Sneak Peek of Planet Fitness Opening Soon in Cathedral City, CA

hi everyone and welcome to CCTV I’m your
host Conrad angel Corral. as 2018 comes along it’s time for those New Year’s
resolutions and usually at the top of the resolution is get fit and get back
to the gym so today we’re gonna give you a sneak preview to Planet Fitness here
in Cathedral City at date-palm and Dinah Shore okay so we’re here with the owner
Sameer Bhatia thank you for having us here today thank you for having me so
Planet Fitness is coming to Cathedral City that’s right when is it gonna be
opening that’s it start off in the beginning when you’re right everybody
wants to know that exactly yes so we’re targeting opening second week of January
all right and we’re trying to you know race to the finish line but because it’s
construction we’re not getting a definite deadline but second week of
January I hope to be open all right sounds good and we’re gonna have a
little sneak preview for you because right now we’re in the sales office
which is next door to where the actual gym is gonna be but in a few moments
we’re gonna go over there and see the rough openings or the rough of the rough
yeah you’ll see the construction and construction zone of the Planet Fitness
exactly so I was reading some stuff that you would send me and this is actually
your second gym that’s right second one in Coachella Valley the first one is in
Coachella where we received you know amazing reception from people of
Coachella and we hope to bring the same value here that we have you know and
bring this to the people of Cathedral City in neighboring area I would I would
suspect that people are build it and they will come yeah well you know the
judgment-free zone that Planet Fitness is created is you know targeted at
everyday folks and you know it resonates with people who want to go into the gym
and feel comfortable and not be intimidated so how does it gym become
associated with a judgment-free zone I mean it makes sense but how does that
smell a great question you know it’s sort of you know being this whole
concept of judgment-free zone was has evolved over the years and was been
started by our CEO Chris Rondo and what he you know when he started out and you
know when we had fewer gyms then we noticed that a lot of the gyms cater to
just the people who want to be fed who are in the fitness and you know it
totally ignores the people who want to enter into a gym but a few
a little uncomfortable because they’re not super fed or you know they walk into
a gym and they feel like all these super fit bodies what am I doing here and so
what they try to create was a bright like you see our colors yellow and
purple you know our machine machines yeah alive 60% of our you know
demographics is female and they created the zone where everybody’s welcome and
that’s in our mission statement the world judges we don’t and it’s our
judgment free zone so tell me a little bit about what stand with the judgement
free zone so Planet Fitness is associated through the judgement free
zone with the Boys and Girls Club and also a brother organization tell us
about those two organizations and how they come together yeah so you know then
as we grew as a corporation Planet Fitness you know one of the things was
which charitable cause should we support instance our whole philosophy is that
we’re a judgment-free zone you know and make feel everybody welcome and create
and what we call non gym timid ation environment which i think is very
important right right exactly we’d receive a lot of you know people
who said so you know the whole point of being
associated with a charity was we want to promote anti-bullying we want to promote
kindness and boys and girls and we want a national organization that we can
partner with so that’s where Boys and Girls Clubs of America came in because
they’re a national organization and actually I’ve already reached out to the
people in Cathedral City and we’re gonna be doing something with them in order to
help them but we have a very big Boys and Girls Club here in Cathedral City
right and I love that about yeah and I love that about you know I was
introduced to you know the board of director person there recently and we’re
gonna you know partner with them in helping them promote this message of
kindness anti-bullying and you know judgment please you know and when we
call a judgment-free generation so we’re raising this is very important got to
start now so that later on it’s just nationwide absolutely judgment
free zone you are currently scheduled to open in January there must
be some kind of initial incentive for people to come absolutely and watch
tells a lot about that yes so you know we’re known for our $10 a month
membership and you know one of the concepts about the judgment-free zone
was that hey a lot of the gyms before we came in we’re very expensive they used
to charge you a lot more and luckier than three or contracts so what we’d
want to do was simplify it for normal folks so they can at least experience
the gym and then see if it’s something for them or not and so our ten dollars a
month revolutionize the industry and now we
have actually a lot of copycats but still we are still the biggest and the
largest and are you literally there’s no another upfront charge it’s ten dollars
a month there’s a dollar fee to sign up a dollar just a dollar handle that yeah
