hi everyone welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be a similar friendly / healthy snack ideas video I'm just gonna let you know a few secs that I enjoy eating when I just want to be a little bit healthier but what's something yummy at the same time so yeah I mean I don't follow slimming world anymore but I wanted to make this slimming world friendly because I know a lot of you deuce in the world I do still follow a lot of similar world accounts and one of my favorite accounts is Nikki from Papa holic so if you haven't checked out Nikki's account yet then you must check her out she is a slimming world consultant she lost three stone in three months and she's been maintaining for years now so you definitely need to check her out this is a collaboration with Nikki today so I'm gonna leave her link down below for you so you can go check her video after this she's gonna give you soon even more ideas and because she's the slimming world consultant she's gonna give you all of that information that you need for slimming world as well so yeah make sure you check out Nikki she's currently pregnant with twins which is amazing so go check out her story but yeah let's just get into it so the first one is to do with chocolate so if you love chocolate and you're a chocoholic like me then these are gonna be it for you these are the fiber 1 bars they're 90 calories and they're like little chocolate brownies and oh my god they are so nice they're quite small I find that when I pop this in the microwave for 30 to 40 seconds let it melt a little bit then put some ice cream on top oh my gosh it tastes so delicious these are for sins so although they're quite small they're quite rich as well so I really love these and if you're a chocolate fan then I'll definitely check these out next another four to five sentry is something that I like now I've never I never actually picked these up when I was on slimming world because I thought that would be quite high and since these are actually the Whitworth Whitworth shots this is toffee and pecan flavor and it also has the berry and white chocolate flavor and these again are under 100 calories so you've got 93 dollars 99 calories and I love these you know when you're on the go and you need something just to pop in your bag but you want something it's quite tasty I love these so within these shots you've got a shot of so tarnis dates toffee balls and pecan pieces in this one and in the berry and white chocolate you've got a shot of prime raisins and white chocolate and they're so nice honestly I love having these what I'm having a cup of tea just so you know when you want a little snack unleash your put them on in a little bowl I just feel like I need to like pick up things and these are perfect for that and like I said they're between four and five scenes so not too bad at all and perfect you just need something to go to pop in your bag on the go I forgot to mention those fiber ones come in the salted caramel flavor as well which is also delicious is it my little snack Bowl here Allan bars are just everyone buys open bars when they were on slimming world these are also a healthy extra be so if you need them to healthy extra beans you can have two of these open bar lights so yeah I always get a variety of flavors you can pick them up in Poundland which is great as well so yeah love those and then another snack that I've picked up whilst I've not been on slimming world are these naked bars and I love these I don't know if that's how you pronounce it I guess you do and I've got cocoa delight in there Bakewell tart flavor and also peanut delight and again these range these are quite different in sins there's about four to five scenes I'd imagine let me just check for you again so the Coco delight bar is 6.5 cents so these are a little bit higher in sins but they are really really good for you and they're all just pure so it's just raw fruit a nut bar so literally it is what it is and it's gluten wheat and dairy free I found that some gluten products can you know make my stomach flare up a little bit so I've been trying to pick out different things that haven't got as much gluten in them and that's why I'm really enjoying these bars like I said they are a little bit higher in sin but they are really good to you they have no added sugars or syrups and they're vegan as well so yeah definitely check these out if you're you know trying to stay away from any processed foods these have got no added sugars or nothing like that are completely natural so definitely check out the naked bars if you can't see giving something else a try but still want to eat nice and clean moving on to some yogurts I really like so I have been using the fart is it fired fudge tote or not the same yogurt I love mixing this with some sweetener or even hot chocolate just to make a nice chocolatey mousse it's really really delicious I also pop berries on top and again which is a great snack for the evening time and also and if I'm having say all brown in the morning you can actually have 50 grams of all brown on slimming world for your healthy extra beet which is actually a lot so what I like to do is I'll put some aside for later on in the day and I'll mix it with my yogurt and it's such a nice filling dessert so if you need something that's quite fill in and save some of your healthy extra B to mix up with yogurt later on or you can even have it in your breakfast as if you don't use your healthy extra eggs so you can use yogurt with your cereal in the morning mix it all up pop some fruit berries on top and it's so delicious trust me is so nice I'm also loving the light and free yogurt Caesar by de nonne and these are no sins as well so these are completely free and I like the strawberry sensation flavor so they're like a Greek yogurt really really yummy again mixed with fruits it's really really tasty and also if you want to make like an Eton Mess pudding that would be so nice so you use meringue nests pop some yogurt on there with some fruit mix it all up and it's a really really delicious dessert I'm all about the desserts can you tell I also put other vents in these but I picked these up the other day and when was I think I was in home bargains and it's the Ritz baked Falls and their sea salt and vinegar flavor 30% less fat versus regular potato crisps apparently and their 108 calories per pack and these were returned these are five point five sins each so everything around everything I've got are pretty much you know six sins and under so I don't think that's too bad if you like a savory snack