Sore Back Release ♥ Yoga For Beginners | 5 Min Miracle

hey guys welcome to another one of my 5 min miracle classes we are in beautiful Costa Rica in Surf Vista Villas hanging out with a couple of monkeys i have an awesome yoga sequence for you thats going to target your back its going to release any stress any tension and just give your back a nice stretch so if you got 5 mins grab a mat some water and lets do this ok guys so starting on your mat beginning with a cat cow inhale open exhale rounding the spine inhale open look up to the ceiling exhale release inhale arch look up exhale let it go inhale loko up exhale begin to take it down and slowly make your way all the way down bring your knees into the chest give them a big hug gentle rock side to side massaging the lumber spine massaging your sacram and then small circles with the kness starting to the right and then reverse to the left hold the knees in and then from here keeping the left knee in extend the right leg all the way out feeling a lice stretch in the hip flexor you can also add a gentle rock if you like to and then from here opening the left knee out towards that left shoulder and then crossing it all the way over into your spinal twist left arm opens right hand to the knee stay here and breathe coming back to centre pull the knee in flex and extend the leg all the way up feel the stretch in the hamstring pull it in and then slowly bring the left leg down starting with the other side right knee into the chest take a little rock side to side open to the side this time reaching for the right shoulder with the knee and then crossing it over left hand pushes the knee across right arm open don’t worry if you can’t touch the floor with the knee…just do your best coming to centre extending the other leg up keeping the foot flexed stretching out the hamstring exhale taking the leg down and from here reaching both legs up using your core flex your feet and take your plow allowing the toes to come all the way over your head bending the knees if you like supporting the hips with your hands and if you like to go into the shoulder stand go ahead and extend one left at a time if thats too advanced for you just stay in your plow keep reaching toes up to the ceiling and slowly to come out take one leg down over into plow bend the knees releasing the hands to the mat and slowly making your way down one vertebra at a time nice and slow use your core take the legs all the way down try to keep the low back down and then bending one knee at a time planting the soles of your feet on the floor and taking your bridge posture lifting the pelvis and the hips up interlace your fingers you can also take a full wheel if you are more advanced full wheel would be to place the hands over and lift your hips up if you don’t feel conformable with this stay in your bridge to come out from either pose slowly come down release the spine one vertebra at a time relaxing the back opening the arms to the side and go ahead windshield wipe the knees side to side allowing the knees to fall to the right and then to the left taking this as fast or slow as you like and then from here give your knees one more big hug pulling your forehead into the knees give your spine a nice curve and then release the head down bring the soles of your feet together and open the knees into the side open knees nice and wide allowing the arms to release over side or over the body whenever your ready bring your knees together rolling yourself over to your right coming up to your seated position crossing your feet infront taking a head roll to the right and then to the left releasing the hands on the knees taking a couple of deep breaths inhale exhale let it go inhale exhale finding your breathe and then bringing your hands together into your heart and saying thank you to yourself for dedication this last 5 min to yourself thank you so much for joining me namaste and hope to see you soon


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  2. You're my hero! LOL… Really these techniques are super effective. Beginners or advanced. NAMASTE.

  3. are you nuts, i have a sore lower back, bridge and plow are pretty extreme poses for really sore back pain… you need to be way more mellow

  4. 👍

  5. Your yoga is phenomenal.Smooth….rythmic..Oh my gosh.That is how i want my yoga to look.I feel jerky..You just flow.Something to aspire toward..thank you

  6. Thank you Boho!

  7. Subscribed
    I think now I can be back to yoga like before
    Bless you 💙

  8. Oh my god …..

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  10. Thanks for video

  11. I just love YOGA….and all of these are my favorite…I started it at my early age….just massive love…❤❤❤❤❤❤💙💙💙

  12. This is a good video but I would not say it is for beginners. The plow is not a move people can generally just do.

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  16. you seem so phony. I mean that sincerely.

  17. Thank You wery much!!! You are the best!!!

  18. Vale bonita, ya vemos que estás muy buena!!

  19. Had it not been for the Third Reich the Dalai Lama wouldn't exist today and everything we know about Aryan traditions like Buddhism would be forgotten like the Aryan Druids. Good stretch and keep the tradition alive.