and you get a free t-shirt so it pays for it right there’s that and so you
know there’s a dollar for you sign up right now and ten dollars a month and
you can come in and cancel anytime you want and you get to experience the whole
20,000 square foot will be open 24/7 it’ll be fully staffed so it’s literally
$10 a month there’s no additional charge yeah there’s just a dollar to sign up
and you get a free t-shirt when you sign up so it’s a deal yeah so daughter down
in ten dollars a month and you can cancel anytime you want you know you can
experience the whole twenty thousand square foot of our gym they’ll be open
24/7 and fully staffed Wow no I just we were speaking a bit earlier
and you mentioned that there would be if I joined for $10 and I had a friend or
my partner or whoever maybe yeah they could come along with me all the time
yeah well we have two memberships so the other one that you’re referring to is
the black card membership and what it is is literally a two-in-one membership
because every time you come in you can bring a guest with you for free
one guest any time every time and it doesn’t make sense yeah it’s a two in
one it’s actually you know it makes perfect sense wait it doesn’t make sense
right I mean you know what we’ve seen is that you know about 60 to 70 percent of
our members are Black Card members and they love it even more because they get
to come out with their friends and try out equipment or work out and motivate
each other and they’re actually getting or out of the membership then some of
the other fold and I think also that it if you are able to bring a friend a
husband a spouse with you you are more apt to probably come to the
gym that’s right there’s two people going you’re not feeling a little bit
nervous you’re gonna go conquer this thing together exactly also get to use
all of our amenities like you know bland amenities like hydro massage you know
tanning beauty angels massage chairs and they get to use all of our 1,400
locations nationwide we’re the largest gym chain in the
nation we’re in all 50 states and you know a black card member can go to any
one of these locations wow that’s pretty amazing
all right so in don’t make sure I have this and I get this correct so in the
black card membership you’re gonna get a lot of things yep you’re gonna get the
hydro massage you’re gonna get the angel beauty enjoy beauty Angley you’re gonna
get the massage share your botanic you’re gonna get the tanning you’re
obviously gonna get the gym you’re gonna get a cardio workout if you want that
the the P fitness is that what you’re calling yeah we call it PE at benefit
tell us what that is you know all of our training I’m glad you asked that because
you know one of the other things that we noticed when we roll out of the gym
chain or the founders did was that in all the gyms charge a lot of extras hey
if you want to train if you want a personal trainer it’s like fifty dollars
a session right this and that we provide all of our training included in our
memberships you don’t pay anything extra so our trainer which is a group trainer
has classes from Monday to Friday about like you know thousand appointments of
month for our members and they can all just sign up and show up you don’t have
to pay anything extra we have different classes targeting you know for beginners
medium people more advanced folks we have a cross training area or we will
have in the gym called p PF 360 will have 30 minutes ur ckets for busy people
where you come in and do all of your workout in just 30 minutes and a full
body workout will have you know circuits focusing just on ABS will have circuits
for singer focusing on cross-training and we’d have a big cardio section well
I 100 pieces of cardio with that you know treadmills you know ellipticals
cross trainers all of those things is there an
age range that you people are allowed to be in a gym and we kind of well you had
only 13 I know we’re tuning over okay but you know from a demographics
perspective 60% of our customers are female they like love the purple and
about we have a higher proportion of seniors because again because of the
judgment-free zone they feel welcomed walking in towards you well it sounds
like a great gym to be part of we’re we’re very glad that you’re that we’re
here to see this why don’t we take a little bit of a walk and look at some of
the equipment that you have here posters of it and then we’ll go inside the gym
and actually look around there okay so we are here in the pre-sales office and
similar why don’t you just take me through it so since we don’t have the
gym open yet we tend to show people will comment sign up what we’ll have you know
this is our mission statement you know like I said the whole point is this is a
judgment-free zone but everybody’s accepted and respected and you belong
and that’s the message we want to give to our guests that works for me
yeah so tons of cardio you talk yeah so we’re famous for our cardio you know we
have typically our gyms have the highest proportion of cardio of any gems and you
know we have over 100 pieces here we’ll have hundred pieces will have treadmills
we’ll have cross trainers will have ellipticals we’ll even have something
new called a hydro roar we’ve typically seen roars
in gyms and they make a lot of noise and hold the Planet Fitness there is more
like keep the noise down and you keep it more enjoyable so we’ll have something
