I note that one of the prohibited flavors for vaping is cannabis so I want to ask you from a harm reduction strategy point of view why are you treating cannabis and tobacco differently they thing is considered a harm reduction strategy to get people off tobacco now we're going to make it legal people to smoke cannabis I would say we're making it we're going to promote to cannabis using canned and now with this new legislation but the cannabis flavor in vaping which is in fact the less dangerous activity than inhaling combustible marijuana leaves will be prohibited so there's an inconsistency it seems to me between the treatment of tobacco leaves and marijuana leaves and I'm wondering why that is well I think you touched on it thank you for the question first of all and I do think that you touched on it to a certain extent as you gave the question by recognizing that as we move forward with the legalization of cannabis just in the same way that products like tobacco and even alcohol are legal does not mean that they are without risks so cannabis is a product that we are taking steps to legalize to strictly regulate to restrict access to informed adults but we know that it's a product that has associated risks and we would not want to do anything to entice people to take up a product like that so in the same way the decision was made that on the flavoring of a vaping product that we wouldn't want to to promote the cannabis slavering which might then appeal to a young person who might move from the use of a vaping product flavored to cannabis to the use of cannabis itself perhaps in the other direction off of cannabis onto vaping well that's an interesting question in the spirit of harm reduction as you said that is something that I think we will need to keep an eye on if it is if it were felt at this point of course the introduction of the legislation around cannabis becoming a legal product but a product that we acknowledge has public health risks that need to be understood better if first it would be foreseeable down the road if it was felt that the again on the relative risk question that that the relative risks of vaping and using a product that was cannabis flavored somehow offered a public health benefit to be able to take people from dependence on a cannabis products itself that would be something that could still be done I believe through regulations yes so they would it wouldn't require the reopening of the legislation but at this point in the spirit of caution we felt that it was best to limit and not to allow that particular flavor promotion thank you just on that Minister with regard to the vaping helping with regard to tobacco it is because you have nicotine in the vaping product which is what smokers are addicted to they're not addicted to the flavor of the smoke or the other chemicals as well as the nicotine so in in the marijuana area you might have to add something more than just a flavour to deal with the equivalent transfer in that kind of situation but it is an interesting concept not it's not the cannabis smell or flavor that's addictive it is THC that's addictive and when I look at the schedule of prohibited ingredients THC is not at only nine and THC is not one of them and I was wondering did you anticipate or think about in advance how this list of prohibited ingredients will harmonize with with the legalization because I guess PhD is currently a prohibited substance in Canada as of this minute but it's not going to be shortly and but it but it's not a prohibited ingredient in vaping so I just I'm just having difficulty understanding how the strategy works the vaping how your vaping strategy coordinates with your cannabis strategy I'm not sure I entirely understand the question whether you let me play simply simply then there's a list of ingredients that you know people aren't going to be allowed to tavae including you know vitamins and amino acids and caffeine but will be legal to vape THC or be legal for that vapors they vendors to sell THC loaded vaping devices that will be legal so if I understand correctly you're asking about using cannabis products with a vaping device right so that would then fall under the legislation around cannabis if there was cannabis that was associated with the vaping devices that I'm describing how that harmonizes with s-5 because it's not there other than the cannabis flavor there's nothing about the ingredients in marijuana that are prohibited in this legislation right but I think if if there were a cannabis ingredient innovation product it would be captured by the cannabis product or kind of cannabis legislation for perhaps you can respond to that better Hillary so so today having THC in a baby product would be illegal because cannabis is illegal should cannabis be legalized in the future it's sort of similar to the question about marijuana flavor I think it is possible that it may make sense at that point to consider adding THC to the schedule along with vitamins and caffeine and other and other things so that is a potential future action that may need to be taken to harmonize but I think at this point in time it's speculative

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