Student Problems Investigates : Student Mental Health (1/3)

all that asked you and saying you know I see him that he was fire sure no signs of even depression to be honest to me in the last year once on you never mind what autumn early it's been really difficult for the whole community actually staff and students particularly difficult because we work very hard to try and ensure our students feel supported when you have a student death under these circumstances something that you feel very you know you feel very deeply I just got back from a seminar and I was a just sitting how many here if he fired my friend rang me and there yeah just brought using just shock like he talks about up near to you 20 close friends especially when they see him as far as I was the way he seemed that you better Annie was he was alright never really mentioned that he was ruling i'll just got a secondary or i could just kind of pick up on the signs of his body language or the way he was acting or what he was doing and me like suit me that assumption myself you never really cared but anyone was like i feel this way so I worked with the university support services a lot last year and there's like such a disproportionate access of services from the male students and FEMA students and yeah the idea of a man of a young man University is that they're going to be kind of out with the lads and having a really great time and actually a lot of those young men are feeling really trapped you take female students and they're so much more likely to put up a support network whereas male students aren't when I go with the friends like we shared to be having here a pool or go to watch a master do a public quiz he would always be there so you know themes that would normally tell you and some of our happens kind of make you feel worse for me because you start there thinking wise and GM CEO like gonna miss them a lot firstly think you know could after looking to prevent us as much as we all did support what's a society like you'd still do fingers or something else it could've done what shocks me most is the people that are contacting you that a bereaved by suicide and one of the things that they'll say so so much is that they just didn't have a clue they just don't even see it in them at all and I think it really shows how important it is be proactive on this issue like people might not even identify themselves as having an illness like particularly men they just won't identify themselves as having experiencing mental health problems there was a few ohms where I said I'm like oh I've lived with depression in the past the time so if you wanna talk to me about ways of court without animal healthy productive way then I was here fear you never took an opportunity up maybe the urge to I'll not speak about did influence up decision initially I think I was I kind of didn't really want to tell my family cuz I didn't want them to think that I was a failure I guess a problem a lot of students harvest not wanting to tell people they're struggling because everyone is in the same boat and we all feel like maybe we're not like more important than anyone else that kind of made me feel more anxious I didn't really want to go in and discuss why I wasn't doing so well or didn't feel like things are well because I kind of felt like I should be doing better it just comes out of nowhere sometimes that you'll be in bed at night and suddenly you know you're anxious over nothing and you and you don't understand why and you have this kind of sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and I think a lot of people who don't have anxiety they just think you're overreacting they think you're being people have described me as being a bit crazy you know why you like why are you worrying about that you know you're being mad during mental and I think that's a kind of sticker mother we need to get rid of the fact that people who are anxious like it's not something we can suddenly change like that it is clearly a national issue universities are certainly all trying to step up really to provide the kind of support that people need in relation to their mental health and well-being have you or anyone you've known at university struggled with your mental health yes yeah I did I do yeah oh definitely yeah yes I think that like my first year at Berkeley was like a really low point I was actually going to I'm not gonna say chronic depression but like a some sort of a depression I feel a lot of pressure like getting good grades and this kind of stuff of course a lot of people say forget University is going to be the best three years of your life people who aren't enjoy it think why aren't I enjoying it there needs to be less taboo around talking about it I know there are a lot of things that can come to your head and you know gets you in that sort of a pressure but sometimes you just have to fight them back and come out of it and when you come out of it it's the most beautiful thing that can happen to you if anyone of any of one of my friends was listening to this and there's a feeling low I would say even I did I was suicidal too but trust me hang in there that's the best thing and that can happen to you is life don't give up on it


  1. Some people think it's curious that the huge increase in suicides at Bristol University happened to coincide with the 5G testing that began in 2015.

  2. Student Problems really does more harm than good with this stuff. It's funny how all these new campaigns of raising awareness for mental health don't actually give solutions to solve anything, but just tell people to "seek help". Directing people who don't technically have depression to see doctors who will just prescribe them anti-depressants is bullshit and of course not going to work. Mental health is not always the paradox that people make it out to be . exercise, meditation, getting out there and doing stuff. its all scientifically proven to be beneficial. the blue sky is always there but you have to work for your health.

  3. Very powerful


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