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you we're filming us oh here's a joke oh boy you're such a good boy boo-boo and my name is April he always sneezes when he gets excited and today's video if you haven't already guessed is going to be on all the different kinds of speech that you can prepare for you and your parents to eat now in the past I have made many squash videos so you'll see the cards above but today I wanted to show you and just talk about all these amazing squash that you have to choose at your local grocery store so first everybody knows the pumpkin so this is a PI pom pumpkin I like to stuff and bake for my birds and they can eat the seeds raw or cooked that's a question that I get often right and people actually like some rods don't you yes and you can see that in our previous video where the brush just went to town eating pumpkins and then we've got our big hub and that a lot of people used to cut up and use as decorations but what I like to do is cut it up in big pieces and steam it or boil it and you can boil it with a little bit of coconut milk almond milk – I'll see you on cinnamon just to give it an extra spice for your parrot now usually I set the oven for 350 375 400 it depends on the squash and usually what to do and so what I'm hoping is a butternut squash I love these guys they're super sweet they taste like a little bit of brown sugar what it tastes like they have brown sugar already in them and all you need to do is cut them out and bake them they are delicious and super healthy for your parents and your parents can have the seat then we have the delicate a squash which is probably one of our favorites right baby because once again it is probably the sweetest of all slush right we love it they're super tiny and they're super cute so sometimes they come in they look a little bit more edgy sometimes they look more yellowy sometimes they look green and they are absolutely fantastic baked them you can boil them they're amazing okay so another squash that we have around here in San Diego is the spaghetti squash easy to make you can actually microwave this where you can bake it so I will usually microwave these guys a lot of people like to place them so tasty and then another one that we love I'm trying to like beat the sunlight here is the acorn squash now you see this at the grocery store it looks like an acorn it's super cute and sometimes they'll be orange sometimes they'll be green it depends how ripe they are so these are ready to go even if you got the orange ones they would be ready to go and I like to bake these now these guys are a bit more stubborn than the pumpkins they take a little bit longer to bake so usually I will put the oven to 400 and I'll bake them for an hour and then I will put a little bit of stuffing in there you want to see what's in this stuff being once again we look at one of the cards above and you'll see what's in my bless you he gets excited put the card below you can see how to merge the incredible squash so and then of course I do not cover are the baby pumpkins which I recommend you get one for each of your parents and show them how to play with them chew them up you guys these squash are incredible they're an incredible offer the way to feed your birds all creeks good origin ways so you can cut open the pumpkins you can put open the treats just like your Blecher birds make a mess it's going to take but it's gonna be so worth it I love them it's my favorite time of year panel that's why we're doing this video outside he didn't want to be cooped up inside neither did I what not enjoy the amazing fall breeze it's nice and cool out here and it's a fantastic day so guys we hope Joey chips video right baby and wouldn't want to say to them if you did don't forget to subscribe it sound like let me know if you think baby is cute and if he should go on a diet no he's perfect


  1. Love the video. I am going to try some of the squashes. I know my Kiwi will like it. So will I.

  2. I saved this video straight away because I will make my dream come true witch is getting a parrot and I probably need to watch this if you read this thanks for your time

  3. Daaaamn, that's a big butternut squash!

  4. I tried to take your advice and feed my Amazon a pumpkin. She wouldn’t eat it.

  5. HI April…I just love your babies…you haven't mentioned how you're doing…we love and pray for you…please give us an update….Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  6. All the links are broken..im kinda sad lol..

  7. NOW THAT'S THANKSGIVING for a pretty bird!!😍

  8. Yes he's a cutie pie nape, is it true Amazon parrots give off a powder dander compared to oil musk of macaws and eclectus?

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. 😙

  10. This must have cost you a fortune. 😮 Love the happy faces though. 😃😍😙

  11. Happy Thanksgiving April, I have been praying for you, and your health issues, I hope you are doing well, and that you have a wonderful time with your family and fine feathered friends this holiday season, I'm sure that your birds are grateful that they are not turkeys 🐦 Lol! God bless you abundantly!

  12. Baby is adorable!!

  13. Hi April I really enjoyed watching your video of course baby is so cute no baby is ok he doesn't need to be on a diet my brother's yellow nape Amazon parrot is over weight but he lost weight.baby is fine how he is.Thomas is so cute how he was talking in the back ground.have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of birds and your mom.Yellow napes have so much personality.thats what I like about them all parrots are cute every one has their own personality just like people have a nice day

  14. I love Baby. I love all of them. They are so adorable and lovable. (Yes, I hear cute Thomas saying his own name in the background.😁😍) What a great video. Watching your two babies gobble up their squash combos is the sweetest thing. Hoping you, your loved ones, and your birdy family have a super Thanksgiving, April.🤗😊🤩❣

  15. How cute! Yum yum! Baby is so cute. What a good assistant! 😃

  16. I like people but I love love animals much better unconditional love they give and expect nothing in return except love

  17. This is a random question but what digress should the water be when you shower your bird? Thanks 😄

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