STEPHANIE BUTTERMORE – Is she sending the wrong message?

coach Greg Doucet here and today it's gonna be all about Stephanie butter more famous youtuber 600,000 plus followers and unfortunately it's not all good it is all about basically her disordered eating and promotion of epic cheats and her struggles and what is such a huge problem in the fitness industry which is weight management control and everything to do with body image and all this stuff it's a very important message so I hope you stay and watch it till the end before I get into that I am NOT a doctor Stephanie butter more is in fact technically a doctor because she has a ph.d however it's not in nutrition if you haven't seen or watched any of her she's basically she's an attractive well-spoken highly charismatic intelligent educated woman she has extremely interesting videos with quality editing and so it's easy to watch and just get into it unfortunately most of the videos or many of the videos are sending up the wrong message about how to eat and what's realistic for females especially but I mean it applies exactly to males just as much she gets way more views when she posts a video about eating Donuts and cheats and epic this and that then on anything else she does very good training videos and things like that but unfortunately I don't get the same views as if she just goes and eats a ton of donuts and pizza okay so I'll show you just a list of a few of the videos that she's done 9,000 calorie fit girl cheat day everything I want okay fit girl dream cheat day fantasy cheat day unlimited donuts cheesecake and ice cream eating whatever I want for one day unrestricted cheat day everything I ate in Toronto we ate everything we wanted for one day I as much as I wanted 10,000 plus calories fast food cheat day donuts pizzas ice cream cookies and more I eat everything I wanted in Texas BJ's restaurant bouzouki challenge 6,000 calories in one meal basically if it sounds like what my girlfriend would want to do but anyway that's a different topic next I lost my period we're in this together clothing merch cheat day shirt with lots of donuts in the video life after my PhD what's next for my career well it would appear that several binge eating videos made up for a lot of it ten thousand calorie challenge destroyed five million views five million people watch that why do you think she keeps posting those videos you guys want to see it he can't blame her for it I don't think I could stop either five million people wanted me to eat 10,000 calories how do you stop but let's back this up to 2014 where she did her first bikini contest she went from 126 pounds to 106 pounds in six weeks eating 800 calories a day if you watch any of my videos you know that I say to lose 1/2 to 1 percent of body weight per week after the first week to avoid muscle loss and to not ruin your metabolism when you starve yourself which 800 calories for her clearly was you lose muscle you lose muscle your metabolism drops then what happens this show's over and ten thousand calorie eating challenge six thousand Donuts how much can I eat your starve yourself so bad that the body retaliates by making you eat uncontrollably I can't stop eating trust me I've been there I was 18 years old competing in bodybuilding shows you starve yourself for three months not knowing what you're doing then after the show you go to a buffet and no food is safe no food doesn't matter what it is I'm eating it I would eat as much food as I could potatoes was what I create I ate as many potatoes as I could till I couldn't breathe and then there were always room for turtles after that those chocolate turtles and I would eat lay on the floor and not move as soon as I could move I would eat again it's like your body takes over and you can't stop yourself it becomes a binge eating disorder at this point you just can't stop the fitness industry it's just not good it's got its full venous orders 25% of people in sports involving weight classes or physical appearance is of an importance for example gymnastics ballet figure skating bodybuilding bikini competitions physique competitions 25 percent have eating disorders that means out of a million people 250,000 are eating disorders it's a lot it's so common what is amenorrhea a man areia is when you don't have your period for three months and it's a company with the female track athlete triad it's all stuff that we learn in university basically if you starve yourself and exercise a lot you lose bone mineral density you get osteoporosis and you lose your period and it can take a year or longer to get it back I get messages from people all the time they lose their period what do I do I'm like well it's normal it's part of being a come contest prep person if you contest prep and are in actual shape for a show you probably will not have your period that means most girls who look the way they're supposed to not that you should supposed to to win a bodybuilding a figure a bikini show are losing their beard most of your