Startup Pitch: The Smartest Way To Invest In Healthcare

hi everyone my name is Deshawn Mohammadi and I'm the CEO and co-founder of fun directs fun directs focuses on venture investing and healthcare and what we mean by healthcare is broadly defined as everything from biotechnology med tech healthcare IT and services the full spectrum the entire ecosystem it's fairly large and thus pretty attractive both to venture investors and angel investors alike and rightfully so over the last 10 years healthcare has outperformed all venture three-two-one however it's very difficult to participate for a few reasons first it's immensely complex to source a quality deal this requires a robust infrastructure tons of relationships and a lot of hand-holding second is if you were to actually get your hands on a quality opportunity the amount of head space required to diligences is sophisticated you need to not only understand the science really well but also be able to navigate the very extraneous regulatory environment and finally those because of those reasons these deals have only been really available to large venture funds so as many of you know to participate as an LP in any of these funds requires a significant bite size so how do we change this we've built a platform that sources diligences and provides a very simple way to invest in the top health care of deals we've created a platform that has brought individuals we're at the top of their science and the top of their business to come and co evaluate and then invest in the best deals we call this voting with your checkbook our process is simple we've spent a lot of time going out in developing proprietary relationships with the top research and academic institutions this is the lifeblood of healthcare innovation and therefore requires a significant amount of time and effort to cultivate what we think are where we think the best innovation comes out of these technology transfer offices send us what they are seeing as very value add to the ecosystem not just small molecules once that deal comes to us we have an investment committee that's comprised of traditional venture investors from you know the likes of fidelity and Bessemer who do a first cut a quick go no-go if it's a go it enters into our platform for due diligence this is where we really go to work as a technology platform looking at a variety of data sources such as a coding system scientific literature as opposed clinical trials we identify experts in each one of those components to evaluate different aspects of an opportunity for example physicians will evaluate what this looks like at the point of care is this better from a billing standpoint for them or not scientists will evaluate the core technology how feasible it is and of course people from industry will apply on items everything from regulatory pathway to manufacturing risk all that information comes back to us has been compiled into an investment report when we see gaps in that we ping individuals who participated in that diligence sort of the highest caliber to dig deeper and so they'll go in and do another pass at certain aspects in their space once that information is is fully baked out we prevent the investor and in memo basically here's the opportunity to risk the cons and where you might see some ups and downs the investor then takes this deal and can make an investment simple as that we create a efficient SPV where everyone can make a as little and participate in a venture so deal for as little as ten thousand dollars so people working with funder X today are a variety of individuals obviously the companies are excited about what we're doing besides raising money from a smart crowd you also get access to any wonderful network so if they're looking for individuals who have expertise in certain aspects that they don't today they can find them on funder X family offices and high net worth individuals those who are sort of very interested in impact investing and getting assets to the asset class come to funder X as a simple way to see what the brightest minds are getting behind and again looking back to voting with your checkbook it very easy to trust someone there's a ton of experience in space that you don't but you find compelling to get behind finally all the members on the platform that participated due diligence is etc or also given the option to invest so these are people that we've seen over the years have been paid by research institutions you know ten thousand dollars a few thousand dollars for their time and said we say the same work that you would have done you can now participate at whatever check them out and this creates a pretty compelling reason to stay with funder X so we launched publicly in August of 2015 and I've done eight deals what's interesting about the deals we've done is a variety of stages everything from early stage seed to pre public offerings and more importantly it's not just companies that are struggling to raise capital we've raised capital for individuals started large former companies like Shire as well of those who have seen close to nine figure exhibits multiple times again this is about creating a more efficient simple ecosystem for investing which traditionally extremely complex and that's the goal of funder X thank you you

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