SQUAT + LEG STRENGTH WORKOUT | My Full Squat Lifting Routine

hello my strong strong friends in today's video I'm gonna be taking you all through a squat focus workout this is the exact workout that I did for my stronger by the day program I think these videos are kind of nice so that you can see how I perform in the gym as an athlete and then I can kind of take a step back and explain helpful tips and also some of the coaching philosophy behind why we do what we do if you're new here then please do subscribe to my channel I make videos about lifting heavy about nutrition stuff and how you can build muscle and lose fat and things like that and get stronger getting stronger is the most important thing that I talk about and if you want to see more workout videos do give this video a like this video I asked on the community tab which one you wanted to see and it was pretty close and a lot of you really wanted to see the overhead press and more upper body workouts for those of you who didn't get a chance to vote and comment on that post let me know if you like videos like this and you want to see more like them I used to do more of these videos but they were like kind of unorganized vlog style videos but we've kind of transitioned to organize the content a little bit better I think it is much better now but let me know if you want to see more of these videos down in the comments below hey you guys I wanted to take a minute to tell you a little bit about our sponsor thank you to Kara for sponsoring this video kara is a personalized service that delivers vitamin packs straight to your door I know for me in my sinus journey it was sometimes confusing on which supplements or vitamins I actually needed or which ones were actually worth my money so Kara has put together a really quick quiz on their site to recommend personalize packs for every user all you do is go on and answer questions about your lifestyle your fitness goals and your individual health needs and the quiz is really easy and super cute to follow and end with 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the quiz if you just want to see what they suggest but if you do want to order your own personalized pack then make sure use my discount code the link is down in the description thanks again Kerala for sponsoring this video first we're gonna just do some Sun Salutations don't worry if you're not a yogi I'm not either I for the life of me can not remember what step comes before what this is really just an opportunity to move through some sort of flow that allows you to stretch your body don't stress about what you're supposed to do here this is just to get some full body movement after that Sun Salutation we're gonna move into our first warm-up superset this is a single arm Faithfull with an external rotation at the top you can do this with a cable crossover symmetry or a band like I'm doing here it's a great movement if you feel like you have poor shoulder mobility or have poor shoulder stability if you feel weak in that external rotation then this is going to be a great movement for you and we're gonna superset that with SCAP pull-ups this is a great movement to do even if you can't do pull-ups yet check out my pull-up video I post I got a couple weeks ago if you need help on pull-up strength and you want to learn more about this movement our next superset includes some glute activation so first up we have clam shells you're gonna keep your hips and your shoulders stacked and relaxed and then you're going to lift your top meat of making sure that you don't get your hips out of that position so make sure that those hits are and you're controlled and you know moving your whole body out to the side as you open that me and that's an exercise most of you are familiar with this is a band abducted squat we're again searching for some glute activation here as a superset with those two you'll definitely feel your glutes pumping just make sure that you're in a solid position and you're pushing out with your knees and for our last superset for the warm-up we have curl ups you're just gonna do two sets of five per side here the goal here is to get primed for the hollow body position that we want to mimic for our pull up press the small of your back into the floor and control float your head and shoulders off the ground and one leg off the ground as well and hold that position for about five seconds and then rest after those we have a slow bear-crawl to get in the right bear crawl position first get into a quadruped reading and press your hands and toes into the ground and hover your knees just slightly off the ground slowly bear crawl so we're not doing this for reps or anything we're doing this for time you're just gonna do it for thirty seconds no matter what so you might as well make the most out of those thirty seconds that you have slowly reach with your opposite hand and toe and continue to crawl aim for stability so try to keep your hips Square to the floor the entire time and try to stay as close to that start position as you can you don't want to be rocking side to side all right down the warm-up is finished I know that we're map seems like a lot but there's also some core work in there there's some glute strength stuff that we're doing it's not a waste those are there so that you get the most out of what I'm about to talk about next first we have our pull-up progression so if you're in stronger by the day then you know exactly what I'm talking about if you're not in