Speaker Nancy Pelosi & Rep. Judy Chu Talk Healthcare & Impeachment

sheers for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at East LA college one of a hundred forty three nationwide events Democrats are hosting to talk about health care you know there were a hundred and forty three events across the nation but we are the ones that got Speaker Nancy Pelosi congresswoman Judy Chu organizing this event at the school where she used to teach Pelosi says abortion rights are very much in jeopardy with a more conservative Supreme Court now in place when you look at the Congress and you see an endless line of white men standing there to sign the book to overturn a woman's right to choose you think what right do they have plus he says the exploding cost of prescription drugs is her biggest health care concern on that she says she's working on a fix with President Trump do you think that could actually happen to the next year I would hope so I had to trust give him the benefit of the doubt if there was any doubt activists on the Left once Speaker Pelosi to begin impeachment hearings against the president reportedly Pelosi said recently she wants to see the president in prison do you think the president though should that the Department of Justice should open a criminal investigation in the president once he's out of office I'm not we're talking about what we're doing now and we are honoring our oath of office and on one on one with us congresswoman Chu says it is not the right time politically for impeachment if I'm hearing you right you say that he's committed impeachable crimes it's just not time to do impeachment if it were up to me I would say that we should begin it but let's let's be realistic if we go to the Senate level and that vote is not successful which it looks like it would not be then President Trump would say I've succeeded and I've been exonerated on the issue of health care congresswoman Chu co-sponsored a medicare-for-all bill ultimately she says a single-payer government-run health care system is the best solution it's much more efficient and that it would Douce all kinds of problems that we have right now opposition on the other side they are afraid that the government doesn't run that much all that well they're afraid that they're going to be rations of health care how do you respond to that all we have to do is look at all these other countries Canada isn't the best health care here the top health care is here because of the system because of maybe the profit motive we have if you can afford it congresswoman Chu is one of the co-sponsors on Medicare for all issue is that something that you support and do you think that Medicare for all could actually get through the Senate well Medicare for all is one of the ideas that is on the table all of us agree that we should have health care for all Americans do you support single-payer like congresswoman Chu does but there are different versions of single-payer and as I say we put it on the table and see what works how it gets paid for what it means to the consumer



  2. Lets see if she follows through.

  3. Democrats are scum of the earth

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