Straddle V Press Hold & Contortion Push Ups | Whitney’s Kitchen Gymnastics

Welcome to another episode of Kitchen Gymnastics!
Hi I am Whitney Bjerken, your host. And today I am going to be doing a Press V Hold, a Press
Straddle Hold, and Contortion Push Ups. Let’s get started Okay, Here we go That was a Press V Hold by the way. Now I am going to be doing a Press Straddle Hold That was a Press Straddle hold Now this is a Contortion Push Up I’ll face you this time Okay And that was it folks… But… The grand finale Boo! Ta Da! Oh It’s cold on my stomach. OK Let me try
the grand finale again. Don’t forget to check in every Wednesday for your new Kitchen Gymnastics episodes. What are you waiting for? Do it! Just Do It!
Yes you can! Just do it!

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