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Salaam will praise this to you how abortion I was shy by shamrock encore – double honest to my elders the apostles of great millstone does it amend not to me the truth of the Bible through the Holy Spirit and how marshmallows shy about shamrock our core – bracha thumb to the electric Israel that scatter across the four corners of the globe that's predestined to be delivered by the heavenly father yahwah through our Lord and Savior our Cheyenne – you people are there in their ignorance school board and Jesus Christ alright so basically what we're looking at here is an article from WWE expressed cold at UK and as you can see by the headline this is going into plague and diseases alright so we're gonna start off this lesson with this here from second Ezra's – 15 chapter and the first verse it says behold speak thou in the ears of my people the words of prophecy right and that's been compiled unto the servants the prophets of your hair wash manner shy you notice here in these last days beginning with the Apostles and the elders in a manner of grave no stone right which is a camp of prophets it says behold speak thou in the ears of my people whose lost people the Israelites and who are the Israelites are so cool blacks Latinos and Native Americans right so we the servants of yamaraja Marsh I have been commanded to speak the words of prophecy and what prophecy needs to savings before all right and that's what we're doing was saying things are gonna take place in a very near future on the behalf of our Lord and Savior you have a marshmallow show and our main tool is these Holy Scriptures the Holy Bible it says which I will put in thy mouth saith the Lord so we're not speaking our own words right we're speaking the words of the our brush now a shy by where this Holy Bible now we're going to jump down to verse 5 it says behold saith the Lord I will bring plagues upon the world to sword famine and death and destruction all right and that's a time that we're living in right now where they have only far beyond marshmallow share is we're gonna bring mass death mass destruction in the form of these plates and we've got this Arkell you know this article from WWI Express taco day UK that aligns perfectly with what we just read in a second Ezra's 15 verse five regarding the plate regarding the death regarding the destruction that the law is gonna bring right you know in a four DS and diseases no that's why I says I'm this here when we go to the book of Proverbs the sixteenth chapter and the fourth verse says the Lord yeah our marshmallows I had made all things for himself yeah even the wicked for the day of evil right and we understand that the wicked is speaking about Esau Edom and pretty much the Heavenly Father yeah but now Chad's gonna use Esau Edom somewhat of the weapons stick against the Israelites and the masses of people out there you know for their transgressions and for them walking in great pride as it says in the book of second Darius 8 verse 50 a reason to say plague and zu Noack influenza warning CDC names eight deadly diseases rabies plague saws and you know influenza who have been highlighted in a new report published by the us-based Center for Disease Control and pretty much the Center for Disease Control is like a hub for the wicked elite of Esau Edom right these central bankers out there in Europe okay cuz they're pretty much you know over these and doctors at the Center for Disease Control to conjure up these diseases you know for the time when they want to release these diseases on the public you know cause pretty much they want to bring about their new world order by any means necessary right that new world order that you read about on the US dollar bill okay in Latin Novus Ordo seclorum which is new old order and you know those of us starving blessed by our bachmeier Shia not to be ignorant you know to st. devices as it says in second Corinthians 2 verse 11 you know we understand that at the helm of you know Esau's new old orders in a beta implantable microchip you know to basically enslave the masses of people again by any means necessary even if it means to you know release disease outbreaks you know by where their Center for Disease Control but anyway you know let's read on further down it says in the week in which a Norwegian woman died after in rabies and the Philippines the diseases are on a list of eight highlighted by the CDC in a report examine you know ik illnesses meaning those which have the potential to jump from animals to people published this week dr. casey barton by rivesh director of the one health office at the CDC's National Center for emerging and zoonotic infectious diseases in Atlanta Georgia told expressed cold in UK all of these diseases are of concern they are present in the United States but also pose problems in other regions as well all right and ask people who prophesy to because when we go back to second ezra's and we go to the 15th chapter and we jump down yeah they jump down to verse 10 here this is second Ezra 15 verse 10 we're gonna read about the United States America in the form of Egypt right because Egypt is code name for