SMU Active Minds: Faces of Mental Health video series (Summer Moss)

>>When I started PT school, I had this
vision that I was going to help everyone. Everyone was going to be fit,
everyone was going to be happy. I had all of this restless energy
that I was going to fix everything. And within two weeks, I lost that vision. I was so drowned in deadlines and
pressures that I hadn’t experienced before that my vision became an entirely clouded. And I realized, as that month of the first part of PT school progressed,
that I wasn’t doing well. And I recognized the amount of crying
spells I spent after every exam, the amount of times I would
isolate myself, the amount of times that I was perpetuating a negative self-talk
that wasn’t going to get me anywhere. And while perfectionism got me into
PT school, it didn’t make me happy. And I realized that I needed
to reach out to someone else. I wanted to feel like I was actually
a member of something bigger. I wanted to feel like I was still a part of a
family, even though I was 500 miles from home. And so, I went up to my faculty and I told
them, I’m not doing well, I need help. And they told me, I’ll make time for that. It was at that point that I realized
that things were going to be okay. And so, I started looking into resources in the
community for taking care of my mental health, for helping others to try and figure
out what could actually be done about it because unfortunately in graduate
school, being emotionally unstable, being attached to perfectionism, being attached
to grades and deadlines is in the norm. And in order to really radically change that
culture, you have to radically look at yourself and figure out what do I really want. I started to introspect, and I started to
realize that I wasn’t living the values that I wanted and the reasons that I came into PT school weren’t the ones
that I was living every day. Once I started Active Minds, I realized
that I had the opportunity to do more. And I would recommend for other
people going into graduate school to really spend some time reflecting
what it is that they value and figuring out how they can live the life
that really reflects those values because you can be the best healthcare provider
according to the textbook, but it’s not going to mean anything if you don’t
remember what it means to be human. [ Music ]


  1. Summer – thanks for your courage in sharing your story and the insight you offer to others to keep our values in focus – that can help everyone!

  2. Thank you, Summer. You've shared an important story to encourage other students!

  3. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Summer, great job! You are going to help sooooo many students with your video and your continued work! Onward and Upward!!!

  5. Powerful, thank you 🙏🏼

  6. Every time I see this I cry. The pride I feel as a mother is enormous but watching this means I get to actually see your face, the one I miss every day. No one knows the huge obstacles you've had to overcome to do something like this, no one. In reality you are no longer a child but, a intelligent, beautiful woman, but in my world….You will always be my little girl,.

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