Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle Today: 3 Easy Tips to Get Started | by Erin Elizabeth

hey guys how's it going so today's video it's just gonna be super chill and low-key we're rockin the bun and some comfy clothes and yeah I'm just having a laid-back day a few of you guys have expressed some interest in more health slash fitness type content so if you guys would like to see more videos along this line then make sure you hit that like button so that I know to keep creating content like this earlier this week on Tuesday I actually wrote a full blog post on my fitness journey and this really just summed up my entire life fitness journey so I'm not gonna get too into that here and if you guys are interested you can check out the post I will link it down below for you but basically I have always been a pretty active person I played sports growing up I've always tried to lead a healthier lifestyle but my fitness has always been sort of like a wave there's some times where I'm extremely motivated I'm eating totally healthy and I'm on the grind and then there's other times where I'm just totally off the rail I'm so unmotivated I'm eating whatever the hell I want and it's just not good so currently I'm at a place in my life where I am extremely motivated right now I am really happy with how things are going I'm pushing myself and I'm keeping really motivated and I'm just extremely happy and I wanted to wait to write that blog post at a time where I felt like I was on a really good path and I knew I was gonna stay on this path for a long time and just continue on it and continue leading a healthy lifestyle so today's video I just wanted to sum up a couple of easy ways that you can start leading a healthier lifestyle I know it's really really hard to start and trust me and I know starting is honestly the hardest part once you actually start give yourself two weeks just block off like a two-week timeframe be like you know what I'm gonna actually commit and try this out for a two-week period you know eating clean and getting some form of exercise after that two week mark you will start to notice some results in yourself and it's gonna push you to continue to go you're gonna feel so good about yourself and you're gonna actually want to continue on this lifestyle I feel like that's sort of the phase that you have to get past and like I said trust me I know starting is honestly the hardest part but you just have to do it if you want that lifestyle you just have to do it you have to really really want it because no one is gonna force you or you know push you to do it it has to come from you and you have to actually want it so I was at the point in my life where I'm like you know what I'm ready to buckle down I really want to get back on my grind and just feel really good about myself because I was probably at my lowest point I was so unhappy with my body and so unhappy with the way things were that I finally was like you know what I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna get back on track to how I was when I was in my best shape so that's what's happening right now so jumping in to the tips alright number one is to plan now there's a quote that I love and it's if you plan to no wait sorry hey if you fail to plan you plan to fail and honestly it is so so true so if you want to start eating healthier then make sure you're planning to do so when you go to the grocery store buy the proper foods that you want to have in your home to create meals that you're gonna want to eat that are healthier options so Kyle and I actually were out of town we went to the beach for a couple days earlier in the week and I know that at the beach all they have is you know pizza french fries ice cream all the stuff I do not want to be putting into my body right now so I knew that and I planned ahead so we made a big bean salad you know with chickpeas kidney beans as well as onion cucumber all the good stuff and a big bean salad I made a homemade dressing with balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil lots of salt and pepper it was absolutely delicious so I made one of those we each had a container that we could have for lunch and we also packed lots of fresh vegetables so I did a huge container of sliced up cucumber with two Zekey as a dip and Kyle loves peppers so he had some sliced peppers so that way we have those things to munch on throughout the day and we can actually feel good about it so if you're someone who works an office job then I would highly recommend doing a big meal prep so that you have a bunch of food all ready for you that you can pack throughout the week when I worked an office job I always made sure to bring a lunch with me every single day of the week that way you're not having to go buy something you're saving money and you're having a healthier option for lunch so it really is a win-win situation that you cannot go wrong with and another little tip for planning ahead is just to make sure you have a healthy snack on you at all times if you know you have a bunch of meetings in a day maybe pack your purse with some healthier granola bars or some fruit some nuts anything you can just keep in your bag and that's not gone whenever you have a free moment and you're not gonna feel guilty about snacking on it that is something I always make sure to do if I know I'm heading out for a day I will always like pack my bag with snacks and it's just easier to have like those emergency things on you so if you fail to plan you plan to fail so just make sure you have those healthier items that you can turn to in certain situations and just plan ahead okay guys so my next tip is to get yourself a reusable water bottle now this is currently really sandy because I brought it to the beach but a reusable water bottle has honestly saved my life when let's like roll it back before I ever met Kyle I barely drank any water and I didn't even realize that I wasn't drinking any water until we met and we started dating and I realized how much water Kyle was drinking and I was like Olli like I only drink maybe a glass of water a day and that is just horrible for you so when we started dating like I started keeping up a little bit more with my water once I had that realization and I bought myself a reusable water bottle and it changed my life completely I always had it on me when I was at home and I was constantly filling it up and you can really keep track of how much water you're drinking if you do have a bottle like this I know that I fill this up at least three to four times per day and if I know the last time I filled it up was in the morning it's still like up to here I'm like holy crap I have not had enough water today so I better get on that so it really helps you keep track of how much water you're drinking and if you have it with you all the time then you're gonna constantly be sipping on it I feel like a lot of the time people confuse hunger with thirst and when they're actually thirsty they're gonna go and grab something to eat when really you just need to hydrate yourself it's so important to stay hydrated so I would definitely recommend getting yourself a reusable bottle if you don't have one already and just bring it with you everywhere you go when I'm at home it's on me all the time I always have it beside me at night you know I fill it up and bring it beside my bed in the morning I'll refill it again and just have it with me throughout the day that's also something you can chuck in your bag if you're heading out for a day and that way if you're out at a bunch of meetings or whatever you'll always have your water with you and it's honestly such a lifesaver okay so my last little tip is to find a form of exercise that you actually enjoy doing this is gonna change your life trust me I feel like most people think that they have to go to the gym to get that exercise and I honestly think that's why I always had such a love-hate relationship with like fitness and health because I really don't care for the gym whatsoever and that always made it really hard for me to go because when I wasn't those unmotivated times I'm just like I hate the gym like why do I want to go there but as you guys know if you watch my channel I started practicing yoga a couple of months ago and I'm absolutely loving it like I love it love it love it and I honestly look forward to doing it that it doesn't even feel like I'm working out or doing something good for my body because I genuinely enjoy doing it with starting the yoga it's made me want to go to the gym more because there's a few poses that I would really love to get but what I'm practicing I'm noticing okay like my core is a little bit weaker or my lower back is like super weak I need to strengthen that up so when I go to the gym I'm actually like crazy motivated to strengthen those areas and workout and just become all-around like fit and healthy and strong whereas beforehand just dread going to the gym everyday like Oh like here we go but now I'm like okay I want to go I wanted to do this because I want to improve my yoga I want to hit that pose so it doesn't have to be yoga or the gym it could be you know hiking it could be going for power walks maybe you have a dog and you just bring them out for walks every day it just has to be some sort of exercise so you're not just sitting around all day just get up and do something move a little bit maybe you join a dance class whatever it is that is gonna make you love having some exercise and I think that is just truly important to find what you love to do because that's gonna keep you just overall healthy and you're gonna feel really good about yourself and just stick to it so that pretty much sums up my three quick little tips like I mentioned your motivation is gonna come after you start doing it and I think that is the key you just have to start so before you start snap a photo of yourself and then a few months in snap another photo when you start seeing the comparisons you're gonna stay motivated to continue on and that is just the best feeling in the world when you feel good about yourself so that pretty much sums up the rambling of this video let me know what kind of exercises you guys like doing and/or if you enjoy going to the gym what kind of stuff you try to do to lead a healthier lifestyle and we can chat about that in the comments below otherwise I will see you guys in my next video bye


