Stay Young, TRU Niagen, NAD+, anti-aging supplement, review

hi folks this is mrs. product reviews and I'm going to be talking to you today about true Nyugen it's an NAD+ precursor supplement and it's made by chroma decks can you it's rather light right there there you go can you see that so it's actually it's a very it's a very pretty product where we'll get to the attractiveness after we've gotten to the efficacy of it so just as before I go any farther in sharing my direct experience with you I'm also going to be sharing my direct research that I did for my supplements so anything that I'm sharing here this is not medical advice this is not even medical recommendation this is just my experience so if you should decide you're gonna go ahead and try some of this or anything at all do your own research ok so I my husband is the one it got me into looking at the NAD+ in the research and the more I dug the more interesting the more convincing and the more compelling and there has been a lot of good research and continues to this day it's just a piece and a puzzle when it comes to anti-aging and treating age-related disorders so the the book is not over I think we're still in the introduction to be quite frank to use a book analogy but the NAD+ it's essential for Biological life it's the reason that any of us are looking at this and its presence in our bodies diminishes with age and its presence is also what allows the mitochondria that are in our cells by the hundreds in each and every cell it their efficiency to operate and produce energy and produce repair is diminished in relation to the diminishment of NAD+ and also nitric oxide which we'll talk more about later on so my interest specifically age related disorders muscle atrophy preventing it essentially protecting the heart of the neuroplasticity and there is some very encouraging evidence towards treating Alzheimer's it's in the early mouse stage model it hasn't progressed to humans yet but it if it makes the leap to human trials this will really be something so it's essentially at the beginning of the fountain of youth so when I first became familiar with to Nyugen again the reason I was really happy was chrome addicts and it turns out they're all coming from the same source so this may be very happy I like the packaging there it is it's reminding you why you're spending a pretty good amount of money per bottle because it's effective and this is what we're trying to remedy so here we have it I had previously opened this up already it had some had a nice little seal on it and some cotton which I've removed but let me pack and show you so it's got a sixty sixty vegetarian capsules but this is still only a thirty day supply can you see that there so you're recommending that you take two capsules daily and it's for a minimum viable dosage of two hundred and fifty milligrams can you see that yeah now the reason I like this is because they are broken up into two capsules and therefore if I wished to titrate up or slowly increase my dosage it would be easier so I can do it slowly keep my cost down if that's an issue it's always an issue and it would also allow me to well just keep more tabs on it so I actually like the fact that it's in two capsules but it is also the minimum viable dosage if I wanted to go up to 500 milligrams easily have to be very easy to do up to a thousand also very easy to do goes from four to eight capsules if I wanted to do that and many people have and they've been fine on it I just haven't had that experience yet but I may be doing that so essentially it's just basic this is coming from the same people who develop the patent and so there I really do find it to be very helpful that we're coming from a source now initially I should've known let me take this out initially I would just take the two capsules with my meal now I usually took it in the morning I then started taking it in the evening to just to switch it up and see if I could take advantage of the circadian rhythm and the sleep/wake cycles healing during a 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. so I tried both of those I did those each for about a month and they seemed to work but then I started reading that the nicotinamide ribose IDE which is what this is want to make sure you can see that so it's not NAD+ its NAD+ precursor and it has the chloride added to it for more stability so it turns out this is low molecular weight which means it's tiny and it is hydrophilic which means it's perfectly fine with water and what that also means is I can go ahead and take these out of the capsules and put it underneath my tongue for direct absorption into the blood because it has all the requirements necessary so that was really cool and I naturally noticed a significant difference in the way I felt and the way I could focus as soon as I started taking this sublingual and that is the fancy term for underneath the tongue so this is one capsule and get out this is what it looks like now no doubt you're wondering does this taste okay well it's not as nice as a Jolly Rancher but it's not horrible nasty I've had some Chinese medicine that you boil up on the stove and that was some nasty stuff worked but boy and this is nothing like that it's tolerable even though it's not lovely it's tolerable at least in my estimation so that's what I did and I my experience was it changed the way I felt it was a significant so I'm gonna recommend that if you decide to try any of these go ahead and look for a dosage that you can control it's like true nitrogen house you're gonna have no choice but to get something that's being made ultimately by chroma decks because they are the only suppliers of this have nicotinamide ribose ID and being able to open it up and put it underneath your tongue it just made a huge difference so that is my review I am the process of writing an article because of the way that this works it's through the mitochondria and there is a complementary effect of using low light level therapy so photobiomodulation is another term for it and I'm gonna be posting that up I'll link it here if you have an interest it will be much more technical but I'll give the high points to people who are just looking for the high points so that is my review for a true Nigel NAD+ precursor thank you


  1. The science must have changed, the recommended dosage and dosage per capsule now is 110mg. for the same price.

  2. I bought mine on amazon yesterday (same day shipping).. took it at 7pm.. I slept AMAZING last night. Took 2 this morning and my energy levels and sense of well being is better than it's been in a long time.. like a better version of CBD oil.

  3. Great product, useless packaging Chromadex. What a waste.

  4. On my 2nd month and want to exercise more again.

  5. Too expensive for only 60 pills in my opinion. If $15 I'd think it's more considerable.

  6. I have been taking Tru Niagen for the past 3 years and it has defiantly improved my energy level and overall health according to my GP. Some days when I need a little more of a kick I will take two but one pill a day is all you need in conjunction with your other nutrient supplements.

  7. I just paid 40 dollars to try it out

  8. How have you been feeling now on this product? Lots of energy? Any negative effects? Did you get a blood test afterwards to see it’s effectiveness

  9. Круто!

  10. This product new, I never hear it before, I'm my self vegetarian can understand, I think that product can try, than watch how its going, it's easy to use

  11. You can take 500 mg a day easy I’ve had the best results with that 1000 seemed senseless FYI just my experience

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