Stop Motion Cooking – Make Vegetarian Soup With Exercise Equipment ASMR 4K

Have you ever been in an exercise situation without losing weight? Check out this video to see how she works!


  1. Hola hello manda saludos love

  2. 1st comment yay
    I bet you won’t pin this

  3. First to comment

  4. Yes, hi

  5. Kluna Tik Lose Weight

  6. I'am 8th


  8. Great video 😉👍😊🧩

  9. I like

  10. wow so cool thanks for sharing.

  11. watching this at 4:16

  12. (●♡∀♡)

  13. that looks like cum

  14. How to lose weight?
    👉 Throw away the scale 😂😂😂

  15. My heart feel hurt when she chop the apple watch

  16. The apple watch tho :<<<

  17. so cool

  18. Nice

  19. Thanks for the new video smc

  20. Is 58 kilograms really that bad though?

  21. Hiii

  22. The shoes 😭

  23. I dont know how you do these things but like it

  24. That girl is as tall as me

  25. Wight : 69
    Me : nice. Finally i did it

  26. Is nobody gonna talk about that 69 at the end


  27. Relatable 😭🤣

  28. 😊😊❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗

  29. No one:
    Literally no one:
    This girl: smash her apple watch and cook a meal just because cant loose weight

  30. Che spreco di soldi rompere uno smarr watch

  31. you eat too much food

  32. Есть русские?

  33. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。(´;Д;`)。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

  34. 2:35 it’s 69 but what’s next? 420?

  35. This Channel Teaches you when you get mad eat everything

  36. AirPod nooo

  37. 69 nice


  39. Who is acting for the girl or child

  40. If anything, I think u should eat more of you weigh 50-70 pounds 😂

  41. Woman: *barely doing anything when working out*
    Also woman when she doesn’t lose any weight: *angry woman noises*

  42. Предупреждение: осторожно не ешьте это!
    А так хотелось(

  43. Look at me no one make fun of me plzzzzzz

    I’m 156.8cm tall and 57kg and I’m 10 !!!almost 11

  44. Fde some kids in my class weigh 120 pounds and are 11 and 58 pounds is not much for a teen

  45. Are all of those gadgets edible?😕

  46. Me encantan estos video, gracias a dios encontré este canal

  47. Instead of cooking your watch and shoes because you can’t lose weight how about you eat some veggies and fruits and salad?

  48. Maybe you should stop doping anything but cooking ever in your life

  49. Lmao 58 kilos. The dream

  50. hi

  51. Ah yes my favorite food

    Exercise equipment

  52. How ironic. I saw the post you made about this video RIGHT UNDER THIS VIDEO I'M WATCHING RIGHT NOW. That's so ironic.

  53. I think many people will be in the same mood as this girl. Don't forget to follow our channel for the latest videos!

  54. Heh heh

  55. Girl is actually too thin. That weight is nothing compared to average weight.

  56. Any object:….

    Her:Finally a worthy ingrediant THIS FOOD SHALL BE LEGENDARY

  57. I weigh 110 pounds and you think 58 pounds is bad and I'm even proud of my weight

  58. BTW good video

  59. Mom gets her shoe

    Her kid: why u got a shoe

    Mom Gets the knife and cuts the soul out of the shoe

    Her kid: uhh

    Mom takes the soul an crunches it into nothing

    Her kid: magic?

    Mom: now give me your collage allouncce to buy a new one

  60. Girl working out

    Doesn't lose any weight

    Then she starts thinking eating her work out supply will help😆

  61. How she do ??😕

  62. Editing

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