Star Wars | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hello everyone, welcome to Cosmic Kids. I’m Jaime and this is your place for yoga,
stories and fun. Now we always begin in the same way, and that’s
by sitting on our bottoms, crossing our legs and bringing our hands together at our hearts and saying our secret yoga code word, which is Namaste. Ready? One, two, three, Na-ma-ste. There! Now we’re ready to begin. And today we’ve got a special story. That’s why I’ve got funny hair. We’re doing George Lucas’s Star Wars – Episode
four, A New Hope. Today we have a special mission. To defend the Rebel Alliance against the evil
Galactic Empire. Time to get ready for our mission. Let’s start with our shoulders. ♫We roll our shoulders round and round. We lift them up and put them down. We lift up one, we lift up two, we put down
one, we put down two. We go up, up, down, down, up, up, down, down. Up, up, down, down, up, up, down, down, wiggle
wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle.♫ Now we do our necks. We look over one shoulder, and over the other. Over one, and over the other. We look all the way down. And all the way up. All the way down. And all the way up. Then we go around in a big lovely circle. And the other way – oooo. There we go. Now to get our hips open. We reach up high – keep your bottom on the
floor! And we put our hands in front of our legs. Now, can we walk our hands forwards? One, two – oo! Let’s try that again! One, two – and again! One, two – well done everyone! Let’s now come into Hero pose, because today we’re proper heroes. Roll all the way forward onto your knees,
and sit down on your heels. Now take your hands forward, and separate
your feet, and sit down in between your ankles. Yes! Now if that’s a bit pinchy on your knees,
you can always come back to sit on your heels. Take your hands in front of you and criss
cross your fingers, turn them inside out, and lift them up above your head. Yes! Into Hero pose! Now for that evil Galactic Empire. We stand up. We take our legs wide. We bend our knees, and bring our hands up
into our Lobster or Goddess Pose. And let’s do a big lion face to be scary. Ready? Blllaahhh! Very good everyone! Time to get going. Now, The Death Star is the Galactic Empire’s space station. Bringing your hands above your head, make
a space station shape. The Death Star, taking your arms out wide,
is nearly finished. And after it’s finished, it will be powerful
enough to completely destroy a whole planet. Criss cross your fingers behind your back
and after three we’re going to go boom, one, two, three BOOOM! Standing all the way up again. Ooo, when that happens, it’s going to be
scary scary stuff. But we’re joining the Rebel Alliance, who
are Jedi heroes. Turning to the side, bend your knee, take
your hands in front of you and hold your light sabre. And lift them up above your head, like a very
very clever Jedi Warrior! Now, our Galactic Empire is ruled by the tyrannous
and horrible Emperor Palpatine. Standing on one leg. Can we make our fingers all craggy and our
toe all craggy? And pull a silly face…bllllluuuhhh! Well done everyone! Now Emperor Palpatine has a Sith Apprentice. He’s called Darth Vader, and he wears a
big black mask. Rub your hands together. Make them really hot. And put them over your eyes, making a mask. Darth Vader does some very funny breathing. Criss cross your fingers, put them under your
chin, take a big breath, all the way in and lift your elbows (breathing in)
Now make a Darth Vader sound to the sky (Darth Vader sound to breath out)
Can we do that again? Breathing all the way in. And all the way out Darth Vader sound to the
sky. One more time. Breathing in. Breathing out, Darth Vader like. Darth Vader has just captured Princess Leia! Sitting on your bottoms, take your legs out
long. Take your legs round to one side, and your
hand onto your knee. Take your other hand round behind you. Look over your shoulder. Look back at the front and say “Help me
Obi-Wan-Kenobi.” Then we take our legs round to the other side. We take our other hand onto our knee, and