called hydro roars that’s a new thing where the roars work on water I love
this from what you tell us a little about this one yes again you know again
I hope philosophy there’s no critics here and you belong and we’ll have a
tons of strength equipment focusing on different parts of the body isn’t very
user-friendly machines that show you know a diagram of where the starting
position is ending position what is what muscles do you’re targeting we typically
have two or more of each targeting each part of the body and one thing I notice
about what that what you’re showing us here is that in a lot of gyms it’s a lot
of free weights and people start somewhat a little afraid of them if you
sit into a machine like this there’s not nothing’s gonna fall on you exactly
you’re gonna push it put a pin in and out and adjust your weight that exactly
I mean that’s that’s great point because you know that’s what we’re known for we
eliminated a lot of things that fall and make noise you know because we want to
make sure that you know one of the things that intimidates
people when people are like pumping heavy stuff and throwing it on the
ground and what we want to make sure is people get to use the same benefits from
those but use it the machines so a lot of folks like the fact that you can just
kind of come into one area and do your workout sure if you want get out go into
life right so that’s kind of what this is telling us um well I should add you
said that a lot of us are very busy in our lives you know we have we don’t have
time for your exercising you know I’m sure you’re busy you know sometimes
people want to come in during the lunch hour so what we developed was a
30-minute workouts Express this is a place where you can come in and there
are 20 machines and it works on a red light green light system where you can
do a full-body workout in just 30 minutes and believe me it is intense so
this is like having a trainer but without the trade out the trainer yeah
you just move on through these machines you just rotate one by one based on
whether the light is green or red and you know after 30 minutes you’ve
completed the whole circuit then we also have a 12-minute app circuit it just
focuses on your abs I can get 12 minutes and get that six-pack that I get a man
get ready for that and then this is something new plan if this is putting in
this is a PF 360 area which is a cross training area that has very light peeler
right now right and this is you know we do have stretch bands you know strobes
and medicine balls and kale balls so I’ve been involved in a variety of gyms
since I’ve been going to gyms off and on yeah and I have to say that when I first
started in another gym the locker rooms did not look like this yeah so you know
again it goes back to our core demographic we everything we do is based
on what our members love about it right and 60% of the members are female they
love clean locker rooms they love spacious locker rooms so we have male
and female locker rooms and going to the judgment-free philosophy we have private
changing rooms where you can you know some people like to change in private we
have private changing rooms and all these locker rooms will have lighted
mirrors they look exactly like this they’ll have tons of lockers and people
love them right as well it’s an interesting idea because in most gyms
you go into the locker room and it’s everyone changing and doing their thing
and some people you just know don’t feel good about dry they would rather have
the right but interesting idea yep so we’re here
with of course one of the members of the Coachella Planet Fitness Francisco purse
era is that correct yes assetto that’s great yes good deal
so Francisco why don’t you tell us a little about how long have you been
coming to Planet Fitness well it’s been about 10 months now I started my full
transformation back in February 21st well Planet Fitness is a judgment-free
zone I will tell you that and what does that mean that means they don’t they
don’t discriminate on how you look what you do what kind of workouts you’ve done
they don’t you know criticize you in any way shape or form so as a viewer of
shows myself I’m always saying proof is in the pudding
show me that there was a change so you talked about being 238 million pounds
and now you are not that but you brought some clothes that shows us what you were
before and now we can see what you are enough so once you show us some of those
clothes so back in February 20th I was a three XL shirt and now and now from a
three XL to an extra-large okay what a transformation
yeah not that I’m sitting down on the job but you know every now then you have
to do that so we are here at the massage chairs which you’re gonna have how many
of them in this gym here we’ll have these two over here needs to and we’ll
have some other equipment in our Black Card area they can tell you about and
put in my little coin in we’ll just see what happens here so one of things I
love about this is I love after my work I’ve been able to just kind of not have
to leave right away oh I’m going back I’ll be with you in just a few moments I
love not just having to leave the gym but maybe go to another space and sit
down and get a massage afterwards obviously this is what’s gonna be
happening here yes so this is another perk for the Black Card members you know
in our Black Card area we have several things or several amenities that you
