Steere's Nutrition Supplements for my workouts

hey what's up everybody this is Ray jr. and as you see before you is the supplements that I take that I've recently acquired from Stears nutrition here in a Oak Grove Kentucky you know close to poor County Kentucky that's where I'm residing in but I like to give a big shout-out to Chris and amber at stairs nutrition for hooking me up lead me in the right direction of the way I want to I guess increase my strength my performance and overall mala achievement that I'm gonna achieve with whether living a healthier happier life so this right here is a mussel egg as you see right here mussel leg this right here is a pretty much flavoured egg whites you got a sample right here cake batter they had a bigger jugs but you know try out a simple first see if see if I like it I'm pretty sure I will and that'll supplement my egg whites because it's by my egg whites at Walmart but this I think would be I'm a lot better flavor too so I'm not gonna complain this right here is uh my BCAAs that I take all day you may rich piano is on the front right there and here's a the muscle feeders a 10-1 one ratio this stuff is pretty good it says 8 ounces of water but I just do the one scoop and I put it in my and I drink it throughout my workout that works fine with me I feel better while I'm working out I don't feel as much fatigue or whatever unless I don't take it like yesterday when I was working out I spent a little winded but it is what it is right here got the god of Rage reloaded this is my pre-workout so what I like about this I'm not real big on that jittery feeling that you take when you take the pre-workout I know a lot of people like that you know the skin is itching I just don't like that feeling that does not have that now I have tried some samples of that Chris is giving me black magic or whatever and that had me get your blood it was different and I was feeling good but I like to gotta rage we load it and I'm gonna stick with it and it last but not least I have right here is the pro whey isolate protein it's pretty good right here this stuff's pretty good it's uh what flavor is it the vanilla vanilla ice cream one scoop 110 calories right there and I'm gonna go as you can see is 70 servings so one scoop so should be lasting for a while you know I'll probably only take it like once a day so definitely be coming back to steer nutrition you know to keep up with my supplements a reasonable story I was told about it by one of my homeboys while I was employed and I just finally decided to go in and I'm glad very very courteous folks in there and I said Chris and Hamburg what I like about you know them you know should you know no BS you know you asked for stuff as in their opinion they'll give you their opinion if you know it work for you what they think might be best for you or not and I like that so it's not like GSC I think they just trying to make a sale to be honest but it is really nice but hey that's what I'm taking right now so it's been about a week week and a half maybe I can't remember so I'll feel a little bit of the difference of taking this stuff except the egg whites I just got that today so I'm gonna try to head out college tomorrow but being it like safe being able to work out a normal garage with my own weights and everything is also a blessing so that way I can be traveling to the gym I'm and I have everything that the gym has but I got what I mean – there were more muscle groups and just got about more weeks let's see it so charge think wait click like don't forget to subscribe but this is your first time coming to the page and until next time everybody has a great and wonderful Wednesday

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