STANLEY Healthcare's Success Story

any good customer relationship is a journey it's not a moment it's not an instance it's not one time routine repeat business in a long relationship that spans the test of time is what we're trying to deliver to our customers there's a lot of effort energy and preparation that go into that the healthcare system today is going through a fundamental change where it has to become more efficient stanley healthcare provides exactly what the healthcare market is looking for today which are solutions that improve patient experience while increasing higher levels of safety higher levels of security and workflow optimization all resulting in a better patient experience our customers expect to operate their Hospital in new giulia world-class manner we leverage technology to provide that type of service to all customers and the way that we do that is seamless embedding service is really the future for us taking the device information collecting it and being able to aggregate all of that information and provide it to our customers salesforce allows us to do that and it works beautifully streamlined when using the service cloud once you enable service and you can embed service in your product you'll actually bring your product to life anything that is critical to patient care we can see it on a map and we can know where to find it our products allow us to follow the patient on the continuum of care it allows you to see where there might be bottlenecks or where there might be gaps gathering all the data it all goes back into Salesforce and we're able to give visibility to our customers and help them identify issues before they happen need to be able to move fast actually moving fast isn't good enough we need to be able to react in a proactive manner with service club we're able to leverage technology to reduce the cycle time between when a customer has a problem and when they get an answer that changes the whole relationship the whole nature of relationship with our customers because now I'm proactive I'm going in there and I'm saying these are things that I can do to help you customer before it becomes a problem in somebody's life might be at risk we can do that because service and sales are working on the same platform having that information together is critical because when that customer calls up with an issue that aging understands the sales side of the equation Salesforce simplifies what we deploy in the field to our salespeople and also to our field agents we took all the beautiful things that are on the service cloud and we put it right there on fill technicians mobile device they can get knowledge they can report what they do and they can even ask for help so they can collaborate and they can share and they can learn each other that collaboration utilizing service cloud helps us to deliver the best in class service it's lightyears ahead of where we were before Salesforce help Stanley healthcare connect with our customers to provide a much better patient experience and provide a safe and secure environment customer care has a ripple effect it's really about making our customers lives as easy as possible so they're able to give the highest level of care that can to their patients


  1. I'm loving the red headed nurse. She makes this video rock. If you haven't already bought Stanley Healthcare, do it now!

  2. Thanks, this is a great overview!

  3. Congrats SF! <3

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