Staci Demonstrates A Proper Bodyweight Squat | Nerd Fitness


  1. I'm literally three days into doing squats so i'm still working on actually doing them right, this thorough explanation is exactly what I needed (I'm glad I signed up to the nerd fitness mailing list TODAY), thanks – looking forward to my morning squats now!

  2. Wonderful! Just what I needed! Good work Staci, hope to see more! 🙂 

  3. With the knees going straight out for the chair position in Yoga, does that add more pressure to my knees?

  4. One thing that gets me is getting low enough. Can't do it without falling backwards and/or wobbling. >.<

  5. You have big butt

  6. I'm not sure if I am doing my squats right because I feel it more in my quads and hamstrings than in my actual glutes. I'm really trying to build stronger legs and a more tight and toned butt and it stresses me out that I don't think I am doing them right. I come from a dance background so I don't know if I'm not sticking my butt out enough because that's frowned upon in ballet or what the problem is

  7. I can't go down very far. Should I just go as far as I can and it will get better??

  8. I've always been doing yoga INSTEAD of doing squats. finally decided to do both and found a video that actually teaches how to do squats correctly! thank you ♥

  9. Big butt, very very nice.

  10. best explanation I've seen, thanks!

  11. Wow this explains so much. I was doing it wrong, poppin knees every time. Doing it correctly fixed that. =]

  12. You look a lot like the woman that plays Delores on Westworld. 😉

  13. Why do you need to go down to at least parallel?
    Does it just work different muscles? Is it bad for your knees?
    I ride horses, and I usually try to get my squats to mimic jump position as much as possible, but would I be better off dropping further into the squat?

  14. Oh my god, this is the best explanation video I've ever seen. I haven't been able to get low because I always hurt my knees and after you explained to keep the weight off your toes, I did ten body weight squats where I actually did get parallel. So awesome, Staci.

  15. looking thick, Staci!

  16. Really appreciate these. Thanks.

  17. Nice form gj

  18. damn I've been doing squats at about knee height. guess i've been doing them wrong. gotta go lower.

  19. This was so helpful!

  20. The bird noise at 3:52 though….

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  22. Decent video except you have a butt wink while doing it

  23. Video starts from 2.25
    Best demonstration about knee movement
    That's where i was lacking when we have to hold its movement when we goes up

  24. I'm trying to watch my squatting at work since I lift a lot of boxes and buckets of water from the ground. I was worried about how my feet always turned outward and how I seem to bend all the way forward when I reach for an item. I do try keep my weight on my heels and not on my toes, but I do notice how I seem to "fold" myself in half, instead of keeping a more upright back. And since I'm not necessarily aiming to work out, I don't do a complete squat with my buttocks all the way down. Is this improper form too?

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