fun fact I actually found doing exactly the opposite video why should supplement creatine in fact the last time I supplement the creatine was just yesterday in my research though I realized that creatine although severely studied may not be that good of a supplement your body can create energy in different ways one of them is using creatine for example if you go for a sprint the first few seconds probably feel amazing and less coward no fatigue happiness but when you suddenly hit that eight seconds mark while sprinting it starts to burn it hurts and you want to quit your body now stop using creatine as its main fuel and switch to carbohydrates meaning creatine is the key element in you being able to do fast short duration therefore this molecule is a crucial part in weightlifting and also thinking creatine is produced inside of your body and can also be consumed with meat fish or supplements which are mostly we can by the way therefore it's only logical especially for vegans to supplement creatine am i right so I thought but according to different studies your body is a lazy piece of remember your body always goes for the way of least resistance so instead of normally producing the creatine and using the supplement on top of that your body slows down the creatine production why use energy to produce my own if I'm getting it in any way think about this example if you would win the lottery chances are high that you wouldn't go to work tomorrow and right just assuming you're not casein is that so most studies that actually showed positive effects with creatine supplementation we're only short-term when your body didn't slow down the creatine production yet on top of that approximately 30% that take creatine see no effect at all that may be because reading is mostly effective for people with lower creating content and more muscle fibers for example in this study that compares vegetarians with meat-eaters only the vegetarians get a dink in books why because meat eaters are used to creatine in the diet remember fishing meat contains creatine body vegetarians the body produces all creatine that it needs on its own so the supplementation gives it a huge boost of creatine supplementation isn't necessary for both groups probably even the opposite creatine combined with an unhealthy diet may promote cancer because creatine can be turned into metabolites with the help of e.coli a bacterium that is found in animal crap and therefore mostly in animal food also especially the USA the supplement industry is badly regulated which means supplements could contain impurities which would lead to bad health effects in the long term too bad there aren't any long term studies yet so should you supplement creatine it really depends if you're a meat-eater generally speaking no if you're an athlete and don't care about your health maybe if you're a vegan that wants to be smaller maybe if you're a vegan that wants to be smart and works out regularly maybe if you're a meat-eater the thinks about becoming a vegan but is afraid because of the creatine loss then yes what I want to say is that a healthy diet full of water fruits and vegetables is the foundation and an absolute must before you think about any supplementation get your diet right looking at creatine there may be possible bad health effects in the future that we don't know yet but if you really want to try it use a pure creatine I will link one in the description try it for two to three weeks five grams and then pause for at least double the time hey you thank you so much for watching this video thank you for your time thank you for your trust remember this they say


  1. Where do vegans think creatine comes from? 🤣😂🤣

  2. Why would a vegan cycle creatine if they don’t get it in their regular diet 🤔 Doesn’t make much since to me. I feel as if this guy didn’t do a ton of research. Studies show creatine is not a supplement that needs to be cycled. It’s better to keep levels high versus thinking you’ll build a tolerance to it. If the body produces it naturally, or if it’s in food why cycle it… Especially being vegan

  3. Veganism is a cult oh, it has so many social obligations time to it as well as socio-economic Financial Liberties rights and freedoms that it presumes that people should not have under some sort of subjective opinion they have formulated within their very ideological frame of reference, this leads to very dangerous attitudes and subsequent behaviors oh, such as the persecution of meat eaters and forbidding through law the acquisition of meat. Very very dangerous cult just completely different from vegetarians which they can come from many different political Viewpoint backgrounds and ideologies, but the vegans are highly motivated my ideologies not directly intend to supersede your Constitution the rule of law your rights and liberties many aspects a human autonomy being able to exercise their Universal rights to simply be just like the lion

  4. If you are prone to hemorrhoids stay away from creatine it will make your life completely miserable oh, I don't think you're going to hydrate enough 2 mitigate how badly it's going to make your hemorrhoids worse

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  6. I agree for those say under 50, creatine supplement is not needed but as we age, there are a number of supplements I now find necessary to maintain what I use to take for granted.

