Strong Roots, disease prevention using RootShield & RootMate

this is a man to build a twenty-one cell has been out here and underground cover for about two months through all the summer rains it was treated with root shield WP and roommate combination of those two and if you can see the root system there nice and white roots well developed this plant is ready to go into a three gallon container as you can see the way we grow my grown right on the ground so these that extent exposed a lot of rains over the last two months and to the point where a few flats some occasionally you'll see them floating in the water because it rains so hard for so quick that the water sometimes get up to there on the container two or three inches up on the on the container and we have we have no roof damage at all what root shield and roommate combination of those two so and you can see the plants are real nice and healthy nice and green we have because we have such good root development we have a good uptake of nutrients so even though we have heavy rains so we can come out here and feed as soon as they dry out and they will green them up right away

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