Hair friends Welcome to long hair videos and tips Today speak special tips about health and hair care Today speak some good things That not speak me it’s my husband Please watch carefully We can start now Namaskaram Today we speak about essential nutrition for hair and it’s also Help to support health also which are the easiest sources I am first give the details …to roopa but she is fear to speak this details So i am come to help her So wecan start …see we must need some nutrition daily basis The essential hair growth meterial is Protien..vitamins and minerals Hair is made main content is protien We got lot of protein from various sources But The protein some times not use for hair growth We got good protien from sprouts The good source of good protein it support to hair growth Eat sprouts raw or salad make dishes any way …it’s more result get raw sprout The good proien source we get Next thing is vitamins Lot of vitamins are essential daily basis Vitamin A it is support to smoothening the scalp and hair The best source of vitamin A is carrot Use daily One carrot it’s very good to support hair and scalp Naturally produce oily scalp and protect hair The other sources Spinach all time spinach palak is best source of vitamin A Muringa leaves are good source of vitamin A AVAKADO FRUIT all are good sources of vitamin A …Do not search more sources We got this easy basis VITAMIN B spinach and palak and muringa leaves We can use palak spinach as hair pack its very use ful vitamin This all are very good to hair and health also We can use this spinach cooked or raw Then vitamin B12 IT’S GOOD source is banana It’s very support to ladies health Gauva fruit …Use daily One banana or gauva is very helpful to to support your health Vitamin c its very good anti oxidant also Improve immunity level prevent many diseases Vitamin c is more uses in body Its also supports the healthy and strong scalp and hair …prevent inflomations If you want sufficient amount daily basis eat one tomato daily Do not cook eat one tomato as salad or eat directly… Other vitamin C sources citrus fruits …various type of oranges …. drink one glass any citrus fruit juice daily you can refil your vitamin c in your body You get another vitamin vitamin D It’s get from sunshine….it contain all citrus fruits Lot of them don’t know what are the vitamin D sources Milk is another source of vitamin D …USE milk as skimmed avoide It fat content VITAMIN E alltype of leafy vegetable contain vitamin e So USE more leafy vegitables daily Grape &Grape seed is very good source of vitamin E Lot of anti oxidants need our body All fruits contain anti oxidants but berrys are the good goodand more antioxidant sources It’s protect our body .scalp and hair from freeradical attack prevent hair fall Prevent Lifestyle diseases Minerals are other important thing We want daily basic calciam Iodine,zink, iron The rich source of mineral is leafy vegitables …muringa leave is very good Eat as you can raw leafy vegitable or juice type Eat daily big onion Tomatoes Carrot Use daily 200 grams vegetable as salad You got all thing your body need This all are prevention food..reduce health issues Today our health is very critical situation…so give importants Health maintain is more important …improving is very very risk situation So please keep health Do not use unwanted materials and district health The external supports are maintain hair and scalp but more important IS food The main reason for hair loss is blood purity is not good If you clear your blood you can change your whole health ….healthy scalp and healthy hair If you want blood purity must include raw veg and fruits in your food Lot of fibre content that helo to clear blood and stomach and also support to Clean industine also Use this as raw add this salad and fruits in your diet At least one time a day Use salad and fruits 200 grams a day that’s enough If you eat this 120 days it changes your body unhealthy to healthy Clear all hair and scalp related issues Reduce the dosaage of medicines also Thw life span of RBC RED BLOOD CELLS 120 DAY today we start eat fruits and vegetables you can change all in healthy cells to healthy cell blood cells and body cells Also Drink water At least 8 to 12 glass …Improve water intake day by day Today add one glass water next two day after add one glass come this routine with within a month Then a miracle juice I am sayed before that’s very good juice for Of growth hair ….curry leave juice Maximum use sprouts do not take medicine for hair growth We all look simple way to growth hair .. We naturally that’ long and healthy way The other issue is dicrese internal assimilation capacity If you not exercise cannot clear this issue Please do 30 min exercise just walk…I am not asking hard exercise …it support to improve metabolism Digetion and good motion also


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