Stand Up for Health Welcome Webinar, October 2019

Hi everyone I’m Margot Malachowski
Education and Outreach Coordinator for the National Network of Libraries of
Medicine in the New England region and I’m here to welcome you to Stand Up for
Health This is the October 2019 cohort so I’m going to show you a few slides
and to show you how to log in to Moodle which is the education software we use
here at the Network I’m going to give you a brief look at how to participate
in the discussion how to upload a photo to your profile how to upload your
assignments on a weekly basis and just to give you a peek at the learning
software We have 54 people register for this class and so we divided up into two
cohorts and so I’m going to be taking one cohort I’m Margot Malachowski I work
here in New England at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the
other cohort will have Carolyn Martin for instructor She is at
the Pacific Northwest region and she works at the University of Washington
Both of us have taught this course several times and we’ve put people in
their same region we’ve divided the country up tried to keep you in the same
time zone or similar time zones so to foster the opportunity for you to get to
know each other through discussion and sharing which we certainly hope you do
So this is what the Training Page looks like it’s training dot NNLM dot gov In a
few minutes I’m going to show you how to log in You’re going to log in with an
email address and a password So what happens if you forgot your password This
would have been the password that you created when you signed up for the
course but we do know that people sometimes sign up
many months in advance and so there is an opportunity at any NNLM dot gov webpage
for you to scroll down to the bottom of the page and log in and you can request
a new password It will ask for your email address the email address is the
one that you are being notified about our course and if you are confused about
which email address you might have used you can always get in touch with me or
Carolyn and we can help you out with that So once you log in you are going to
need to find the correct course We teach Stand Up for Health in several different
at several different times so you’re just going to want to make sure that you
find the right one so I’m going to show you how you can live down the list of
courses that we’re teaching and then you’re going to so when you click on
that course you’re going to be asked for your enrollment key which you should
have received from either me or Carolyn If you’ve misplaced that just get in
touch with us and we’re happy to send it to you again so after you’re enrolled
and you’re in Moodle you’re going to see for navigation what they call the
Dashboard Drawer it’s an option for all Moodle courses So if you are you can see
in this screenshot this is a screenshot from my Moodle and so I have we have
some onboard staff training and in my drawer
So you’ll see any courses that you might have signed up for in little in these
drawers Okay and so posting in Moodle It’s
pretty simple but there’s the kind of a few things that might feel a little
glitchy to you So anytime there’s a discussion thread
we’re going to ask you to reply to that discussion thread as a way to post your
thoughts and and if you want to upload a picture which we encourage
or if you want to include a web link or and especially for uploading your
assignments as either a word doc or a PDF whichever works for you You’re going
to need to get into the Advanced Reply feature So you’ll see that there is a
box for Reply and where I’ve highlighted this yellow Advanced you
click on that and it will open up to this other way of replying which allows
you to either drag and drop or upload things that you might want to share with
us So if you’re like me and you spend almost all of your day in front of a
screen and you want to be able to read the class materials on paper there is an
opportunity to do what they call Printing the Book and so I will show you
It’s not as thick as a book I assure you but I’ll show you how you can print
that off so that you can step away from a screen every once in a while if you if
you’d like to do it that way Okay so I am going to share my screen here and show you I’m going to turn off the
camera so you can see my whole screen Okay so if you’re here at training dot NNLM dot gov This is what the website looks like and you can either search for the
course here or you can click on NNLM classes I’m just going to search I’m
going to put Stand Up in here oh I should have done oh there it is
I was thinking this was going to be the easier way to do it but it it is pretty
easy so here is the Stand Up October session which is Carolyn and I are
teaching so if you click on that you’ll see there’s this key that you can use
It’s not going to work the same for me because I’m an instructor so you’ll see
if this computer remembers me so you here is where you put your username
which is going to be I thought it was your email address but this is the
beginning of my email address so try one or the other it might be just the
beginning before you get that at or your whole email address and the password
that you created when you register the course So because I’m I’m actually an
instructor for this it’s not going to give me that opportunity to put in my
enrollment key but you should receive that opportunity to put in your
enrollment key and then on this side and again this is going to look different
because I’m a teacher here this is your dashboard drawer and
you’ll see for Stand Up for Health there’s the Getting Started and the Week
One Two Three and Four So if you’re going to here’s where we just welcome
you to the class and Getting Started and this video that I’m doing right now is
going to be uploaded right here and then we’re going to see that there’s links to
give you where the Course Overview is so here we’re going to ask you to read
through all of this and to navigate through and this is what I mean by the
book to navigate through these books where you’re going to have to click down
here So this will give you the Syllabus for the class So the course is opening
on Monday October 21st and it’s going to go over
