Smooth Mouth And Lip Lines With Face Yoga

Hi guys my name’s Danielle
Collins I’m the world leading face yoga expert and author of
the book, Danielle Collins Face Yoga so I’m going to
show you some really quick easy techniques to do to help the
mouth area. So really helping to reduce little lines around
the mouth and around the lips as well. So you start with you
index finger and you just do a little flicking all the way
along the lip line. So this is such a nice way to just boost
the circulation around the lips naturally help to boost
collagen and the elastin as well and it’s very good if you
do suffer from any little lines around that area. Also if you want
to prevent them as well. Good. And then just take your finger
and just do a little massage all the way along the lip line
nice and gently circling round and then the other
way gently circling round Thats it good. Okay. So just
relax now. Then just taking your tongue and bring it around
the inside of the lips. We’re going to see three times one way
three times the other way take it really slowly make
sure it’s around this muscle here rather than around
the cheeks. And by about a second time in and you should find
that your tongue aches a little bit as you do it.
So let’s do this together. And the other way Good. So that’s really going to help
to strengthen and tone. You’re Orbicularis Oris muscle which
is a muscle that runs all the way around the mouth. So as we
tone and strengthen this muscle the skin attached to its tightened
tautened and firmed and our final technique is a massage
for the Nasollabial Fold So two fingers we’re just simply tapping upwards. And as you do this
really relax your face. Get into that habit of knowing how to
relax your face when you want to. We tend to hold stress related
expressions for long periods of time and if we can actually
just consciously relax our face when we’re not talking and
we’re not smiling it’s really going to help to reduce and
prevent those lines there. This massage is also really
helping to boost the blood flow to bring all the fresh blood
and nutrients and oxygen up to the skin surface really feeding
the skin. So twice more. And relaxed a hands back down.
So if you’d like more information on face yoga and
particularly our teacher training courses you can go to Have a great day. BYE-BYE

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