have one thing good about health insurance is that you can actually apply for it online so one thing you should know is when you come to Germany getting your house like your your accommodation settle do you also have to you have to get you healthy George means you're getting oxygen you have to get your health insurance catcher to get your accommodation settled and then yeah so that is it for health insurance we talk never health insurance today and I hope at least have given you some more information about studying in Germany and I hope you enjoyed this video if you liked this video give it a thumbs up if subscribe to my channel ok ok and then if you have any questions concerning study in Germany anything just drop it in the section in the comment section yes section comments comment section oh joy love it in the comment section below and let me know if there is any particular topic you want to know about study in Germany in general just shoots me your questions and I'm going to drop my my Instagram handle yeah down below just follow it's gonna suck I'm look for me and follow me you might see some updates there and you can also send me your questions so I hope you enjoyed this video see you next week do have it quickly

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