Street Workout VS Powerlifting – STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #9


  1. Супер!!! Молодцы, отличное шоу, главное не победа. А то, что занимаются спортом!! Красавцы

  2. In my books Romano wins. He only had problems with Pull-Ups, rest of the exercises were easy for him, especially the Squats.

  3. Super

  4. woooow what a match 🤯

  5. 2:50 pls music

  6. obviously the competition is unfairly weighted to favour calisthenics over power lifting (which a powerlifter wouldn't normally be doing dips or chin-up anyway and a calisthenics traine would be doing them all the time) so these strength wars can be a bit crap. the german is the real winner considering that the squats were the only power lifting exercise and they came last

  7. 2018 ?

  8. It’s clear that calisthenics guys should supplement leg training with squats and deadlifts and other free weight leg exercises as that seems to be callisthenics only weakness

  9. Rabbit vs Turtle

  10. Roman is real winner ❤️👏👏

  11. This was BULLSHIT



  14. Romano is a winner.

  15. Guy need to get the fuck out of the camera with that stupid ponytail

  16. No one can beat Romano!

  17. The MC needs to wear a thick fur coat and some Viking horns.

  18. Thought martin Murray was english

  19. I Love you Street Workout

  20. All those guys who are complaining about bell
    Let me tell you one thing, if you keep working on gym you may have strength but you would lost your presence of mind and intelligence .. if you go out you will have new experience every day , you will be more conscious about everything

  21. laughed so hard at the last part where the hell was romano going

  22. Please trackname 3:08

  23. That host is too creepy need to get rid of him to keep it entertaining

  24. Воркаунт 👍

  25. He asks us if we have what it takes to compete in something like that. Well we're not on roids so no we don't have it

  26. Omg i cant stand that host guy. So ignoring.

  27. Johannas fucked the whole game

  28. Who gives a fuck about the bell! Respect for both alien strong dudes!

  29. The German won clearly

  30. I can't do this even in my dream hats of to u

  31. My god , 1 time that Romano got difficult


  33. who win ??

  34. Amazing match

  35. The first narrating guy is good for a villain

  36. Romano didnt win, he even cannot do proper pull up, kipping pull up

  37. The host tries too hard.

  38. Unas bestias del deporte chingones

  39. I like calisthenic guy

  40. nothing better than a german speaking english xD

  41. Romano wins.

  42. Woooow insane

  43. But i think its draw !!!!

  44. The presenter is the best thing in this
    he can fit in viking cast easy
    he should annouce ufc fighters

  45. well, somebody skipped chest day

  46. romano is the best

  47. Fucking romano ran past the bell

  48. best on the best !!!!!

  49. Bro, really, a bell.. the fuck is wrong with you

  50. Powerlifter was the actual beast when it came to dips & squats he was just unstoppable the only thing he lacked was pull ups that too because of his body weight

  51. Tetzel sucks in weights

  52. these battles were the best

  53. I want sudden death at this one !

  54. The bell was a bad idea

  55. Dammnn

  56. Seems fake. Im certain a powerlifter the size of Romano could bust out 20 reps of squats with 225lbs without even needing a break. Plus the way he missed the Bell was silly.

  57. Supporting Powerlifting💥💥🔥🔥

  58. Rengel deserved the win here. But, hey, those were the rules.

  59. No No No, Black shirt winner. 100%

  60. Romano, he is a good guy, strong, and the winners..

  61. romanoc already when he chose the wrong judge

  62. Epic battle of titans

  63. That's what i call a competition.

  64. Street Workout 😘😘😘

  65. Incrível

  66. Ring the Bell aint a sport

  67. Fantastic

  68. I think pull up and dips are Calisthenics forte and squats are for powerlifters

  69. It's a tie

  70. 1:40 "I will give my very best, too sexy, this time" ??

  71. For Ramano is winner.. Actually ramano forgot about the bell..

  72. thick guy won in my book

  73. Both were great warriors of iron. But never underestimate the calisthenics guy. Goes to show you don't have to pump iron to be a beast.

  74. Respect to both of the guys

  75. That was a good competition. Dam!

  76. this is not fair…He dont deserve.

  77. Wow so much tension

  78. What a great match, its a draw for me, so much respect for both

  79. Romano work

  80. I like romano's attitude he's always humble that's the very reason i support this guy

  81. the host was so annoying

  82. Damn..It was close…

  83. Roman fell asleep, everything was correct, yet you have to admit it, it could have been an epic victory

  84. A calesthenics person is never going to win this.

  85. I can't believe I will die without having six packs

  86. Bring back FACELESS..
    he is the true face of strength wars!!

  87. This wasn't fair because 2 out 3 exercising where calisthenics

  88. Weak

  89. Calisthenics : the strongest pull
    Powerlifters: strongest push and lower body

  90. That was 100 kilos squat not 120

  91. Unfair. Atleast

  92. I don’t like his voice. Dislike

  93. romano is gay

  94. The street workout guy is weak. They should have taken Chris Heria, Austin Dunham, Gabo saturno or Daniel Vadnal

  95. What's the name of the first song?

  96. Damn, I'm late, but that was one of the greatest power battles I've ever seen. The bell thing was stupid though.

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  98. two losers turtles

  99. What a great match

  100. That shit is fixed. No way homie should've taken that long a rest and only have 1 rep left. Heart/adrenaline alone would've pushed that out.😎

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