Consumer Health Basics and then on Monday October 28th we’re going to
discuss Health Reference On Monday November 4th is Health Resources and the
fourth week which I know some for some folks this is a holiday but it will
open up on November 11th to talk about Community Programming and Outreach We
always include a catch-up week we know that life happens and and either you
know you’ll get sick or anyone you’re taking care of your kids your pets your
aging parents you know it or your staff and you’re running short staffed you
know things happen So we understand that So we build in this catch-up week We do
encourage you to try to keep on top of things because if you let and to finish
up assignments by the Monday that a new set of stuff is going to open up because
if you let too many weeks you know kind of blend into the next it gets kind of
hectic So the biggest thing is to just keep in touch with your instructor
We’re really very nice about it We understand how things go but so
we just want to make sure that you keep up with it and also because it’s important
to participate in the discussions A lot of feedback we get is that the discussion
with other library staff across the country means a lot to people they feel
supported and they get ideas from each other and so if if you kind of blow
through some of these weeks without participating you really lose that on
that So here are some of the expectations of the course You should
expect to put in like three to four hours a week in the class And we’ll talk
more about this at the end of the class but if you complete all of the
requirements you’ll be certified to receive twelve contact hours from the
Medical Library Association You’ll get a certificate and you’ll have the
opportunity to get this Consumer Health Information
Specialization and again you’ll learn more about that as the course progresses Okay here’s the points chart We don’t
really grade in this class but we do assign points to the participation that
we’re expecting from you and so it’s you know five points to introduce yourself
and to participate in the discussion and then the assignments are a varied
amount of points to reflect how much work we think you’re going to have to
put in So there’s the first week there’s an assignment to look at the health
status of your community and that’s 20 points and then the middle two weeks are
15 points where we ask you to to look out your stacks and see what you have in
your collection and to do some comparisons of health websites and then
the final project is 20 points much like the first week Okay so I’m going to go
next to this introduce yourself portion and right now I’m in Carolyn’s section
of her cohort You can see Carolyn has introduced herself She’s included a
picture and some of her folks have already started to introduce themselves
and so if you’re going to introduce yourself next you would go all the way
to the bottom and then click on where it says reply right here and a reply box
will open up and this would allow you just to type in hi my name is and all of
that but if you wanted to include a picture you would click on right here
where it says Advanced and this is where you are able to to upload a picture and
you can you know browse and search for a file such as that and I don’t see the
drag-and-drop option here but that might just be for the class assignments
I’m going to go back over to my drawer and click on Week 1 because I want to
show you how to Print the Book So here is the Week 1 reading assignment and
you’ll see it looks a little different There’s this navigation here and here
but then there is what is actually within a more kind of confined what
Moodle calls Book with these arrows right here these little arrows so if you
go through here and you can certainly read all this on screen if you would
like to do that and just click here to continue reading but if you would really
like to kind of get away from your screen you can click up here and where
it says print book you can click on that or you can just print a particular
chapter Here are the chapters of the book So I’m going to show you what Print
Book looks like and you’ll see that it gives you all these different chapters
and you can print this off here and you’ll see it’s not like a book like a
text book It’s not that big a book but that’s what Moodle calls it Alright so
let me make sure that I’ve gotten everything here I think I have covered
everything I wanted to cover I’m going to come back to you here So again new
content is released each Monday and you can do the coursework whenever it fits
in to your personal schedule We just we do expect you to contribute to the
discussion each week and as I said it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to throw
ideas around with other library staff across the country As far as
contributing to the discussion I find even as the instructor because
I participate in the discussions too to divert my kind of my social media time
when I’m on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram instead to say okay for this
period of time I’m checking on this discussion and participating in this
discussion and that’s that’s one of my tricks for keeping on top of it You can
submit your assignment You’re going to have a weekly assignment you can submit
that at any time some people are real go-getters and they get it done the
first couple of days of the week and that’s great but I find many people wait
until the weekend So we just hope that you’ll upload your assignments by Monday
morning really just so everything doesn’t just start getting smushed into
the following week and because it gets gets hectic And so we don’t and again we
don’t grade things but we do give points for completion and and again just keep
in touch with us if life does kind of throw you a curveball We’ll understand
We understand that and and some people decide it’s more than they really
thought that you know life just kind of got crazy on them or it was more than
they bargained for and they decide to sign up for a later date which is
perfectly fine So just keep in communication with us and welcome to the
class People really love it and we’re looking forward to working with
you Thanks

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