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today is international chess day so we're gonna be talking about how to build an awesome chest there's a difference between having a strong benchpress and that's typically the first thing people think of when they think of a chest they think of flat bench press how much do you bench press but one thing people don't understand is that so many other muscles come into play when doing a bench press so we're gonna be taking those muscles out of the equation we're gonna be pre exhausting building amazing chests let's get after it so the first one we're going to start off with to pre exhaust is going to be an incline cable fly we're gonna be moving next into an incline dumbbell or machine press finally we're gonna be moving on to a flat dumbbell bench press lastly we're gonna be finishing off with a try set to absolutely annihilate the chest but first let's start up with that pre-exhaustion on the incline cable fly we have to warm up sets and then three working sets we've been doing 12 to 14 reps now the reason we're doing this first is going to be pre exhausting we're trying to take that the triceps and the anterior delts out of it so you're gonna want an incline bench setup no higher than a 45 degree angle and again find a cable apparatus and Center your bench to where you're gonna want to be pulling down keeping the elbow shoulder and wrist all in the same angle on this first set just nice and easy we're not trying to prove anyone to anything right now this workout you got to check your ego at the door because we're doing those heavy compound movements second third after we've already pre exhausted you're not going to be a strong this has always been one of my favorite isolation movements and then when I say isolation versus compound isolation we're only using one joint here we're using our shoulder joint to move the weight whereas in a compound movement you're using your elbow and shoulder so that's a compound exercise I use the cables because it's allowing me to keep tension on the PEC throughout the entire time without using any anterior delt or the tricep the bench was a little bit off-centered there so that's what warm-up sets are for we're using a lighter weight and then I'm able to adjust my bench here you saw my hand position I wasn't in a parallel grip here I'm using more of a pronated grip that's because it just puts the angle of my upper chest I'm more of an advantageous position here we're using the the cables and then also gravity to really give us that that resistance on the way down and then a whole contraction on the way up main thing to remember here that elbow joint we're not pressing here we're keeping that elbow joint locked in the same angle throughout the entire time focusing on that nice chest contraction their rest period on this about 60 seconds is all I'm not actually seated all the way down I'm actually on my feet but and back is against the pet and the reason I do this is this to me I'm it's going to be easier for me to arch my back off of the pad and again we're not looking to to put our core at any risk so I'm actually good to keep my heels on the ground push up keep my butt and that's not gonna allow me to arch as much it's going to allow me to keep contact with that pad all the time all right we got three working sets 12 to 14 reps really concentrate on keeping that elbow angle the same throughout and squeezing at the end give it a good squeeze control the weight on the way down now we're not looking to stretch it past 90 degrees it puts more of a risk on our shoulder joint drop the pin you get the second set now you can never isolate 100% fully one area of your chest but by doing this at an incline we're using a little bit of anterior delt just a little bit and then that upper PEC here we go second set ah ah tables are such a good way to start off a workout feeling pre-pre exhaust alright third and final working set on this exercise drop the pen one you know go up and wait increase that weight last set best set here we go ah little rest pause at the top here Oh chest is on fire and that's just exercise number one should be feeling it from the top down really the inside of the PEC – with the cables alright that's it for the first exercise let's move on to the second one our second exercise we'd be doing in this chess workout is going to be an incline Smith machine press so one thing we always talk about in bodybuilding and fitness is having a balanced approach and that means top down from your physique so one body part shouldn't overpower another you started off with a cable now we're moving to a smith machine press we're attacking it from all different angles so in this exercise we'd be doing three sets and then throwing kind of a nasty little drop set in there we'd be shooting for eight to ten reps and on this one we're going to be changing up the negative part of the movement on this we're going to slow down even more for seconds down and then exploding up so we don't need to warm up the chest still has a little Peck pop in it we're not going to want that by the end of it we're gonna want so much blood in those pecs and can't bouncing our grip is going to be a little bit closer than what we might do on a normal flat bench press thumbs wrapped around the bar and the Smith machines nice if you're working out alone you can rack it at any different place within your benchpress movement that anterior delt is coming into play especially because we're on an incline here so that anterior delt and chest but because we've already fatigued the chest the chest is still failing for the anterior delt again my elbows aren't flared out all the way here and not next to my chest either there's somewhere right in the middle there getting a nice press nice squeeze almost a scooping motion all the way to the top as it starts getting tougher you know I keep my feet press fro me on there I don't want to start raising my hips and raising my feet in the air so the feet set the base for the rest of the lift here we go it's that mind-muscle connection if you can stay connected with the area that you're working out you're always going to get a better workout we're not just coming to the gym half-assing you know just going through the motions you come to the gym with a purpose you come into the gym knowing what you want to achieve the chest is already getting super filled up with blood because we've done that cable work beforehand we've put in the pre-exhaustion the last one we're throwing a little wrench in there when we throw in a drop set in with it but again this is you time coming to the gym for