Small HEALTHY Habits for Body + Mind

Hello everyone out there, how’s it going?
Welcome back to my channel. There’s a car. There it goes.
Welcome back to my channel I am happy to have you here. Life sometimes throws us a
curveball. Sometimes really unexpected things happen and it can really throw us
off balance and kind of spiral us into a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, and I
think a lot of us are feeling like that at the moment. And today I wanted to
share with you really simple, small things that we can do on a regular basis
to support our mental and our physical well-being. Some things that we can do
for our mind, our body, our soul, kind of lift our spirits to help us to calm a
little bit, reduce stress, and also just to put things into perspective. Let’s get
started. Pause and notice your surroundings. It’s
so easy for us to be focusing on the past, focusing on the future, being
worried about what’s gonna happen, and sometimes all we need to do is just take
a moment to pause – to just stop – wherever you are, and just look at what’s around
you. You know, what is around you? What can you focus on that is in the here and now?
And what happens when we do that is we put that awareness back into the
present moment. Present moment awareness right? But when we do that, when we experience that present moment awareness, the fears about the future, our
you know, the feelings that we have about the past, they dissipate. For example,
right here I’m sitting on my couch, on the edge of my couch, my kitchen is in
front of me, and everything that’s around me is is what’s here right now.
This is what’s real. Get out into nature if you can. Now if
you’re not able to even just something as simple as opening up your window,
sitting by a window, just having some of the outdoor world near you is so
so powerful. When I get up in the morning I love opening up my window, especially
now that it’s springtime. Maybe not so much in the winter, but having the
windows open and just being outside where I can hear the birds, where I can
hear the breeze, you know, the wind blowing. All of these different elements
of nature are profoundly calming and very reassuring, and the reason why I
find nature to be so reassuring, I hope that you can appreciate this analogy: I
feel like just nature, the outside world, is such a testament to to resilience and
how there can be, you know, disastrous storms, we can have all kinds of turmoil
going on in the outside world and what happens is things are able to regrow.
Even when you think about the spring versus the dead of winter where
things, flowers start sprouting again. Things are able to just flourish
again especially when we think about how we as humans are part of this earth. Not
trying to get too deep here, but really I I believe that we are also inherently
really resilient people, and there’s a lot that we can learn from the outside
world. So point being here though is to get outside and I think that if you are like
most people, just being out in nature in any form, really, can drastically reduce
anxiety levels. Can make you feel a lot less stressed and can make you just feel
more grounded and more balanced. Found a worm! [Muffled voice: looks very similar to the worm you were looking at before] I love worms! Look at this guy.
Look at him go. Look at him go. I am a big lover of things like positive
affirmations, but I also love inspirational quotes, I love different
phrases, things that just lift me up. So whether this for you is something like
scripture or maybe just an inspirational bool, whatever it might be, turn to these
things because they really do help to lift you up. Some of my favourite
quotes are ‘this too shall pass’, ‘everything happens for a reason’,
‘everything is exactly as it should be’, I really like that one especially. I
actually want to hear from you. If you guys have any really uplifting
quotes or phrases, leave them down in the comments below. Let’s just load up the
comment section with lots of really uplifting phrases or any of your
favourite quotes. I would love to hear them. Let’s talk about gratitude here, and
one of the simplest things that you can do is to just write down three things
that you’re grateful for and the reasons why you’re grateful for them, and this
helps us so much because it shifts our perspective. I’ve talked about this in
videos in the past, but it shifts our perspective from a state of, you know,
scarcity, of lacking, not having enough, worry, all of those things, to
abundance. To realizing what we do have. And if you’re not in the habit of
writing down or thinking of the things that you’re grateful for often, then
even what you can do is just to make one master list kind of, the things that you
are grateful for and then have it handy. You can kind of have it near you or you
can just refer to it when you just want to lift yourself up a little bit. But
even just saying them or talking to a loved one, or your partner, or a
friend can do wonders it to to your emotional well-being, your mental and
emotional well-being. Sometimes without us realizing it we are
breathing really shallow. This is often what happens when we are in a state of
stress or worry or anxiety or freaking out about something, and slowing down
your breath is one of the quickest ways to have an effect on your your nervous
system, your parasympathetic nervous system specifically, which is what
governs that rest and digest, and makes you feel calm. You know, slows down your heart
rate. It’s something that we always have available to us. It’s a practice that we
can do anywhere, anytime. It’s really just kind of paying attention to your breath
and consciously slowing it down, being aware of how you’re breathing and
adjusting it. Something that I find to be really helpful is relaxing, and again,
kind of consciously doing this, relaxing any muscle tension that I have in my
body. This is especially helpful if you’re feeling stressed out but also
sometimes we’re doing this without noticing, without realizing it. Maybe but we’re
clenching our jaw, maybe we’re furrowing our eyebrows, maybe our shoulders are
hunched a little bit. But what I want you to do, even right now, it just only takes
a moment: do a quick scan of how your body is feeling. Are you
hunching a little bit? Are your eyebrows kind of furrowed a
little? Just notice them and relax them. That’s it. Simple as that. And you will
immediately feel that effect of just feeling a little bit more relaxed when
you let go of that tension. Next I want to talk about starting your
day with a nourishing meal. Nourishing our bodies feels, good it’s an act of
self-care which we definitely need during times of stress, and it really
helps to set us up for better choices through the day. Perhaps if you are
newer to eating healthier more regularly, even if there’s just one other meal that
you can really focus on making that one meal nourishing for you can make a big
difference in how you feel. So some of my favoruite breakfasts are like I love an
avocado toast, leftover sweet potato with some eggs, that’s really good, or an
omelette with added veggies, a smoothie with a handful of greens added to it,
oatmeal is wonderful too. And so these are just some options of things to
really start to emphasize in your life on a more regular basis is making sure
that your breakfast is super nourishing and you’re supporting your body right
off the bat, at the beginning of your day. I love tea.