my stronger by the day program I have about 3000 lifters in that group which is amazing it's a huge community we're all at different pull up strength levels so in order to make it so that everyone can follow the same program I broke up the lifters in two different levels for me in particular I'm working on getting a few reps into my max pull-up set right now I can do about 12 almost 13 pull-ups and my goal is to get finally 15 so that I can do a set of 15 so yeah here I'm just doing 5 sets of 6 pull-ups you can see I'm really struggling to get harder as you go and this movement is definitely something that can fatigue you so you want to make sure that you're getting enough rest in after each set after the pull-ups we'll be moving on to squats here we have four sets of five at 75% and then the instruction is to take ascending sets my training max right now is about 275 pounds so I started with 75% of that which is 205 and of course I do warm up and potentiate to this weight I just don't throw 205 on for my first set the ascending sets are programmed so that we have some sort of auto regulation in there if you're feeling good you can keep going up and wait but if you're having an off-day or you know maybe you're just fatigued from other sessions then you can just stay about 75% that's still a good workout you're still hitting the minimum volume threshold that we want to keep moving you forward after our squats we have our first accessory superset and we're gonna start with a band abducted lateral walk in this movement you want to get in like a quarter squat position make sure that you're pushing out with each knee but keep your feet parallel and continue driving against the band we're super sending those with dumbbell box step ups so I'm just holding a kettlebell we're gonna do three sets of 12 here important note here and I actually switch out my box because this one was a little too tall you want to get a box that isn't too tall for you this isn't an exercise that is measured by how high of a box you can step up look for something that puts your knee at a 90 degree angle you do want to feel in full control and power as you press into your heel to stand up on the box so I'd rather you go heavier and hold a heavier kettlebell or gumbo then challenge yourself to get a higher box that doesn't really matter if you can do more weight then over more height then that will definitely better serve you and next for our last superset we're gonna start with hamstring curls the hamstring curls were a nice thing because I never get to train on machines so if you're new here I usually train in my garage gym a lot of the times I will do more basic variations of movement here you do want to make sure that your thighs stabilizer at the top is as tight as possible so if you ever do get in these machines feel free to crank that down just so that you're locked in and of course maintain a neutral spine from those were gonna superset and go straight into a goblet squat with a three-second negative you want to find the rhythm here try to evenly distribute those three seconds throughout the entire grab that is a lot harder than what it sounds try to push yourself here because the workouts almost over going heavy on our goblet squat is something that probably won't fatigue you because you can only go so heavy but it's something that really can help push you to the next level after those goblet squats we have our last exercise and that is the kettlebell windmills these are great movement if you haven't yet done them they're gonna strengthen your core these are also gonna help your active shoulder mobility you have to keep that shoulder really stable as you're working through those different planes I think as I'm watching this video I can keep some AB definition and some oblique definition which is really exciting which is great to kind of demo where you're going to feel these they're definitely gonna feel them in your side body in your obliques you want to point your toes to 45 degrees in just one direction and then load your back heel as you're pushing the hip out so lower your bottom hand towards the floor and keep this movement slow it's not a race you know you're only doing seven reps it's not like you have to power through them try to go heavy but if this is something that you're just getting started I had a lot of our lifters you know start to get the movement in the field by balancing just a shoe take your fist and balance a shoe on your fist and try that kettlebell or try that shoe windmill variation as you're starting to understand that movement all right you guys that's it for this video let me know what you think down in the comments below and if you enjoyed it do give the video a like if you want to see more videos like this giving it a like will let me know that I should make more recently I've been doing more like in-depth tutorials on a particular movement fewer workouts showing you my whole workout so if you like this more see more give this video like comment down below so that I know and if you're new here subscribe to my channel so that you don't miss any videos I post every Friday and yeah if you loved this workout and you want more workouts like this then join stronger by the day it's an amazing program it's what I personally follow and we have lifters of all different levels who are loving it and getting stronger it's amazing you could be one of them too alright guys I'll see you


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