know are exclusive to our Black Card members one of these is the massage
chair and this is one of the most popular areas where people want to relax
you know after a strenuous workout you want to you know just relax and chill a
little bit and this is where you do it and this is
perfect what’s happening of course you’ve been in these chairs before but I
feel like I’m in a cocoon my legs have they’ve grabbed my legs and
they’re doing a massage down there I have the massage going on our back well
I’m really enjoying this part very much so but I think it’s a good opportunity
us now to go over and actually look at the gym so Samara we’re not gonna go
next door to see the constructions right way so tell me again how big it is it’s
20,000 square foot and where is that from right from this pillar over here
all the way down to the last pillar that you see is that right that is it that’s
a very big gym it’s gonna be a very big space yes is that gonna be one of the
biggest in the area do you know or is that just as one of the biggest
definitely it’s the biggest Planet Fitness in Coachella Valley and it’s one
of the biggest you know typically that’s our size from 18 to 24 thousand but
20,000 is right in the streets about eighteen to twenty-two thousand for my
house and writers knows that’s huge yep I’m looking forward to going to
sciency well yeah well right now it looks like a constructive or zone but so
I can at least show you all right so what it looked like and what the
different parts are gonna be and this is a sneak preview into Planet Fitness come
on so we’re now inside yep and what – tell us about what we have here in front
of us or around but what you have here is our main cardio floor that’s where
we’re standing right now that’s gonna be this section this whole middle section
has gonna have over a hundred pieces of cardio you know and then we’ll have some
free weights over here we’ll have giant 65 inch TVs on the top you can see that
some for TV yeah you can you would be able to hear them while you’re working
out and then there’ll be Smith machines over there so this is the whole main
floor that’s gonna be a reception desk you see some people working furiously
laying tiles all right we’re gonna have male and female locker rooms over there
they’re gonna be spacious locker rooms with tons of lockers and private
changing rooms like I said and then will you have a couple of locker rooms that
are out on the floor so that people can just drop their keys and that’s why come
and go yeah so make it easy for people to drop in their car keys that’s an area
where you see that’s empty right now but they’ll have some lockers in there for
people to do that put their wallets and keys all right and why don’t we go over
there and what you tell us about what’s in that section
okay so we’re moving around a little bit here inside the construction zone and
over to my right hand side is the welcoming desk right and you
talk about this areas where the lockers will be for people put keys and stuff
right and what goes on back there so in the back is our black card area which is
exposed to our Black Card members it’ll be a nice little area with the lounge
where people can sit and relax it’ll also have different amenities that are
available to our Black Card members like tanning beauty angels hydro massage beds
item aside lounges a thought shared a lot Wow all back in there come on it’s
all back in there yeah so we are moving ourselves around the gym what you tell
us about what we’re looking at now scram so this is our 30-minute workout Express
circuit I call it the busy people circuit because you can come in and out
in 30 minutes and do a full body workout it’ll have 20 different machines in
there like we showed in the picture okay so what do we have in this section so
this is our 12-minute circuit that just you know gets you the six-pack you need
to go to gym B go to the beach this is gonna be our PF 360 area it’s gonna have
you know robes kettlebells stretch band it’s for gonna be for cross-training
we also have a special area for just stretching and abs where we’ll have a
bunch of machines over there for doing your abs as well as stretching and some
stretching mats over there similarly there’ll be some stretching mats over
here so this all sounds very exciting yeah it’s a big gym it’s a new gym
coming to get to this side of the god of the valley yep it’s called Planet
Fitness we’re gonna be opening you’re gonna be opening January 2nd January 2nd
week and people who come in now to get free membership yeah we have a special
running right now December 31st right now it’s just dollar
down and send all the month so just come on in and find out a dollar down you


  1. This is so exciting. We no longer have excuses. Colors are refreshing and up lifting.
    Be a black card member, I did. LET'S GO

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  4. Its not a gym your not alowd to struggle were u end up grunting on those last 2 reps are forced and splits your muscle in pain to help you grow they will kick you out . on the tredmill your not alowed to huff and puff were your making to much noise a hitler dress codefree pizzas on fridays and all u can eat tootsierolls . it has to be quiet as a church ⛪ dont let them lie to you they judge how you dress ans look they will tell u to cover up if your boobs and back is showing

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