Student Reflections: Students Talk About Masters in Public Health

I chose it because I knew the quality of teaching at York which was top-notch and I knew the posture or care here and the the amount of time that the staff put into your learning and helping you was really really excellent I really enjoyed meeting everyone on the courses everyone's from such different backgrounds and and in terms of module as I guess the module in global public health was really really good cuz we got to discuss different types of health systems and people brought their opinions from their backgrounds and where they worked and I really just enjoyed working with people from all over skills of life ladies are things early I guess I've learned I've learned lots of qualitative skills I've learnt the the range of disciplines and the range different ideas you can bring in to health such as sociology psychology you can bring in politics and lots different things as well so it's been great to look at like health from different countries and the abilities are getting just different disciplines as well so I think the biggest tool we've gained for mayest about to see things more holistically about them I came in very ontological and I've definitely thought in my mind other things it's it's of course that just gets you engaged which is a lot different from what I was doing before where there was a lot of book reading and you just you know do your exams but this really gets you to be a part of public health and there lot of opportunities that the course leaders try to get you to do of you if you're interested they always tell you about opportunities in and around Yorkshire I definitely once again secured and global public health I'd like to bring my medical anthropology into it the Masters has really helped me to have the qualifications to do that to be able to go into the field definitely do qualitative research in the field would love to do that I've got a consultancy program I'm job in Geneva I'm going to you next week so that's really helped me to get that and half the qualifications and that other side I think certainly the campus is a massive plus point for York is absolutely gorgeous and I mean to have the lakes to have so many beautiful cafes a place to sit and work and having the library it's it's just a really lovely environment to work in and the course is great because you can choose your modules to suit what you want to learn we've got very research-based modules over do qualitative research randomized control trials for anyone who wants to do pure research and be a researcher for their career but you've also got things like global public health and infection and disease and health economics with people who wants to do some make something different so if you're interested just give it a go it's like you're gonna find something enjoy and I know I did so I'm really really glad they did it

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