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hi this your houston chiropractor dr. Gregory Johnson we have Lorna in here with us this morning and Lauren has been a youtube fan for about over a year now she referred to her husband Charles in here when she first saw her YouTube videos and Charles started having back problems and neck problems now Charles has brought her and their brand new little daughter in here and how old is your daughter 18 months and we just examined her and found that she had a hatless subluxation up here and he said she'd been having some clicking in her neck and her jaw so we're gonna check her out in the gesture for that I'm not going to do that on YouTube because chiropractor and Australia did that and guys take it jerk but it's fine to adjust babies they have spines and nervous system just like we do so it'll be afraid that that's just the Orthodox medical community getting involved okay so this is Lauren's first time getting adjusted here at advanced operator leap I've already done her history and examination so we're just going to show you the adjustment but I do want to show you a couple things with her posture go ahead and close your eyes you bend your hip forward and backwards for me that pulls a little bit when you go forward doesn't it yes in here yep so she's got a little bit of forward head posture you can see her ear is right here and that's over her clavicle and the reason you can tell someone's got forward head posture you see their hands riding out in front of them like this as opposed to being squared off and that their sides like this so you feel that kind of you're kind of going forward like this now Lauren has had neck pain and headaches in the past and thoracic spine pain now and her mid back and upper back and some lower back pain with some numbness and tingling down into the lateral aspect of her foot which is the s-1 dermatome called paresthesia when you have numbness and tingling okay we're going to let you back on you coming for me there's our arm now her left leg is shorter by about a quarter of an inch and now I'm bringing it up here it gets longer by about a quarter of an inch and that tightened up a little bit done in her low back on that side joints and I came up here and palpated her SI joint and she's got some swelling and tenderness on this left one now just interesting her left si is subluxated and this nut is not it's interesting to me all the time but you get a counter compensatory reaction in the lumbar spine when your sacrum and your SI joints are misaligned you actually has it she has a much increased hypertonicity of her right her spinal musculature and I think you might be able to even see that on the camera contrition is it good wider and higher on this right side then does the left side just yep yep and those are all tender spots too aren't they and she's got some ribs misaligned in the thoracic spine with her transverse process and where that meets the ribs that's called costal vertebral subluxation and she's got an atlas hanging out so far on the left I could hang my coat on it and see five and six here on the left so I'm gonna get started off adjusting her left SI joint since that's the primary subluxation that I found Wow you should like some of these can be a little sword first just because they've been out for a while not a girl keep breathing for me look at you just like a bowl of rice krispies I'm just pouring on the milk I still got one here to keep breathing there you go that's it so we're coming back down here and checking our leg length again she's exactly even now and Lauren this should feel a little easier than that first one you did already yep okay you don't through you hit popping up a little bit on this next one Eric dope good okay let's turn you on your back now please I'm not trying to miss your makeup I'm just getting your head back over your spine we're supposed to be slide down this way better for me and both arms let me let go and pray Thatta girl yes ma'am you should about that for me all the way up into your lower back yeah okay good I guess your ankle that bad girl look at you you know I'll cooperate and everything I want to commend Lauren's health habits because she does a lot of things the natural way which is the best possible way to help yourself live in a healthy lifestyle is to make the right choices chiropractic is actually a lifestyle healthy choice as well just like eating or ideas just like working out right over time is healthy for you chiropractic is the same thing because when your spine is lined up by mechanically your nervous system functions at a higher level of efficiency you actually become a healthier homeostatic human being homeostasis is a state of internal balance in equilibrium it allows your body to function as opposed to optimal level health so now for the big one yeah I mean well that's good you're holding your baby breastfeeding like that all the time and you got your wrist probably cock like this owner so I want to adjust everything on you Lauren we're going to keep them this way just a little bit doing this way well you're probably going to be in the very last place here slide up underneath that just a little bit where your hips revving meet the king a little bit more actually almost need more holes I used to have ten she's like this when I was growing up playing basketball I used to think I could run faster and jump higher when I got my new red ball yes if I too young to remember those huh yes ma'am keep breathing don't stop breathing there you go deep breath into your nose out through your mouth oh you're still kicking you're good don't they all the way down in you that's a good title for a video there it is gotcha okay now let me do this kind of tilt right will you lift here there you go perfect good girl yes ma'am you're probably still feeling that you're sold huh keep breathing you'll feel a lot better when we turn sideways let's bring your legs over this way there you go I promise I didn't break you in half that was a serious adjustment right there you tried never had that done before yeah welcome to chiropractic good girl okay keep breathing there you go yeah that's it that's probably one of the most important things that patients can do to help themselves is deep breath in through your nose out through your mouth that's how you learn to breathe in martial arts and that helps you to calm down the autonomic nervous system and also helps reduce the pain level so I'm gonna have you close your eyes Ian Lauren and bend your head forward and backwards for me and it still got a little kink flowing backwards in there okay so I'm here's your homework right here I'm gonna have you lick both shoulders up and then pull them simultaneously back this way we're gonna flare these hands like this palms forward you might want spread your feet a little bit further apart might not be over okay so your heads forward and right so see we come straight back translate left patient on forehead I want to start with you okay now try that again see if this doesn't feel a little smoother to you than the previous two times you didn't look in the mirror right now look how your shoulders squared off look where your hands are now see that that's better looking good so you are going to be sore for a breath for 72 hours come on if you went to the gym and worked out differently than you're used to you get sore afterwards that's normal if he gets to Soaring we're put crushed ice in a little Ziploc freezer baggie right on the skin over whatever sore for 20 minutes and drink a gallon water every day for the rest your life I know a tiny thing like you probably think a gallon water I'll be in the bathroom all time but it's actually good for you I'm still reeling that in your soul with that so what would you share with our YouTube audience about your very first experience here at advanced chiropractic really for you like I wish I didn't wait but yeah because you were hurting alter your pregnancy you told me get adjusted because you can get adjusted safely when you're pregnant there's no danger in doing the ring dear on you in fact that's the best way to adjust a pregnant woman because you're not twisting the side and causing tearing in the placenta and the the uterus region where the baby's acquiring their nutrition and their health needs because we need twist that pelvis sideways and you come down on it you actually stretch out the ligaments down in the front that go right into the uterus abroad ligament and around ligament and it can change the alignment of your uterus and when you start doing that you start messing with the baby's health as well so I'm glad you didn't get adjusted twisting on your side when you were pregnant yeah we do know what we're doing here that's true well thank you for sharing your first experience here at advanced chiropractic relief with everyone you guys be nice in your comments on this her husband's here to watch it so you be nice okay I'm going to shoot you down to Lauren you're not done yet okay so I might have you close your eyes for me and flexi head forward and backwards one more time Wow look at the mirror right now look how scared you are you see that it's right down the mill right now that's a pretty cool yep so I'm just going to have you do this one more time because you're still a little forward but this is your number one deal right here is that forward head posture so just bring it back and then look at the wall there I want to tap your outlets here again and one more time right there okay in point here okay try that again this should feel smooth achieve and the previous ones do that cool people don't think this does anything but it really does yep that's very good do anything else you'd like to say to our crack addicts out there before you leave it is good for you thank you for sharing your experience with everyone on YouTube today you're welcome this is your Houston chiropractor dr. Gregory Johnson coming to you from advanced chiropractic relief in Houston Texas where we still adjust the berbil subluxation complex to make individuals healthier we'll see y'all soon


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