  1. Great video! Well done!
    I also try to start healthy life and strat collecting a lot of information about that
    And always can find something useful that working for yourself!

  2. Great tips Erin. I love my Yoga. And I love being Vegan, for so many reasons. Besides the ethical reasons, it’s just such a healthy way to eat obviously. I also find that food just tastes so wonderful. Fresh vegetables and fruits are the best. I love finding new recipes and it’s so true what you said about planning. And meal prep. That makes all the difference to how successful you’ll be, in staying true to a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. And I’m just catching up on the videos I missed this summer when I was in NL, lol.

  3. You can have anything in this world but not everything, if you try to have everything you will end up with nothing. Focus on happiness !

  4. I want to go vegan but my problem cheese.

  5. thank you, Erin! It triggered me a lot!!

  6. So inspired to do this as well..tnx a bunch❤

  7. So inspired to do this as well..tnx a bunch❤

  8. My exercise are Zumba dvds, walking to the park and playing basketball 🏀

  9. You are so cute and I love your videos

  10. The power of Now. Yeah.🤝

  11. Love this video. I think this is exactly what I needed to get back into my health mojo. Ps- I’m an Erin Elizabeth too 🙂

  12. When did you hit 100k?! Congrats girl <3

  13. I will try to start a healthy lifestyle)

  14. Idk y but cursing brings negative energy/vibes to me…

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  16. I would like to see more videos like this !

  17. It's so true,having neglected excersise for 2-3 months now i can honestly say starting again seems very hard to me!but you are right after that hard part i always feel great about returning to "the right path"😊as for the healthy diet i really struggle,how do you manage to keep your distance of the temptations?do you ever give in?i certainly do😕😏😂

  18. Oh yes! Great video!🖒

  19. by the way ilove Fitness Blender chanel on YouTube

  20. hi ERIN thanks for the video it's useful and helpful tips luv you so much keep going honey also you look so beautiful in the sport outfits

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