I just love tea. There are so many wonderful kinds of herbal teas out there
and not only do I love drinking tea because it’s a really nice, kind of daily
ritual to get into, it’s relaxing, we can slow down, but also herbs have properties
that can benefit different parts of our body. So I love peppermint and ginger for
digestion, fennel is also great, green tea is great for energy, chamomile for stress,
astragalus also chaga and reishi mushrooms are great for our immune
system which is on a lot of our minds right now. Leave me a comment below with
your favourite teas that you love to consume regularly or any of your other
favourite kind of like morning drink rituals, I would love to hear what
your favourites are. But another thing that I love doing with teas is making
tea lattes, and if you aren’t familiar with this it’s really just you’re making
a latte with milk. I usually do almond milk or coconut milk, and you plop a
teabag in there and it’s delicious. And so the way that I make it at home is
I just heat up some of my almond milk and then I have an electric milk frother, I’ll whiz it up, make it nice and frothy and then I’ll pour that into a
mug and then add my teabag. And that’s pretty much it, that’s pretty much it. You
can add a little bit of honey or maple syrup if you want to. We are always doing
things. We’re just always doing things. We always have things to do and I think
it’s so easy for us to forget about the fact that it’s okay to stop and do
nothing. And I’m talking to really do nothing.
Like I don’t mean do nothing as in just sit down and watch some TV and do
nothing, I’m talking like… nothing. Like the kind of nothing where you’re lying
on your bed and you do not have your phone near you, you do not have the TV
turned on, you don’t have music playing, you don’t have a podcast on, you don’t
have even anyone near you potentially, but you’re just doing nothing. You’re
letting yourself sit with your thoughts and just being with yourself, just
doing nothing. Not being influenced by things that
you’re reading online or music that you’re hearing or noises that you hear.
And hey, this might just be for a couple of minutes. It’s really just that idea of
almost letting yourself be bored for a moment. It’s actually, there’s some
research on this that being bored is actually really good for ourselves
instead of constantly feeling like we have to stimulate our brains.
Have and outlet, some kind of creative outlet especially where you can express
yourself. This is so good for our mind, so good for our soul, it just is good
all-around for our well-being when we can express ourselves in a creative
way. We are creative beings. I know some people are maybe more creative or more
artistic than others, but there are so many different ways to be creative and
it feels good when we do that. Writing is a wonderful thing to do here, journaling,
creative writing, I really love poetry, it’s one of my favourite ways to express
myself. Music perhaps, creating music or singing. I’m not a singer, okay, I’m not
like, I’m not a singer. But I actually enjoy singing. When I’m alone. Like I
enjoy it, there’s something about it just feels really good. Singing maybe,
doing something with your hands, maybe sewing, crafting, baking, art, anything. I
also love art. I love portraiture, I love sketching, I love painting. Although it’s
been a while since I’ve done it. I should really, I should – I need to I
need to draw something soon. I definitely need to draw something soon, it’s been a
while. And also expression is important too because it can be therapeutic in a
lot of different ways, right? It can be therapeutic when we are expressing
ourselves, when we are releasing different feelings that we’re having
that are maybe pent up or emotions, and we’re expressing them in whichever way
feels good for you. But my last point here that I want to
talk about is to give a little bit of yourself and what I mean here is kind words, a compliment, a kind gesture, even just a smile at strangers
can make a world of a difference in how people feel and how you feel. It can
really like light things up, light people up. I know right now at the time of this
recording a lot of us are in isolation, we’re not really going out much, but just
in general to remember doing what you can to spread a little bit of kindness,
and I think it helps to connect us in that sort of small way. And that is it
for today’s video, I really hope all of you are doing okay during this really
interesting time in 2020. I really hope that some of these things really help
you to kind of help to promote some more mental physical well-being in your life.
Be sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet, you can also give this
video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I will see you all in my next video.


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