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before I could seek the remedy and seek services hell the problems that I was facing in the house was for all these years there so before we could go in for the remedy with Cyril was – there were a lot of problems that I was facing in the house right from you know education to health the entire health of the family was not keeping well and apart from that financial losses and problems legal problems also were there after that I think we when we went and did the service was through there was a person who came and who you know properly did the entire guidance in on a piece of papers where he did all the blockings and segregated the house in different corners and gave us the complete background of what are the problems and what are the issues that we are facing when the consultant spoke about that I was very surprised that how did he come to know about these problems which I was facing personally so it was quite satisfying that you know after doing the entire survey that he was able to face and tell us let us know the problems that we are facing from my experience from what it was what the house was ten years back and now what we have gained in the past six months is there is a good amount of change a good amount of positive energy which people face in the house previously because of health issues a lot of time you know is to feel that should we stay in the house or should we not stay in the house or should we moved to another place but now yes we do feel that yes this is our one house and why should we leave now first who has also been done and we are as guided by Guruji we are doing all the performances what he has been told and we following each and every step that is there so we also do feel the difference in the house which is there and we are thankful for Guruji and Pharrell was – for giving us you know this guidance and getting us in the right track

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