Strength Training Exercises : Hamstring Exercises

OK, now we’re going to try hamstring exercise
that you can do anywhere, anyplace. Amy is flat on her back. You can do this on a bed,
a chair or any piece of furniture. She’s got her feet right in the center of the piece
furniture. She’s going to breath up, and she is going to lift her butt up as high as she
can flexing her hamstrings. Let?s do it Amy. Good. Now as you come down, she’s not going
to quite touch the floor. This is going to make the exercise more challenging. You should
feel this in the back of your legs. If this bothers your lower back, don’t continue. However,
if this is too easy you’re going to see Amy challenge herself more by crossing one leg
over her knee. Now she’s going to come up and she is working one leg at a time. This
turns out top be quite a challenge in exercise. And now if I really want to be cruel like
which I usually do, I would have Amy switch and out her leg straight in the air pointing
her toe towards the ceiling. This will be the very most challenging exercise right here.
So let?s do it. She’s making sure to breathe out as she comes up. She is flexing her hamstrings,
the back of her leg and her butt. She’s remembering to breath. It just looks easy but this is
good fun when you try it. If you get to the point where you can do thirty on the right
leg only, thirty on the left and thirty on the both you’ll be on good shape.


  1. can this increase your vertical jump lol

  2. i think it will make you run fast

  3. =] tight
    but i still want it stronger =]

  4. FINALLY!!

  5. uh she is a chick, girls go for TONE not BULK lmao

  6. funally found what i was looking for i just wanted to get fast and hamstring are a good body part to train for.

  7. I finally found one that was good.. Thanks!

  8. This is a Glute and lower back exercise.
    There is no significant angle change at the knee(flexion) to justify this as primarily a hamstring exercise.

  9. Boring vid for stupid yank-bastards.

  10. fart city!

  11. @elitept Completely right, there in no way is a justifiable attempt at working hamstrings.

  12. @soccerfreak61621, there is certainly isometric contraction of the hamstring muscle taking place. And, i can think of some sport and health related fitness applications for this exercise.
    But, the problem is in the description, 'build your leg muscles..' the exercise in this video is not really a hamstring muscle building exercise like for example a hamstring curl is.

  13. @mark95427 Speak for yourself.

  14. @elitept

    When you do this exercise, you will certainly know it works your hamstrings. I've done this and it's challenging.

  15. lol… he was keeping himself for some reason the whole time =p… release on 1:24

  16. does this stunt growth

  17. good exercice really , thank you

  18. Awesome! 30 right, 30 left, 30 both. Got it.

  19. so the expert on workouts is a fat dude? lol

  20. @ctranrojasmm no. the only exercises that can growth are ones where a heavy weight is pressed downwards on your spine eg. military press

  21. @nickrunaway2 forgot to tell you though, even though exercises like military presses may stunt your growth, it's very very small and you should not be concerned

  22. @JAZZyJACKiiE152 You should feel tension the full time or at least most of the time through the exercise. If you do not, you are using a different muscle group.

  23. @treysparker What about those who teach AND do at the same time?

  24. i just tried this exercise and my hamstrings are burning!!! thank you!

  25. What kind of shoes is she wearing

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  30. Does this work for osgood schlette

  31. yeah,, looks like the back is the one working here a lot,,, and it may also cause injury

  32. Great video,so trying this on now

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