  20. You look so good…

  21. Thank you. But not exactly for beginners….

  22. What's the background location of this video?

  23. Just found this. Ok.. can't quite do all the positions properly, but it has easier options and the movements do not put a lot of strain on your back. If you have a bad back the last thing you want to do is work it, it needs rest and gentle very gentle manipulation. This is really nice as it simply moves your back in its current range of motion and opens the spine in both directions. Been working on my suppleness for a year, and these videos really help. I am cyclist and have their usual issues, but I have come to think of stiffness and limited movement like fat… you can't simply target one area and hope for a fix… in fact that can be detrimental… stretching is like a good workout… so now I almost don't stretch , instead I try to get my body to move comfortably and strongly at its range of motion which leads to ever greater movement range. It takes time people, but this type of content is really helpful if you stick at it.

  24. Its so not like me… but out of know where Im in love with doing yoga !

  25. I'm so relaxed now I could take a nap, after I clean up.

  26. I need a cigarette.

  27. Jesus likes!

  28. Oh holy holy Lord have mercy

  29. Actually beautiful and how calm you are . Love to see you

  30. She's my type

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  32. Let's say I'm never going to do yoga but I clicked the video anyway

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  34. Хотел попрактиковать но у меня встал…

  35. I got an eight minuetes erection.

  36. The Chakrasana may not be the most suitable aasan for a beginner – let alone one who is facing back pain . Best case scenario it is for those with at least some background of more basic yog aasans.

  37. Damn now I need a release.

  38. Where is this…. i want to live here!!
    Laughing a lot…thinking about the average back pain sufferer trying to follow this….

  39. Great… now I need sore cock release.

  40. Sexy chick….5 Min orgasm 😁😁😁

  41. Yoga for beginners! Hahaha, nice thumbnail.

  42. To be beautiful you need good genes – nothing more.

  43. Wow! That body is heavenly 😍😇

  44. Lol I literally cant do 50% of this, too much belly fat

  45. Lucky boyfriend

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  48. Not beginer at all

  49. I did everything…but immagine …actually dont… im the oposite of flexible

  50. Oh come on. I don't mind seeing the female body. But very obviously, this is also about showcasing her body.
    So that's why I'm saying: I don't know if I should masturbate or do yoga.

  51. Her back would be sore by the time I release.

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  54. Pura vida preciosa

  55. 90% of people DIDNT click on this for the yoga.

  56. To hell with yoga seeing her is a miracle

  57. What’s yoga?

  58. I have literally virtually just lost my V

  59. Which hip flexor do you stretch at 2:00? I want to see if I heard you correctly

  60. For all those flexible 100-pound 25-year olds with a sore back, this should help.

  61. 5:05 I want to make love to you in that position 😛

  62. I was wondering why it was called the plow position, but then it all became clear 3:51

  63. Lovely tidis

  64. Sexy toes

  65. 2:11 GOOD LORD!

  66. I gave up almost 4 min in. My back made some interesting noises and then my core was too weak and my legs not flexible enough 😂

  67. Could you do this to rock music please

  68. Your body is pure art <3.

  69. Namaste!

  70. What a beautiful body! An those pretty feet!

  71. I love it! I love your voice, the music, the smooth of th routine, the energy was so cool, thank you so much, Love from Colombia 🇨🇴

  72. A miracle indeed. Namaste

  73. 너무 멀어

  74. А засадить тебе можно?

  75. Wonderful….best stretching exercises..

  76. Are you single. Seriously. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen

  77. Thank you!!

  78. Who else’s back was in perfect shape before this video popped up on their playlist? 🤓

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  81. Great vid and I don't even do yoga

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  83. Inverted boobies! Too much beauty for one video.

  84. You are a gorgeous goddess

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  86. Yup….doing yoga now for sure. 😳😳😳

  87. youtube recommended why?, not gonna lie you look beautiful but i don't get it.

  88. I've always been sort of afraid of yoga and I still can't do all of the moves but man that didn't feel like 5 minutes it felt like much longer but it was cool. I realize I need more space on the floor in front of the screen to really get into this more but thanks so much for these videos. Much gratitude and love from a fellow vegan. Cheers

  89. Yoga is so wrong, you really have no idea with who you are dealing!

  90. Where the bikini doing yoga.. way easier understand what is happening to the body when you can see it.

  91. 5 yrs later, I still keep returning to this video for back pain relief. This is helpful, 5 min, and coupled with the the hip opening yoga, my back and hips are all stretched out, and pain seems to be better.
    This is a very good video. Do you have any more recent videos for back pain relief?

  92. U get me sore but in a very good way…ok I'm good wait nope take that back sore again…wait sore again

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  95. Every video benefits me mentally and physically. You really bring the beauty to Yoga on your channel x

  96. I can not lift myselp up how have blessed day

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  98. Hurts just watching you twist like that. Great workout though

  99. Even her voice is so sexy! 😘

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