favorite bikini models don't have their period in our unhealthy body weight that produces a certain look that society deems as wow that's a track you want to look like that it is not healthy zero health from this you should not be eating to the point of losing your period for health reasons it's not healthy to get to ten percent body fat as a female it's just not however you want to win this show so you do it it's not healthy for me as a man try to get to four percent body fat but I want to try to win the show so I do it too it's not healthy and therefore we see all the eating disorders and disordered eating and problems that arise with body image in the fitness industry because society rewards us for looking that way simple no is she natty I get a lot of messages about Stephanie but her more she ain't natty that's why she's mean she's Maddy she come on now she trains herd for many years she doesn't have crazy muscle she's just lean you don't have to be on steroids to not have high body fat and being on steroids isn't gonna help her to be lean per se no she just uses cutting drugs I mean it's possible but highly doubtful I think she just is lean genetics okay she says if you eat a whole bunch of food lots of calories way more your metabolism is going to catch up to how much you're eating and we'll get used to it and then you can just eat a lot all the time and not keenly this is stupid and I literally have all these girls that I coach and they write me and they say the show is over how come my calories is only up 200 shouldn't I be eating 3,000 a day now to speed up my metabolism so then I can eat 2,000 calories a day all the time and never gain any weight I'm like you just need 1,200 calories and did an hour and a half a cardio day for three months to get in shape you think you can just take away all that cardio and double your caloric intake and your body will just get used to it and then you'll eat 2,000 calories a day and keep your body lean zero chance of that you're going to become obese in a hurry you're gonna get so fat so fast after a show you need to slowly increase calories now I know there's this reverse dieting that's just a fancy bullshit name for adding calories slowly it's you can't actually reverse diet the way you're supposed to they'll be like Add 10 grams of carbs a day no one can track calories that accurately add 40 calories a day so I'm going to eat 40 calories more for a week and then I'm going to eat more no one does that people do is show them they cheat after the show and they cheat for breakfast and if you tell them not to they're gonna do it anyway and lie to you coaches should know better so you got a plan for that you say half your cardio that you did before if you're doing two hours a day you can't stop doing cardio all together and expect to keep the weight up even if you keep your calories the same you're gonna get that you can't just take away an entire two hours of cardio and then they're probably gonna still have a few cheats here and there you're not gonna but you have to plan for that okay so you do have two cardio that you were doing and you try not to eat any more than you need to you eat the least amount possible that makes you feel healthy and acceptable and okay you don't binge eat till you're full and can't move bad eat till you're comfortable and okay with what you ate in other words the least amount that will make you okay because then you'll slowly gain weight notice three weeks since my show if you don't follow me on Instagram I post pictures practically daily about my physique update I put on maybe 1% body fat so it's not a big deal but I'm slowly eating more but I'm not cutting out cardio completely I still ride my bicycle and I enjoy it I'm doing it the healthy right way and those of you all it's all steroids I haven't done any steroid shots since a week before the show it's been a month I haven't done orals and Starnes mkg nothing zero stuff okay just all me I am starting HRT but I admit it I am doing HRT soon okay but that's not the point that's just that low doses and I will be putting that video out today I think but that would be this won't be posted today so I put it up yesterday or two days ago something like that why is she hungry all the time set point theory the body wants to weigh a certain amount if it's below that amount it's signals to eat so that it can make you fatter your fat cells want to be I described as being half full if you have a circle it wants to be half full if your fat cells are below the half line it sends signals it's half full if you binge eat all the time and get super fat it's too full and it sends signals saying stop eating fatso and then you stop eating in and you become in the normal in the middle that's how the body self-regulates and decides how fat are you you it's a hunger thing you eat till you're full all the time then you're and then when you're happy your body's happy and then you don't eat if you don't eat it makes you hungry and then you eat more boom