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given the complexity of this bill I'd invite you to take a look at our brief but to better understand our position my comments today will be of more general nature however it's public health objectives related to reducing the harm related to cigarette consumption and most critically preventing you from smoking not even a tobacco company kids should not smoke period there are known health risk associated with smoking and cigarettes should only be consumed by adults that have made an informed decision knowing all the risks this is where Imperial Tobacco Canada supports reasonable and evidence-based regulation especially the ones aimed at keeping tobacco products out of the hands of Canadian Jews however we oppose regulation that will not achieve any of the stated help objected and purchase particularly those that will be counterproductive we also believe reduced harm nicotine products can play an important role by encouraging adult smokers who switch to switch to alternative sources of nicotine with potentially lower health risk therefore we welcome bill as sighs intent to legalize vaping products across Canada this bill is a good first step in that direction but it is incomplete without a proper regulatory framework following the enactment Health Canada's number one priority should be to introduce vaping regulations promptly to ensure that the health of consumers is not compromised like poorly manufactured and potentially dangerous products in addition the bills provision that limit manufacturers and retailers from communicating to consumers are problematic restricting promotion of these products of these reduced harm products will make it harder for adult consumers to understand the potential benefit of switching in our submission we suggest reasonable amendments to these restrictive provisions if public health is the ultimate goal those amendments need to be incorporated moving on we strongly oppose those provisions of the bill that seek to standardize not only tobacco packaging but even cigarettes themselves we have a number of reasons for doing so first these measures violate our trademark right as business as a business involved in the sale of the legal product we have the fundamental right to use our trademarks second packaging and product standardization will make it impossible for consumers retailers and even law enforcement official to distinguish a legal product from an illegal one canada already faces a huge contraband problem with parts of ontario not saying more than fifty percent of the market made up of illicit tobacco according to the RCMP there are over 50 illegal cigarette factories in Canada with enough collective capacity to take over the supply of the entire Canadian market there are hundreds of organized crime groups dealing illegal tobacco and these groups collect and pay no taxes and font tobacco control laws they sell cigarette as a fraction of the legal price and have no qualms about selling their products to underage Canadian if these measures pass it will provide a template for organized crime group to flood the Canadian market with contraband and counterfeit products some say that Canada is immune to an increase in illicit trade because of graphic health warnings and excise stamps on legal products as you will see in our submission warning labels and excise stamps already appear on your legal products including incredibly baggies of cigarettes a third reason for opposing plain packaging is that it simply doesn't work the only country that this policy has been fully in place for a long period of time is Australia despite what some groups will tell you the truth is that according to the data from the australian government's National Drug Strategy household survey there has been no acceleration in the smoking rate decline in that country since it introduced plain packaging smoking incidents in Australia like in Canada was already declining year-on-year and that trend did not accelerate after plain packaging in Canada tobacco packages already have graphic health warnings that covers 75% of the package surface they are hidden from public view at display at retail and there is no evidence that has been offered that the remaining branded area of the pack impacts a person to decision to start smoking but Health Canada wants to go even further and standardize the apparent by appearance of cigarettes themselves inside the pack suggesting that a tiny trademark or a marking on a cigarette is somehow an inducement to smoking quite rightly other countries have rejected health canada's efforts to impose cigarette standardization based on appearance through the World Health Organization's Framework Convention and tobacco control citing lack of evidence based on a study from The Canadian Lung Association seventy percent of you through smoke say they started because their friends smoke or they felt the pressure to start smoking none of them said it was because there was a logo at the bottom of the pack or a trademark on a cigarette the best way to prevent you smoking and reduce tobacco consumption is through proper education and awareness campaigns targeted at vulnerable populations this is the approach taken by the united states where without any of the extreme measures introduced in canada and australia the smoking rates has declined to similar similar work record low levels to conclude i cannot finish without noting this government's contradictions when dealing with tobacco versus marijuana the government has said that it plans to legalize marijuana because prohibition doesn't work because legalization will protect youth and because disruption should be taken out of the hands of criminal organizations in contrast senators should ask themselves themselves whether packaging and product standardization of tobacco is really the number one prior to protect the health Canadian youth


  1. I wonder why it is not a crime for persons under 18 to smoke? There must be a reason but I don't know what it is.

  2. What a monster, those that work for big tobacco are truly evil people, they want to destroy vaping. "Trade mark rights" ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, without question I HATE these people

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