Special Operations Fitness Exercise Demo


  1. Hey do you recommend this for a 14 year old

  2. I'm currently doing the program and im 13 and I inspire to be a PJ when I grow up this youtube channel has really helped me feel like i can do it.

  3. One word……SEALFIT

  4. Is there any way you could talk about the new SFAB units? They seem interesting

  5. naah most of the girls dont have that capability to do SF stuff.

  6. 0:42 what tha actual fuck was that

  7. 10 thumbs down, maybe your on the wrong site. Please keep watching though, the positive thinking will affect you in someway sooner or later. Thank you.

  8. Who else will be doing the murph challenge this weekend? Look up themurphchallenge to learn more.

  9. Please upload more SOF stuff! Love the program so far and the mentality behind it. But some extra tips would be nice. Love the other life choices videos the channel has as well.

  10. How about making a video on warm-up and cool-down stretches? Even a video on recovery stretching as well!


  12. Hey, man, I bought your book and have been working a lot on my physical and mental health. I want to make marsoc one day. I'm 15 and I just wanted to let you know that your YouTube channel inspires people every day, not just me. Thanks for putting your knowledge on YouTube!

  13. Looks a lot like p90x. Those videos got me shredded af when combined with swimming.

  14. Keep it up LSO we love it

  15. You should upload how to work on pull ups. I know a lot of folks that could use that a lot. Lots of other videos arnt really helpful.

  16. LOOKS COOL! De oppresso liber!

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