Special treatment for special kids

dentist don't normally make housecalls but these patients are special students from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry travel a short distance to Easter Seals metropolitan Chicago to provide oral health and nutritional information to students with autism when UIC dental students were approached about participating in this new program 25 eagerly accepted the challenge to help those kids who may never have visited dentists before the students were actually excited I was worried that they were going to be a little bit more intimidated by by the behavior of the children here but there they wanted more they kept asking when can they come back and that's wonderful to see because if they are open to it and they are very going to get some exposure to it the chances are pretty good that they going to be carrying on that experience down one after they graduate our job is to you know provide the best oral health care we can preventive or even if it's just restorative work or you know trying to help them just be a healthy individual in general so I think I mean it is different in terms of patient management in that but I think it's about the same the skills I learned with you know this population is the same I do with any other patient so working here requires some creative treatment modalities you know you're going to need to redo some of the cleanings and the fluoride treatments sometimes in the chair sometimes in the corner sometimes in the hallway just requires everybody to be creative and flexible and also work together as a team given that there's absolutely no set in stone game plan for each student some of them have been to the dentist before but it may just be for a really brief cleaning and so they're able to do some more elaborate cleanings here or what feels on do some more preventative measures with the supports that we have here some of them had never been to the dentist before so this was their first experience and for some of our students the successes getting them to sit in the chair or say hi to a dentist be friendly I'm really hoping that we can continue with the program you know we've got some good positive parent feedback it's so beneficial to our students we have some students who because of the pain they can be in from their teeth can have increased behaviors and so being able to support them in this way and help them have clean and healthy teeth then can help them be more successful every day

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