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fatigue is one of the most common complaints in our world today many times each week patients will come to me and they'll ask the question doc what can I take for more energy I let them know that energy does not come in a package or a bottle or a pill and in fact the only way to have energy is to earn energy now all of the healthy lifestyle strategies will help you to increase your energy but probably the most important of these is to rest and recover right according to the journal psychoneuroimmunology it's not really that people are overdoing it these days as much as they are under recovering according to the centers for disease control over 60 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disturbance a recent worldwide poll reports that about seventeen percent of the entire world's population has poor sleep issues so why don't we sleep right I think the answer is is that we're not living naturally ninety percent of the time that people spend these days is spent indoors they're not exposed to natural lighting and therefore their melatonin rhythm is off people eat unnatural diets they create inflammation in their system with these processed foods inflammation is buffered by cortisol and cortisol a stress hormone in pairs melatonin release additionally people are terribly sedentary instead of making their body more energy efficient they become less and less efficient or since they said all day they get better at sitting all day long so what can we do about this well first and foremost we should get some more natural light more time outside is going to be very valuable full spectrum lights indoors could also be helpful and melatonin is one of the most powerful sleep aids that's ever been studied and it's all natural and non-habit-forming we can move around more we can get better at exercise but we don't want to over exercise there's a phrase I like that says to go beyond maybe worse than to fall short some other natural sleep chemicals are things that promote something called GABA in our brain this is a very calming neuro chemical magnesium helps GABA taurine helps gaba there's herbs like valerian and passion flower and lemon balm which all help gaba that can improve sleep function and sleep duration there's also sleep hygiene you must sleep in a room which is free of artificial light even the power light on a TV can destroy normal melatonin release the room should be cool you will sleep better if you sleep on more comfortable natural fabrics you should be able to go to sleep fall asleep quickly sleep through the night without waking and awake and refreshed sadly very few people do this if we do have sleep disturbance our immune system is altered our body becomes in an increased state of arousal and inflammation and we're more at risk for premature death we really need to focus on good rest good recovery good sleep hygiene if we want the most of our life I'm dr. Bob Rakowski wishing you health happiness and success


  1. If I get a solid 8-9 hours I feel great! But just 2-3 disturbed hours in that sleep I feel real bad the next day.

  2. "You will sleep better if you sleep on more comfortable NATURAL fabrics…" Any chance of you sourcing that statement? From what study did that advice come?

  3. well said simple methods that actually work!!

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