then things are really really good so yeah love that it's also popcorn I used to be so into popcorn I would buy it all the time and I was obsessive there and I haven't had it for so long so I thought I've picked some more popcorn up and give it a try and these are from Tesco so you can buy them as like a variety factor you get different flavors in there so you've got the sweet and salted sweet and just salted so they're very in since but then they range from two point five cents to three point five which is really really good and you actually get quite a lot of popcorn it's so light you can have quite a lot of it for not many sins so that's really good and then I just wanted to talk a few things that you could make at home as well I really like to make fruit bark which is basically you use your Miller Lite yogurts which are completely sin free pop them onto like a baking tray or you know small little tray pop some baking tray paper on top and then it put some fruit on top so I like to cut up some strawberries add some granola on top it just depends on what you're doing with your slimming world day or if you do if you're not honestly worried you don't have to worry about you know your healthy extras but I put something granola on tops and fruit and then pop it in the freezer for a few hours and it is so delicious guys so it's basically like a yogurt frozen snack so freezing fruits it's such a great thing as well so you can freeze grapes which are really nice and freeze banana whatever you want to do freezing fruits it just makes it last a little bit longer in the evening so otherwise I can get through it quite quickly so I like to freeze things which makes it a lot nicer and if you like that kind of cold treat especially as a summers coming up fruit bock would be a really good option for you also you could do frozen blueberries so frozen yogurt blueberries all you need to do is get something like toothpicks some berries and some yogurt dip the berries into the auger with the toothpick and then pop them into a container ready to freeze berries are really really good for you and it's such a yummy treat for the evening so absolutely love a frozen yogurt berries I often look on Pinterest for kind of healthy snack ideas and once a night like I came across with roasted chickpeas and literally guys you can do your chickpeas in any flavor you want I made mine in like salt and vinegar flavor because I like that salt and vinegar flavor that taste so you can kind of prepare them throughout the day put them in the oven at like I don't know 220 230 degrees and put them in there for about 40 minutes to an hour maybe a little bit longer but what I would say before you put them in make sure they're really dry because it make it a little bit more crispy and crunchy out when they're baked add any flavor you can make them sweet if you want to like put some cinnamon on there you can make them spicy if you want some add in some spices the flavor options are endless you just choose your favorite flavors pop it onto the chickpeas whack them in the oven and you a really nice healthy snack for the evening my final favorite snack or dessert is ice cream and this is one by halo top I've got the peanut butter cup flavor they've got loads of flavors you've got like cinnamon vanilla chocolate chip and it's just a lot healthier so it's 320 calories per cup which is amazing and I believe it's around 16 sins for the whole tart which is incredible I mean isn't that amazing for a whole tub of ice cream I mean I don't think I would get through the whole tub but it's so so tasty and it's obviously not too bad for you either what I would say is to get it on offer because when it's not on offer its 5 pounds which is ridiculous for ice cream so if you can find it when it's on offer because it will be about 2 pound 50 which is a lot better for your purse so yeah definitely get this ice cream if you want to give it a try if you're on slimming world you should definitely give this a try it is a slimming world favorite at the moment everyone is talking about it those are kind of my snack ideas I also wanted to quickly mention like a breeze highlight so these are just a shade of hot chocolate these are two sins per se and the perfect if you want again another chocolate tree or if you want to mix it in with your yogurt or quark I love to mix it in with quark which is a fat-free curd cheese and but you can make it sweet so you can use this in sweet or savory dishes and I really like it so I love to mix it with this because otherwise on its own cork doesn't taste that nice but when mixed with things it tastes amazing so I love to mix it with these chocolate sachets or you can use quark in like savory dishes so your pasta dishes and things like that so yeah those are my favourite snack ideas at the moment they're kind of healthy slim Awad friendly snacks make sure you go check out Nicki's video now I leave her link down below for you and also let me know what your favorite snack is at the moment whether it's healthy or not healthy I don't mind I love discovering new snacks so yeah definitely let me know what your favorite snack is down below don't forget to subscribe if you're not subscribed already and I'll see you on my next video guys bye you


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  10. Something I really like to make is jelly sweets! Mix about 250ml of boiling water with 1 packet of the robinsons zero sugar jelly, and two gelatine sachets. Stir until all lumps are gone and whack through a strainer to be sure. Then pop them into moulds- can get super cheap ones on amazon, hearts are my favs, and then into the fridge over night. In the morning they're like gummy candies in whatever flavour you want! πŸ™‚ From the moulds i use, I can make around 40 sweets and they're 2 syns for the lot! Perfect for cinema trips or just to have in the fridge for a snack!

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  34. The naked range also do one that literally tastes like cherry Bakewell, they’re soooo yummy!! I’m gluten and dairy free so make a lot of my own stuff as it’s so expensive!! Another way to make ice cream is with frozen bananas and then just add your choice of fruit or cacao powder and some dates or maple syrup or honey to sweeten and it’s so delicious!! You can also make hot chocolate with cacao powder too. I have a great recipe for a β€˜healthy’ reeses pieces if you’re interested and want a yummy chocolate fix πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š x

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