Spazmatic Supplements Jurassic Pump Supplement Review


  1. Khali muscle is busting nuts thinking of this product!!! Bap! Bap!

  2. Really want to try this

  3. I could use some supplement help, I'm a hockey player and I'm on the ice a lot I've tried pre workouts but the stims get my heart rate to high and I get that crash jello legs feeling, what should I be taking to increase my endurance and strength and keeping me going through out the game?

  4. 6 grams is alot but nothing pumps me up like agmatine id love to see 4.5 l-citrulline 1g agmatine. Then again this price for this much stuff is nuts dude. Looks badass its up my ally not into stims pre


  6. Bro I love your insight and to the point videos 🙌🏼

  7. I definitely want to try this and will buy a tub. Definitely agree about the inclusion of a whopping dose of a good sodium source. It definitely works from my experience. Still, it would be nice if you did a companion video explaining why you didn’t include glycerol, Vaso 6 and some other ingredients. Glad you didn’t include Agmatine because it’s in so many pre workouts that it would make it difficult to stack.

  8. I’m buying it today. I love spazmatic supplements. Another awesome video Tim.

  9. Tim… Another great product… Works just like describe by Tim..
    Works better on a empty stomach.. #1

  10. It's funny how you trashed celluvol but it has better ingredients and more of them than Jurassic pump. Jurassic pump is garbage. Starting to really not like you. Edit: black pepper probably does not increase the absorption of citrulline. Norvaline is useless.

  11. So don't buy this, just eat some salt. Save money!

  12. I like it, only reason I won't buy it is because it's expensive to buy it and have it shipped to Australia :'(

  13. Tim Come On Man !,
    Powerlifters takes DRUGS
    Bodybuilders take DRUGS
    More Snake Oil !

  14. Does this guy even workout? Wow will anyone call this guy out? How are you really going to compare a bodybuilder doing stage prep vs a pre workout? How does eating pancakes and steak compare to sodium? .

  15. how you flavored the product with that much sodium would be interesting. never seen a pre with it, in it even though it obviously should have been in pre's for years.

  16. Everybody says mine's better.

  17. Do you ship to europe as well?? I reallyyyyy need to have one of these… im so fed up with the crap we got here…

  18. theres 2 missing ingredients AGMATINE SULFATE AND a volumizser = VASO 6 or nitrosigine or glycerol would of been a beast of a pump if any of those ingredients were added no buy

  19. Just bought one! Awesome products over all, can’t wait!

  20. Mine just came In today

  21. Dom Mazzetti approves of the name.

  22. That sounds like a badass pump supplement product good job Tim

  23. What happened to CBD Gummies

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