simple that's the advanced scientific 15 studies quoted because who greggy's bro summons this is how I simplify it and I used to teach physically active living in Korean life management in grade 10 11 and 12 to students I taught this for years and this is how he did it and it's very simple to understand all right so she started eating 5,000 calories a day for 10 days Street and gained 10 pounds 5,000 calories I can't eat 5,000 calories for 10 days or I would gain 10 pounds she's a hundred and twenty pounds skinny girl she should be eating half of what are you I eat 3,000 to 3,500 a day she would probably be normal at seventeen hundred and fifty calories she would be like a lean normal way to eat five thousand it's literally over double what she needs to eat it's too much I know she's been starving for years and trying to keep a certain look and it was unhealthy for her but instead of just going to a healthy weight why is it all or nothing with people it's not balance balance isn't eating 1,500 a day and being at 12 percent body fat than eating 5,000 a day you don't triple it balances you go up and down 500 maybe a thousand calories dieting to not that's how you have balance hey no lip in the beach I actually made notes for this guys this is yeah so she practices balance a little bit more balanced that everyone uses balance means as soon as you say balance it means you don't know what you're talking about that's literally the translation with balances her balance I have balance 75% of my foods are whole-grain healthy foods that have nutrients only 25% of junk sounds cents fair hearing that however she's on a five thousand calorie plan 25% of those calories are junk that's for those of you math geniuses out there that is twelve hundred and fifty calories of junk food per day for a girl that's literally most girls diet plans all of it is junk that's not balanced that's five or six donuts a day that's half of a pizza large pizza that's a shit ton of junk that's not balanced when you're eating 5,000 calories a day and like literally what she's doing is a crazy bulk for a female 5,000 calories is I am going to see how fat I can get and I'm going to eat whatever I want but she's only doing three quarters healthy and core 25 percent that's a lot of junk food that's not balanced huh what I do agree with Stephanie on hundred percent is that you don't need to be ripped all the time a lot of people think I'm like oh you have to be this no have you guys not seen my videos I'm eating french toast since I'm eating normal food I don't like say you got to eat broccoli all the time and I don't say you need to be 5% body fat all the time healthy 15% body fat for men 25 for women that is a healthy weight for longevity and living it doesn't help that she produces all these videos and she looks really good and it has abs and literally all of them and she's ten thousand calorie binge eating challenges and smiling the entire time and eats 3000 calories and go to the next restaurant after eating 12 donuts and eats another 2 and 3,000 calories and then it says how do you feel great are you full no all 6 on 10 it's like what crazy okay these people and I'm not saying she's bulimic but often 9 9 out of 10 times somebody that eats like her is going to be bulimic this is not everybody obvious is 9 out of 10 times but I'm just saying it's often bulimia people that are posting 10 thousand calorie cheats and their diets and then they write me great how come I don't get a huge sheet on the weekend you can't get fat eating bad only one day of the week of course you can if you eat 10,000 calories in your maintance is 3000 that's 7,000 over your maintenance that's 2 pounds of fat that you could potentially be gaining here your body isn't just gonna burn it off all your metabolism will speed up if you eat more not enough to overcompensate for 7,000 calories you overeat by 7,000 calories your thermic effect of food and you're neat non-exercise activity thermogenesis will in fact increase probably by 500 maybe a thousand calories even but the 7,000 calorie surplus becomes and 6,000 or 6,500 calorie surplus it's still a shit ton more food and you're gonna gain fat so stop thinking that if you add a cheat me a little rev up your engines and burn more fat they won't burn 7,000 more calories so don't do it now she mentions on canteen she makes it look like she's got it all figured out she admittedly says look I make these videos and it looks like I have it all figured out but I don't people on YouTube represent what they want you to see they're only gonna film and record and take pictures and post what they want you to see just because they seem happy burger all's great Sun shines and rainbows doesn't mean as she is if you're eating 5,000 calories a day and you're a girl and you're not gaining weight you're either bulimic or you have a tapeworm that's it that is your two choices bottom line she promotes epic cheat days chi'lan encourages overeating and makes a lot of women and a lot of these