our other hand behind us, looking over our shoulder, back to the front, “You’re my
only hope!” But before Princess Leia was captured, she
managed to steal the plans to the Death Star. She climbed in the secret room. Up we go, up we go, up we, up we, up we go. Then she tiptoed really quietly, shh, shh,
shh, shh, shh. She stole the plans and crawled out the escape
hatch. Coming onto all fours, reach with one arm,
reach with two, reach with one leg, and reach with the other leg. Then when she was safely through, she wiggled
on her tummy. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. And she hid the plans in a droid called R2-D2. Tuck your toes, lift your bottoms up to the
sky and let’s make an R2-D2 noise. Ready? Do do do do do do do do! Princess Leia stood up and she told the droid
all about the plans for the Death Star. At the end she did a special message. She leant all the way forward, and she said
“Help me Obi-Wan-Kenobi.” Then she crouched down to lock in the plans. “You’re my only hope.” Our friend R2-D2, managed to escape. Hands down, toes back, lift your bottom to
the sky. Do do do do do do do do! But poor Princess Leia was arrested and captured
by Darth Vader. Hands up! Eek! She was put in a prison cell. Cross one leg over the other, and take your
arms out wide, take one arm under the other – like scissors, and wave with the underneath
arm. Then swizzle your fingers round, and sit down. Oh look! She was all tied up. Let’s try that the other side. Unravel yourself, and cross the other leg
over. Bend your knees and let’s scissor the other
arm underneath this time. Wave with your fingers, and swizzle them round. Sitting down. Oh no! Poor Princess Leia. But luckily R2-D2 escaped in an escape pod. Sitting on your bottoms, let’s hug our knees,
tuck your chin in like you’re squashing a tomato, and then rock and roll backwards
and forwards. Ready? Weeeeeeee! Woooooooo! And weeeeeeeee! He escaped to the desert planet of Tatooine. On the planet of Tatooine, our very lovely
friend, Luke Skywalker, lives on a farm. Standing up, let’s do a little farm dance! ♫ Diddley diddley diddley dee. Diddley diddley dee!♫ He lives there with his step-uncle and aunt. One day Luke Skywalker was looking for
the new droid delivery. Bring your thumbs and fingers together, and
have a look through your special Cosminoculars. He hoped that those droids would be arriving
soon so that he could go and buy one. They needed some extra help on the farm. Here they are! He got into his landspeeder. Sitting on your bottom, take your legs out
long. Start your engine. Brrmm brrmm brrmm brrmm brrrmmm brrmmm brrrmmm. ♫We’re going over to one side. Brrmm brrmm brrmm brrmm brrrmmm brrmmm brrrmmm. ♫We’re going over to the other side. Brrmm brrmm brrmm brrmm brrrmmm brrmmm brrrmmm. ♫We’re going down a hill. Brrmm brrmm brrmm brrmm brrrmmm brrmmm brrrmmm. ♫We’re going up a hill. Brrmm brrmm brrmm brrmm brrrmmm brrmmm brrrmmm. Luke Skywalker bought two droids. He bought one called C3PO who looked a bit
like a penguin. Standing up, take your feet out wide, and
your hands down by your side and waddle around. “Oh! yes. My name is C3PO! What can I do for you?” But with C3PO was the very special little
Droid R2-D2. Remember? From Princess Leia? Hands down, tuck your toes, and lift your
bottom to the sky. Do do do do do do do do! Back at their house, Luke took them into the
garage to give them a clean. He used his cloth. And used his breath. Hahhhhh. Eee eee eeee ee ee ee. He cleaned their ears, rubbing your ears from
the bottom to the top. And their faces – oh yes…getting them
all nice and shiny. *computer sound* But what was this? He activated the message from Princess Leia. The droid – R2-D2 – showed him. Hands down, tuck your toes and liiiiifffffft
one of your legs. Can you make it bend at the top as well? Yes! Suddenly the message from Princess Leia started
in front of Luke! Standing up, she said “Help me Obi-Wan-Kenobi. You’re my only hope!” Ooo. ‘What’s this?’, thought Luke. Who is Obi-Wan-Kenobi? Could it be Old Ben Kenobi who lives in a
cave on the other side of the mountain? Oh!
