SouthPaw Workout: Jake Gyllenhaal Workout – Kings Never Die


  1. This is so inspiring…that's my playlist gym music😀😍

  2. Ya that comment cracked me up. I would say that's his training partner. Personally I'd pick Jake in a street fight. Boxing probably not. Anyways apparently Jake took to training so hard that it cost him his relationship. Hey he made millions on the movie. Who lost?

  3. This movie was way better than creed….

  4. That was actually cool not gonna lie

  5. Why did the black guy's trainer kept dropping the pads . Looked shit btw.

  6. He would be so cool as Batman

  7. black actor did not prepare the movie properly, his technique is cringy. cut the weightroom out.and hit the bag baby please

  8. Method acting is something else. You can tell he puts his all into training

  9. The guy holding that "foam punching bag thingy" looked scared every time somebody threw a punch..

  10. Where can I find the t shirt Jake is wearing at 00:15 ?? it says "Phamous Nobodyz".

  11. The black guy was dramatic while jake was poised doing the same shit. I guess it was Fuqua the director of the film was shown working out with Jake

  12. I love how he transformed into a moster for this movie.

  13. Мой король!!!!!!

  14. Now I feel like boxing!!!

  15. Stupid title. None of the fighters training on the video are southpaw😐

  16. what is his top from the beginning called. i can't find them on google… The "phamous Nobodysz" one

  17. "FREEDOM is on the other side of DISCIPLINE"-Jake Gyllenhaal

  18. 2019 Right on time to hit chest👊

  19. 'SouthPaw' workout – Fights orthodox the whole video

  20. Southpaws lead with their right though

  21. Who is that black

  22. Mostly core work. The core is everything in fitness

  23. Что за фильм?

  24. Clondon na gea exercise kortey iccha korchey nah

  25. wow amazing , it is too motivated, i want train like thah , good train

  26. Efsane adam film süper muhteşem

  27. I am melting 😁

  28. Hahah czm on Nobla nie dostał

  29. Better than Canelo :v

  30. Michael b jordan would whoop jakes ass lol

  31. This is what actors go through to give us the best experience in movies, all respect for this guy!

  32. Jeebus Jake so hot!! 😋

  33. Movie name

  34. he has muscles i didnt even know existed i ??

  35. This song is so fucking lame

  36. And not one weight lifted 🙂

  37. Best edit eveeeeeer

  38. Jake Gyllenhaal is really talented.

  39. I Love Southpaw , I want the Movie

  40. Team Coco sent me here!
    Jake Love!

  41. Whose the black guy?

  42. Not even a southpaw stance!!

  43. Jake is one of the best actors . He performed and looked like a legit pro boxer . Jump rope skillz are fkn sick too.Mad Respect

  44. Красавчик

  45. Now that Leonardo got one, I'd want Jake to have one next

  46. He trained for a boxing movie but can't get the right punch techniques or even a gaurd ? Spose it's for a movie not competition

  47. All the rappers with Lil in their name cant make a song like this

  48. Fuck gal gadot Jake gyllenhaal is the real deal

  49. Jarhead!

  50. Dios santo 😻

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