women in fact write me and mention her and I've explained why she's simply promoting the eating disorders okay that's the bottom line here you can't do what she's doing nine thousand calorie cheat meals why not a nine hundred calorie cheat meal I'm like yeah but the next day she probably just didn't eat because how could you be hungry no she's literally says the next two days I still ate in surplus I was still eating 4,000 calories a day or so after eating that much that's insane and then she weighed herself two days later so three days of 89,000 been like roughly 400 for up two pounds not possible but she would've gained that much fat body fat alone plus the glycogen in the muscle with the extra water would retain would gain even more weight than that it doesn't make sense she would have gained way more than that I can't see how it's possible only gained two pounds eating like that that much in that many days remember she's a natural bodybuilder bikini girl 120 pounds she's not a 200 pound steroid dude you could argue well I'm Turner like somebody like me well it takes steroids I'm 200 pounds out you'd eat like that yeah you can you're 200 pound bodybuilder with a huge amount of muscle and metabolism because of the the metabolism comes from the muscle mass this is building metabolism if you have a lot of that you're obviously gonna be lip or more calories so when she eats 5,000 calories in the cheap that's like meeting 10,000 in a meal which eats 10,000 in a day that's like meeting 20,000 that's ridiculous you can't do it unless you're bulimic or you're insane or you gain a lot of weight there you go for the viewing pleasure Nicki's balls perfect perfect she has the right to do everything she wants she can eat whatever she wants she can post whatever she wants she can do whatever she wants same as I can talk about whatever I want post whatever I want and I felt right but at the same time when you do that other people have the right to criticize you all have the right to say you're a steroid loser you suck you're horrible you ain't my doctor here some asshole whatever you can say all that stuff same as I have the right to say don't listen to Stephanie's dieting advice because it's not good okay I don't hate her as a person I just hate the fact that she's promoting binge eating and you guys all know how much against balking I am so would it be fair to me to just single out only the guys Shh no I treat everyone the same here so I don't agree with what she's doing okay but she has the right to do it and to make a living so flash forward now boom now today as it she's up 15 pounds and she's eating and she's promoting the new me healthy eat what I want don't worry about my body she says in eight more months of binging it my hunger will probably settle down and then I won't be hungry all the time eight more months she's gonna be like overweight and have unhealthy body and like shorter life I mean it she has every right to obviously or she can learn how to eat properly hmm never thought of that never thought about eating fruits and vegetables eating low calorie dense foods and changing my eating patterns oh no I only thought about binging until I'm so full of my fat cells are so swollen that the signals in my brain are not to be hunger anymore oh no I never thought about eating healthy why would I do that I don't know so balance is not eating 1,500 calories a day then eating 5,000 calories for eight months till you're obese and then guess what happens a year later it's gonna be like my transformation back to my old bikini self and 1 billion views it's like back and forth that's what people do it's like your Oprah Winfrey pick a weight and go with it she's fat she's thin she's fat she's thin just stick to one weight the middle in the middle and just stay there man it's insane oh so she does produce great videos I'm not here to be like I don't want you to post anything like yeah you tell her you slaughtered no this is an educational video using a famous person as an example of what not to do because it's more interesting when you talk about somebody who's actually doing it in real life and actively promoting and doing this okay just don't copy what she's doing use your as an example of a female who's struggling with her weight and doing the best she can to cope but isn't quite doing it right because she doesn't know better she is a doctor of something but not of she doesn't have a PhD nutrition she's not a diet expert like you wouldn't hire Stephanie butter more to be your diet coach I can I said it I wouldn't hire I wouldn't recommend that I hire you know I would recommend Jeff nipper but I wouldn't recommend Stephanie butter more no no please check out my video on why do we get hungry solutions explained it's how to fight hunger in order to stay healthy it's gonna be blooped up up here somewhere and follow me on IG Greg Doucet IBB pro visit my website for coaching Greg do sitcom stay tuned for more videos


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