Strongman Robert Oberst’s 20,000 Calorie Strongman Diet: FUEL



  2. If he hit that 64 year old lady
    She would die

  3. He literally and metaphorically has a really big heart.

  4. In my opinion I think the cashier has him beat in the beard game! 🤠 Just what I think tho, not necessarily true. But based off observation I’m sticking to it and it could possibly be one of the key points in this video. Lol

  5. Hw looks so buff but seems to skip leg day

  6. He is so lovable.

  7. Now I'm hungry 🙂

  8. If he’s 6 foot 8 how is Brian Shaw taller than him?

  9. he needs to marry an extreme coupon er

  10. 0:07 I almost thought he was going for a pile driver there.

  11. Here I am eating Taco Bell….

  12. Absolutely adore gentle giants

  13. Why aren't you making videos every week!

  14. He looks strong when bryan and eddie arent around

  15. Id hit that

  16. I wake up , spend my time on instagram while eating while showering while working while sleeping . If u do too like.

  17. I now know why the shortest people are the most spiteful

  18. 6:05 Never have i ever seen two magnificent beards like that in such close proximity.

  19. Strong and pretty

  20. He seems like a really gentle giant. I loved watching him with his nieces and nephews. =D

  21. You are eating too many empty calories if you have to eat 20,000. 12-13,000 would be a better number

  22. He sounds like john c reilly

  23. Such an awesome guy and great video…watched it twice 👍

  24. He seems incredibly nice and humble.

  25. This man has a great personality if ur reading this keep it up man I'm proud of u

  26. Hes such a nice guy

  27. This guy seems way more happier than the dutch giant

    The dutch giants life is pretty boring

    But this guy, he has great friends and family. He also has a great personality

    Im not hating on the dutch giant, id just rather live his life than look as good as the dutch giant


  29. Sure, he puts oil in his car and oil in his traps.

  30. I think the real mvp of the story is this mans toilet

  31. Hi Robert. This is the woman at the grocery store. I am on my stepson’s account. I snuck on it while he… you don’t need to know the details but you’re more than welcome to “hit that”

  32. You guys barely talked about the diet.

  33. No comment s bout him looking and sounding slightly like a yoked bam Margera?

  34. 😟

  35. This guy is about as close as there is to a real life Adeptus Astartes.

  36. Walking down the isle and then seeing this 3:39

  37. By far the best dude out of all the top strong men. He looks up to Brian Shaw a little to much. I believe he will out do Brian one day as he should.

  38. Im surprised his body doesn't get hit hard with all that cholesterol. I know strongmen need the protein but is there something about weightlifters/strong man I'm not aware of (in terms of cholesterol)?

  39. Those keg's full?

  40. i like this guy, seems friendly

  41. Dude, you have a great personality. You should send this video to the WWE and become a pro wrestler. You could be a millionaire with your size and personality!!!!

  42. 20Be not thou among quaffers of wine, Among gluttonous ones of flesh,

    21For the quaffer and glutton become poor, And drowsiness clotheth with rags. YLT Proverbs 23. You must love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. You must love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus the anointed is Lord!

  43. 1:46 my face in some beaver

  44. 5:37 best part

  45. " if you want your car to run good you put good fuel in it" truer words have never been spoketh sir oberst, some people put the cheapest fuel in their car and think it's gonna run the same as mid or higher grade, same thing applies to your body, great advice

  46. Ahhhh that moonwalk!!!!

  47. He should eat chanko

  48. awesome personality though

  49. I don't think hes the freak show I think hes dedicated to his craft he also looks like hes the cuddly Teddy bear kind

  50. Who here after demolition ranch??!!

  51. Your legs bro

  52. Anyone know what shirt he’s wearing with the panda head???

  53. This has got to be the nicest guy ive ever seen


  55. “I’d hit that” 😂

  56. Id hit that too

  57. this guy should get his own series
    would watch cooking show 10/10

  58. Superman and Shazam want to know your location

  59. A freak? He's fucking Hercules.

  60. I wish I was like you Robert, ur so down to earth and positive and ur so dedicated to get stronger and bigger, I wish I could look like that but I’m weak and skinny, so I’ll prolly never look as big as you

  61. what a sweet and frighteningly large man.

  62. Hehehe Brian Shaw

  63. and yet thor makes him looks small

  64. damn and i thought i was bad for eating my entire pot of pasta in one go

  65. bro invest in FRUIT

  66. never buy pre-ground meat

  67. Slowly but surely killing himself….

  68. 5:15 Lady looking at a 6'8" muscle giant- "You must be a bodybuilder"…

    Woman, don't say ridiculous rhetorical things! I would tell her I eat McDonald's until my body gave up and agreed with me. I'm just saving money today.😒

  69. This is the 1st vid i see Robert wearing different shirts

  70. he sounds like post malone

  71. That lady is 64??? Holy shit she looked late 20's early thirties ngl

  72. My two wrists is his 1 wrist

  73. In all probability a physical wreck at ~50yo from all the PED's and anatomically bad heavy lifting, just for some 'positive' attention… 99,999% of people always admire the wrong individuals.

  74. Soo I know you guys saw him squeeze her ass

  75. Man works out all day, buys all the groceries, cooks all the food.. I'll leave you with that.

  76. Thats his wife just imagine spooning with Robert it would be like being hugged by a BIG teddy bear

  77. Who buys more food

  78. before I came to China I always thought Chinese tattoos were cool, but now that am here and actually can read some of the characters 😂🤣I even notice that your tattoo artist missed some strokes or got the sentence construction horribly wrong

    not saying his tattoo is shyte but some others I've seen

  79. world records and all the accomplishments aside this dude is a winner for being able to cook his own damn food. am in college and I rarely work out or do anything and yet I don't have time to cook

  80. My guy said it's all good, but in reality he be like, "this motherfucker gonna have me restocking the meat section all day."

  81. You know he’s a Texas man because his family is a Dallas Cowboys fan.

  82. Anyone else see that cheeky ass grab at 8 seconds

  83. why is post malone so fat?

  84. Seems like a koo ass dude

  85. Aint no one touching his daughters

  86. You guys are beasts. You officially eat more than swimmers.

  87. No one:
    Robert:id hit that

  88. He said id hit that

  89. 5:41 I’m not mad at you 😂👍🏽

  90. "I'd hit that" lmfaoooooooooooooooooo i wheezed

  91. tell me how your health is when you're 45

  92. What's with the cashier's insane beard game?

  93. Fills up grocery basket So this is my afternoon snack here

  94. 0:37

    thats taking the "this bitch empty yeet !" to a whole new level

  95. Eating 6 meals a day geez and I’m sitting here just tryna gain 30lbs of muscle for my 155lb frame and he’s 400lbs

  96. Bodybuilder v Strongman what’s the difference

  97. Hahaha no one was eating it

  98. None of that food is clean

  99. 2:32 It sounds like tommy lowkey has an eating disorder : |

  100. Tf? They never heard of Costco or Sams Club?

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