Starting a Fitness Boot Camp Business


  1. I liked, Very good, Subbed

  2. The video is fantastic, keep it? up…

  3. Thanks Bedros. Keep it up brotha.

  4. How do I compose a contract? Or in this case a bilateral contract??

  5. This has helped me beyond measure. I love it when people actually are knowledgeable with experience in what they do. This guy knows his stuff. This vid was amazing.

  6. my family and l have land its in native bush my son wants to setup a bootcamp 😕

  7. Fitness Boot Camp in park you have pay in park now uk

  8. Seriously.. I watched both his videos.I want to start on my own 5 acres!!! For people not affraid of rain and snow !!!!

  9. Visit on link for introducing best of you business boot camp

  10. thank you so much!! one question, in our contracts should we have cancellation fees?? like if they cancell their 12 month contract how much should we charge them??

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