All of a sudden there was a great big BOOM! Ready with a monkey jump? One, two, three BOOOOMMMM. Huuhhh! Oh no! Luke went running outside. Run run run run. His home, with his uncle and his aunt had
been destroyed. Now there was nothing for Luke to do. He had to go, and seek out Obi-Wan-Kenobi. In his landspeeder, he headed across the mountain. Hands down by your sides, Mountain pose, pressing
your feet down into the ground and close your eyes. On the other side of the mountain, he came
to the cave. Jump your feet wide, lift your hands above
your head. He knocked on the door and the door opened. Coming down to your knees, take one leg out
to the side, lift your arm to the sky and take your other arm onto your extended leg
– oooooop! The door opened. And there stood the legendary Jedi Knight
– Obi-Wan-Kenobi. Put your hands together. He says, “Use the
Force, Luke!” He closes the door. Come back to two knees, take your other leg
out to the other side, lift your arm to the sky and close the door. Oooooop! Once inside, Obi-Wan-Kenobi explains to Luke
about the Jedi way. The Force. He teaches him how to fight. Step one leg forward, one leg back, reach
up with your lightsabre. Open your arms wide coming into a strong Jedi
Warrior pose. Then reach your light sabre up to the sky
and criss cross your fingers behind your back and bow all the way down. Wow. Luke then sees that Obi Wan Kenobi needs to
hear the message from R2-D2 and he shows him the droid. R2 opens up. Hands down, take your toes back, and lift
up your other leg, cocking it over the end. Obi Wan Kenobi sits and strokes his beard
as he watches the special message from Leia. They need help. They need to get to Alderon which is Princess
Leia’s planet. And to get there they’re going to need the
help of the smuggler, the space pirate – Han Solo. They head straight to the crazy Cantina bar
where there are some aliens playing music. Bend your knees, feet flat, hands behind your
bottom, lift up your bottom and let’s do a crazy alien dance ready? ♫ Do do do do do do do do du dooo, Do do do
do do do do do du dooo, Do do, do do doo♫ Do do do do do do do do du dooo! Wow! Well done everyone. They sit across the table with Hans Solo and
his Wookie co-pilot Chewbacca who looks a bit like a giant Gorilla or a Bigfoot. Standing up…aahahahahahahha! And the floor….Oohhhohohohohoho” They agree to take them in the Millennium Falcon, which is Hans Solo’s spaceship, to Alderon
which is Princess Leia’s planet. Time for take off. Bend your knees, hands behind you, let’s
count down from five to blast off. Ready? Five, four, three, two, one, BLAST OFF! Take your legs out wide…wwwoooooooor We’re
rumbling one way! Ooooohhhh…We’re rumbling the other way! Ooooohhhh…We’re rumbling forwards! Ooooo We’re rumbling all the way back! Lifting your legs to the sky. Wow…floating through space, they head to
Alderon – Princess Leia’s planet. But before they get there, they are met with
a crazy, awful meteor storm. Crossing your legs, sitting up, and pitter
patter on your faces all the way around. And on your chests, and on your legs, and
on your arms. Oh no! This is no meteor storm, this is Alderon,
that’s been destroyed by the Death Star. There was only one place the heroes could
go – to the Death Star. They used the special steering sticks. Holding onto your foot to aim themselves – aim
the Millennium Falcon at the Death Star. Dooooohh, doooooohhh, dooooooohh! Take the other ankle now and do it the other
side – Dooooohh, doooooohhh, dooooooohh! They came into land. Now they needed to find Princess Leia who
must be on here somewhere being held captive. The problem was, they looked a bit normal
and they needed to look like the Storm Troopers, so they found a couple of Storm Trooper outfits. Standing up and wiggle inside them – wiggle
wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle – wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle
wiggle! Hans Solo and Luke were ready to march with
the other Storm Troopers. ♫Doo doo doo do de doo♫ ♫Doo doo doo do de doo♫ They find Princess Leia’s cell. Leaning all the way forward, take your hands
in front of you and make the backs of your hands meet. Open the door nngggggg! And there was Princess Leia – hugs all round! Yay! They rescued her! Now while Hans Solo and Luke were rescuing
Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi met Darth Vader. And they challenged each other to a light