you you know what you put in is what you're gonna get out so turn off the cell phone limit the distractions here we go set number three straight into a drop set ah so I'll use the Smith machine there 7 7 and 1/4 reps there but again that's where I want it to fail just write about that 7 range I'm gonna strip it down to the point where I only have a 45 on each side and what we're doing is going super wide here doing 5 to 7 reps then bringing our hands in closer doing 5 to 7 reps and then finally finally with a close grip bench press 5 to 7 reps so here we go and then finish it off with a close grip ah and that is just taking it past one of the techniques that take it past failure to lighten up the weight switch up the grip again that is going to bring them more triceps as we go closer but it's hitting just a little bit different area each time we change up that that grip the next movement we were doing is the flat dumbbell press now the reason I like to use the dumbbells because if we be doing some ISO lateral work everything else we were doing both arms at the same time so we're going to be working with one arm while the other ones resting and then switching up again concentrating on the negative side of things and then we're really going to explode out of there so my right arm is just going to stay put one using the left to press up Hey four and I would just switch it so we've increased the weight for our second set here we're going to be shooting for at least 8 to 10 reps on here last time I held my right arm while I did the left first so this time I want to be alternating and switching it up nice and controlled again our set here is going to be twice as long so the time line or tension holding it even in that offhand some of that PEC is working the anterior delt is working while we are actually doing it the exercise with the other hand so again take that 90 seconds full recovery back at it all right we got set number three here a lot of good work has gone into this workout already we're going to finish strong so last set best set on this and then we're gonna jump into a try set here we go so I'm back to using the arm I started off with since we're only doing three sets here that right there is a killer isolation work making sure each side gets the same amount of work as the other you know it's so easy if you're doing barbell work to let one side start taking over its natural you know usually one arm is dominant that'll take over if you let it so over time that's happened to you or maybe you've had an injury get back to doing some more isolation work all right that is it now we're just gonna go for it in same pump to finish it off so we've done our warm-up are pre-exhaustion our incline are flat now we're to be attacking it for that lower outer PEC so we're gonna be doing a decline type of movement here on the dips so we're going straight from dips to a t-bar press and then we're going straight to a modified push-up just to exhaust completely annihilate the chest just force as much blood into your pecs as possible so we'll be doing these non-stop and then a minute rest non-stop minute rest and then one more so by the end of it heart rate should be up to so first and foremost on the dip we would be doing a dip for chest now most of the time when we're doing dips is for triceps the way we make if your chest is by keeping the hips back and high the chest we're not going to round our shoulders and concave it we're going to be keeping it out it's going to look something like this and then bringing the hips high you can see I was almost parallel with the floor there straight into our t-bar press here again I'm just gonna wrap my hands around the bar here at the top get a nice angle away from the bar almost like we're we're creating a triangle here down to the top of Peck back up one please back ah and the last thing straight into our modified push-up now this one might look a little bit weird you might get people in the gym telling you you have bad form but again it's working the muscle and that's all we're caring about this isn't an ego workout so we don't care about what people in the gym are thinking about us our butts gonna be high in the air and as you come down you come forward as well and then push back hey maybe get as many as you can there and then you switch it up to a normal press a normal push up as long as I got a little peck pop in there I know my chest has not gone to failure I got a little bit left so I got two more rounds in here we're going to try to get it to the point where I can't contract those pecs at all chest dips are a very underrated exercise for chest you get a great squeeze on there we're going to be going down just below parallel or just below 90 degrees and then all the way up just short of locking out that's going to keep tension throughout the movement on the PEC we're using that bent-over movement it's almost like a press almost like a fly movement pretend you're hugging a tree as you are doing your chest dip as I hit failure I did some partial reps there's a wave extending the set say this yawp it's our modified push-ups hey Phil you're there now get a couple more check your Peck your Peck bounce still just a little bit dammit alright for the last round everything you got nothing left nothing left in the tank when you walk out of the gym you should know there's nothing else you could have done last set best set here we go full range of motion now on this we just did some partials to extend it now we're back in full range can't do any more full ones I'm strong now here we go buckles in the air by doing your workout but pushing it we want to quit by forcing out one of those those one or two extra reps when your mind doesn't want to go on but you push your body a little bit past to that point that's gonna flow over in every other area of life so it starts right here right now with you in the gym just because it's not leg day or back day doesn't mean you shouldn't leave gassed the PEC Pop nothing you got nothing less it's good work again it's a balanced approach we hit things from every different angle cables machine free weights and it's all done without working out your ego just your chest like always if you guys want to see the full workout written out check out the page below go ahead and leave comments and questions also if you're looking for more workouts for me there's plenty on also on my website steve cook health my youtube steve cook and then follow me steve cook underscore 32 on all social media if you guys want more free videos and articles keep coming back to you


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