America and the Holy Bible when you read certain scriptures so this is 2nd Ezra's 15 verse 10 it says behold my people is led as a flock to the slaw the Lord's people are the Hebrew is less and the Hebrew is less are also called blacks Latinos and Native Americans right you can prove that when you go to the book of Romans 8 verse 16 the spirits of bear witness with our spirit that we are the children of the Most High how much now share so this Bible is our DNA this Bible is our proof of who we are as a people right it says I will not suffer them now to dwell in the land of Egypt okay and this isn't speaking about ancient Egypt this is speaking about our whole new Egypt right this is speaking about a whole new bondage which that's what the word Egypt practically means right it means bondage and I so called blacks Latinos and if Americans have been in you know bondage underneath to so quiet man Esau Edom for the past 500 years over here in America right and you can link this quick drop with revelation 11 verse 8 and Deuteronomy 28 verse 68 okay so it says verse 11 but I will bring them with a mighty hand and it stretched out arm and smite Egypt right America with plagues so in other words the Lord seen here even a deliverer a portion of his people you know what the same way he did in the days of old in ancient Egypt alright it says but I will bring them with a mighty hand and I stretched out arm and that stretched out arm is in a common form of our Lord and Savior you have a shy and the Holy Angels okay when they come back you know in the chariots and what people out there today again will cool UFOs alright that's the Lord stretched out arm it says and smite Egypt and here's the point with plagues as before and will destroy all the land at their roof all right so these are the place that were reading about here in this all right let's read this slide one more time it says but I would bring them with a my hand and it stretched out arm you know again talking about the deliverance of you know the elect of Israel it says and smite Egypt with plagues as before and will destroy all the land the roof so these are the plagues that you have washed now Shia is smite in Egypt right which is really America spiritually you know you plague in America and the rest of the world right now as we speak okay in a form of rabies in the form of saws ever asked if and other diseases us out there okay so let's read further down here it says the illnesses all had the potential to become widespread quickly with lethal consequences she explained dr. Barton Baja rivesh said you know like influenza had been ranked top of the list a reflection of its pandemic potential the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 which is estimated to have killed a hundred million people is believed to have been a strain of as you know influenza which crossed over from an animal population she explained all right according to say typically as you know ik flu crosses over from livestock living in close proximity to humans such as chickens in the case of bird flu and pigs in the case of swine flu plague referring to bubonic plague caused by the your senior pistas was another illness highlighted by the report as being of concern right so a man you know these planes there they're ramping up you know for the spray of your abortion are Shimon and you know this is all gone to to Biblical prophecy now let's end this lesson with them Matthew 224 chapter real quick this is Matthew 24 verse 3 says and as he sat upon the Mount of Olives this is our shy sitting upon the Mount of Olives it says the disciples came unto him privately saying tell us when shall these things be and what shall be the sign of thy coming and of the end of the world and the end of the world they're referring to here is speaking about you know this town of we're living in right now the end of Esau society the end of Esau rulership because when you go to 2nd as verse 6 verse 9 says Esau is the end of the world right the world in a eon sense an age sense okay and that's the time that we're living in right now we're living at the end of Esau ruling as it says in 2nd Ezra 6 verse 9 again Esau is the end of the world and Jacob is the beginning of it that followeth right so you know there is let's begin with the the elect of our nation you know how a shy wouldn't over them you know our our kingdom is about to be established you know on a physical level you know when you have a shower chance with the holy angels and these are the things that were looking out for now we want to jump down to verse 7 here it says for nation shall rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places right so the fact that was seen pestilence is plagues and disease outbreaks in our homes like war we didn't hear this is just another sign to our Lord yeah I wish I is about to make his return right his second comment if you will so all praises honors and glory see how marshmallows shy by shamrock awkward – double honest to my elders the apostles great more stone and you have a busting our shy bar Sherlock awkward – bracha thumb to the left of Israel shall oh wow you

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