sabre duel. Zzzsshhum. Now was the time for this enormous light sabre duel. Take one leg forward, one leg back. And reach your arms to the sky. Open out letting your arm and your light sabre come forward as well. Reach to the sky, and then take your hands
behind you as you bend all the way forward remember as Obi-Wan had taught Luke in his
Jedi fighting skills. Then we come all the way up. We turn the other way. We lift our lightsabre up to the sky, we open
it out long, we bring it up to the sky again and we criss cross our fingers behind our
back as we come down humbly like humble Jedi warriors. Oh no! Darth Vader manages to defeat Obi-Wan-Kenobi. Zzzzsshhumm. But in doing this – in this sacrifice – he
let’s the others escape. They need to get the Millennium Falcon out of there! Arms out wide, spinning side to side….Quick! Let’s escape! But they are chased by the Galactic Empire’s
Tie Fighters. Arms out wide, take one hand across to the
opposite foot and reach your arm to the sky Tchew!! And the other side. Tchew!! Can you go faster? Tchew!! Tchew!! Tchew!! Tchew!! Tchew!! Luckily Hans Solo manages to land. Coming down to your knees, tuck yourself up
into a tiny little landing ball. Ooooovvvvvm. For now they are safe. And they get to study the special secret plans
to find out where the weak spot is of the Death Star. This is what Luke must shoot and fire at if
he is to destroy it – if he is going to destroy it once and for all. Time for the fight – the battle of Yavin. Luke gets into his X-wing. His jet aeroplane. Coming up onto your knees, your arms out wide. Come down onto one hand and wave at the sky. Bring one foot in front of your knee and shoot
your back leg out behind you and use The Force, by closing your eyes… Coming onto your knees again, we take our
wings out wide, come down onto the other side, wave at the sky, bring that foot in front
of your knee, and shoot your back leg out behind you. And remember the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi…the
ghost, saying….”Use the Force, Luke!” Sat behind Luke is R2-D2 the Droid. His co-pilot, helping him find and fire his
aim. Take your thumb out in front of you, and keep
your other finger on your chin to keep your head steady. Then follow your thumb as you lift it up,
down, side – not moving your head – just your eyes, side, and all the way around. He get’s the Death Star in his sight. And gets ready to fire. Take your legs out long. Take two fingers and put them in between your
big toe and your second toe. Hook them round your big toe. And lift up your special gun. Put your thumb on the top of your toe. Reach towards your other foot. Take aim – one, two, three, Tttttzzzzzwwwuuuu. Kaaabbboooommm! The whole thing explodes with a big boom. Coming up onto your toes, ready? One, two, three BOOOM. Luke has done it. But he needs to get out of the way before
his jet plane is ruined by the meteors that are coming from the Death Star. Lying on your back, lift your legs up to the
sky as you fly your jet forwards and up. Luke manages to escape. He sits up, full of elation, Yayyyyy! He managed to destroy the Galactic Empire’s
Death Star. He was a hero….A Jedi Hero. And it was time for him, Hans Solo, and the
droids and Chewbacca to receive their gold medal of bravery at the very very wonderful
ceremony with Princess Leia. Standing up, they all bow to receive their
special medals. And for now they can all rest easily. For the
first time in a long time, they all sleep. Lying all the way down. Take your legs long and your arms down by
your sides. And close your eyes. It’s been a very very tough time. And now….this wonderful rest….it comes
so happily to all of those who have been so brave – especially you – for being brave
Cosmic Kids. For using the Force – the force of good
against the dark side. Keep that goodness inside you – that love. Take it wherever you go, and the world will
be peaceful. Breathing slowly. Time to wake up again now. We wiggle our fingers. Our toes. We hug our knees into our chest. And we roll to our sides, opening our eyes. Coming up to sitting with our legs crossed. We bring our hands together at our hearts. And we finish just as we started…with Namaste. Ready? After three – One, two, three – Namaste. Well done everyone! I hope you enjoyed our special Star Wars episode. Come back soon for another Cosmic Kids adventure. ❤️Bye bye.❤️


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