  7. Get your misleading title and put 🥕 into your vegan but hole

  8. Creatine is an animal substance I'm sure that shit Creatine is useless just like probiotics is garbage because we can't digest fiber and cellulose we aren't herbivores

  9. "wegtables" 🙂

  10. BE WARNED!!!! Below is the conclusion to a scientific report on the consumption of creatine:
    "In conclusion, it must be kept in mind that even the recommended doses of creatine monohydrate supplementation may cause kidney damage. Therefore, anyone using this supplement should be warned about this possible side effect, and the renal functions should be regularly controlled during this period." That's why whole food vegan, devoid of high creatine from all animal meats is good for kidneys. And healthy kidneys will extend life.

    Read the entire journal from link below:

  11. Instead of taking creatine suplements, why not persuing the natural way instead?

  12. Can you link the study on body slowing down creatine production when supplementing it?
    Haven't seen any that reached that result.

  13. It’s human to eat animal-based food

  14. Vegans use strange arguments. For example a common one is that cows don’t eat meat and they are able to get their proteins. But they don’t mention that cows have 4 stomachs and are able to extract the protein nutrient out of the grass. Humans do not have a herbivore stomach that can synthesize protein this way. We know this because if a human only ate grass they would be extremely unhealthy no matter how much they ate (a cow also eats over 6 hours every day). At the end of the day, if you feel much healthier not eating meat (over the long term) then that works for you. Most if not all vegans I’ve seen look scrawny and lethargic. Many also compensate with food when their mental state is not healthy. Stress/anxiety makes proper digestion nearly impossible no matter what you eat

  15. You're my favourite type of vegan: smart and sexy

  16. The body can make it's own creatine but as it gets older it makes less therefore if you're old and vegetarian/vegan and not taking creatine supplements you're f*cked

  17. talks funny…i didnt understand half of what he said.

  18. Study :
    Creatine increases DHT, any fluctuation in T will increase DHT, up or down, as body reacts to T levels. Creatine causes hair loss , ED and low libido, go research it, dont take this shit.

  19. Go Vegan and Die

  20. do u by chance know if creatine synthesis can be up/downregulated by dietary means? for example…does increasing protein increase the creatine ur body makes on itself?

  21. Can you please indicate which studies talk about the lowering of the baseline ?

    Concerning the long term studies, there have been some studies done on 5year periods…

  22. Nice video but my guess is you don't lift super heavy on a regular basis. If you did, you'd know how crucial it is for building strength over time.

  23. I’m vegan. And I was looking for a no bs creatine I only like Whole Foods stuff but I want some stuff to help me maximize my performance /: so idk

  24. Good video…me too vegan

  25. @QualityGains Have your views on this changed since posting this? I'm a somewhat lazy vegan; just recently started getting serious about nutritional consistency. I researched heavily last night to buy all essential supplements (B-12, D3, EPA/DHA, and iodine), and decided to purchase some Jarrow brand creatine monohydrate for an additional kick to start exercising.

    Just curious as to whether or not you've come across any new information that would influence your choice. Your video served as a good reminder to always research before putting supplements in your body!

  26. You wrong
    Dr Gary Null has said many,many times that creatine is safe and beneficial.
    Especially to vegans and wegetarians.

  27. “Lazy piece of shit” 😂😂

  28. I take 2g of creatine with some grape juice and drink about a gallon of water. If I keep this process forever, will my body stop the internal production at the end like when I become old?(I am 19)
    I'm a little confused because creatine is a health functional food for sure(prevents parkinson's disease, helps the brain and so on has many benefits to the health)
    Will taking small g like 2g of creatine everyday forever also be a harm to internal production at the end?

  29. Opinions

  30. Very god video!
    Which vegetarian foods are important to improve our own creatine production? Thanks you!

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