Staying low carb when dining out – Tips from team Diet Doctor

The easiest restaurant menu to order from
is… hands-down, a steakhouse. Steakhouse. Steakhouse. Steakhouse. Steakhouse. Steakhouse. Steakhouse. You get your steak,
you get your salad, you don’t look at the big potatoes
that somebody else is having. Thank you for being
a member of Diet Doctor and thank you for your support
of all we do. As a little gift we wanted
to give you this video with a number of members from our team
talking about their own personal experiences to hopefully give you some tips
to help you make low-carb simple. When you are eating out
how do you stay on low-carb?


  1. Be sure not to use dressing on the salads. The number one ingredient in salad dressing is always soybean oil. I say fuck it and just eat at home if you can.

  2. Hello. The link to the full video is broken 🙁

  3. It's the sauces I worry about. Especially at Chinese places.

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